Extra Dressing

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The wife won’t let me cum in or near her mouth let alone swallow it. So I had this great idea the other day as I was watching her make some egg salad for her sandwich she takes to work. I saw her adding mayonaise and it popped into my mine.
After she was done she said she was going to go down her sisters and pick something up and asked me if I wanted to go. I said no I had things to do here. OH YA before she was out of the driveway.I had the container and was bringing up your hot pictures on my computer and started to jackoff enjoying the lovely bodies As always didn’t take long before I was ready to cum and seeing how it’s been awhile since I blew a load I lined up the container and started to explode my cum all over the egg salad.
Woo one of my better loads knowing where it was going to end up.
Had a nice big fork and mixed it up really really good . Next day couldn’t get her fast enough,as I watched her in morning make her sandwich and fill it up good. When she was done put some extra on a fork and put it in her mouth and chewed it up and swallowed it She said seems to taste different that yesterday I said maybe just from setting and had to leave room because my cock was hard just thinking what she did. Later that evening I asked her how her sandwich was? She told me was good. 2 more days of my cum in her egg salad and it was gone . Keep telling her she should make more if she likes it so much.

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