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Her new boyfriend was a Gypsy with thick black hair that he liked to wear in cornrows and piercing black eyes. She was 18. He was 24. She liked him because he was tall and skinny, her idea of a hard working man.

He liked her for her waist length dark hair and pale eyes which looked so exotic against her cafe au lait skin. He thought her too skinny, but with her height, it worked well.

The only problem was she was in no hurry to give it up. She was a virgin and not interested in becoming a full fledged woman.

Oh he tried to change her mind, but she rejected him with complaints of pain and repulsion of his uncircumcised penis.

He thought about those rebuffs one night while they lay in bed together. His hand went out to stroke her back and caress her shoulders. He knew if he could make her feel good enough, she would give in to him.

She responded by backing back into his arms. So far, so good.

He bumped gently into her backside and let his hand caress her thighs, slowly rubbing  circles inward.

Her hand went to push his away, but he grabbed it and pushed it against his growing bulge.

“Feel that?” He asked. “You do this to me every day. It isn’t fair of you to refuse me relief.”

In her half asleep state, her hand began to stroke his bulge, causing it to grow bigger still.

He could hardly contain his groans of pleasure. Her thighs felt so young and firm.

When she grew at ease with his touch, he took it a step further, allowing his hand to wiggle its’ way into her panties. The crotch was thoroughly soaked through, her pussy was wet. Her body wanted him, even if her mind didn’t.

Slowly, his fingers located her labia and spread them. “You won’t be sorry.” He whispered into her neck.

His dick strained against his shorts. He wished she would wake up and help free it.

Ignoring his hand, her own hand descended to massage her clit. The waves of pleasure made her body shudder and her mind rouse itself.

He seized his chance, guiding her hand back to his erection. “It’s not fair. Look what you do to me. You want me. I know you do.”

She shifted around to face him, her hand never leaving his straining bulge. “Fine,Let’s see how big you are.” She said, voice husky and eyes glazed.

Her fingers reached into his waistband, grasped his manhood, and pulled it out. She looked down and saw that the foreskin had receded . A fat purple head glistened with pre-cum. She gauged it to be a little over 7 inches long and thick as her wrist.  Too much for her first time.

He saw the hesitation on her face. “You won’t be sorry.” He promised.

Her touch caused his manhood to thickened even more. It felt menacing in her hands.

He couldn’t help himself. He could show her better than he could tell her.

He was forcefully guiding her to lay flat on her back. “Stop pretending that you don’t want me. Your pussy wants me.”

His mouth covered hers’ just as the fat head of his cock parted her pussy lips and sank in.

He felt her go stiff under him, but she quickly realized that her resistance would only cause her more pain.

Her pussy was so unbelievably tight. It almost pulled the skin from his dick. Yet he kept his strokes even and tried to ignore her fingernails scratching his back. “You want me.” He said. “You want to be fucked. Stop pretending that you don’t. ”

Her glazed eyes lit up several times as her pleasure peeked and eventually he noticed her body rising to meet his thrusts.

“Give it to me.” She whispered.

“What was that?” He asked.

“I need your dick.” She said a little louder.


“FUCK ME DADDY!” She screamed and reached her very first orgasm.

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  1. Kenneth

    I loved it, very hot , got me exicited

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