Fashionably Late

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“She wants you to go in,” Carolyn’s mom said to me as she left the bride’s suite.
“Did she say why?” I asked. Carolyn’s mom shook her head. I knocked lightly on the door.
“Who is it?” Carolyn asked.
“It’s me, it’s Dawn.” She opened the door.
She looked beautiful in her strapless wedding gown, her hair done all up.
“I need your help with something,” she turned her back to me, showing me her half undone zipper. In my role as maid of honour, I stepped in and went to zip it up.
“The other way,” she said.
I was a bit taken aback. “Undone?” She nodded. I undid the dress. It fell to the floor in a heap.
Carolyn stood before me in her corset and stockings and to my suprise, no panties.
“Care, are you getting cold feet?” I asked.
“No, I’m not. I just want to be with another woman before I get married.”
I laughed. “You’re kind of leaving it to the last minute aren’t you?”
“Better late than never, right?” She began to undo the hooks on her lacy white corset as she stepped out of the puddle of gown. She freed her beautiful 36D tits.
“Care, I -” I began.
“Kiss me,” she cut my sentence off. I took her angular chin in my hands, placed my lips on hers and slowly pried them apart with my tounge. She moaned and undid the zipper on my dress. As it fell to the floor, she kissed back with fever.
My fingers teased her pea-like nipples to a nice firm point. She moaned as I caressed her boobs.
We kissed her way over to the bed in the suite. My right hand left her tits and touched her sweet wet lovespot. She pushed into it breathing hard.
“Please, Dawn, lick me,” she panted.
I sucked on her hard nipples as I teased her pussy. I kissed my way down her tight abs and gently eased her legs apart.
her beautiful, tight pussy was dripping before me. Slowly, I licked her from bottom to top, paying special attention to her clit. She shivered and moaned and her pelvis started to move into my face. I stuck my pierced tounge into her hole and lapped up every drop of her sticky juices. Pulling my tounge out, I placed a finger in. I nibbled on her clit and she moaned even louder.
I took my finger out and spread her pussy lips apart so her clitty was exposed and wet. My tounge stud made quick work of her delicious hard clitty as she came hard in my mouth, screaming and moaning and fucking my face.
I eased off her clit with small kisses, and went back to fingering her sopping wet hole. I ventured to lick her asshole and she pulld my hair in encouragement.
I began to finger her asshole when she brought my face up and presented me with a double dildo and a bottle of lube. I smiled as I lubed up the see through blue cock. I fingered her asshole to spread some more lube and I inserted the cock. Her ass took to it like an expert. I began to finger myself as I fucked her ass with the dildo.
“Oh, Dawn, you’re making my ass cum!” she called as her ass provided the same pleasure my tounge just had on her clit.
I pulled it out when she was done.
“Lay down,” she said to me as she sat up. I did as she said and she looked at my wet pussy. “I did that? I made you that wet?”
I nodded. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Care.”
“You sould have asked sooner,” she said after she licked my cunt once. She licked at the juices coming out of me.
As she licked at my clit, she put the double dildo in me. I sighed in exctasy as she not only fucked me but licked me as well.
She stopped licking me only long enough to lay down and attach herself to the other end of the dildo. I moaned as we mutually fucked each other.
She stopped suddenly.
“Why did you do that?” I asked.
“I want to make you cum in my mouth,” she dove back down with her tounge.
Her tounge moved in expert laps, quick darts all over my cunt with just the tip, slow long strokes over the clit. I started to move my pelvis in sync with her licking. I grabbed her head.
“That’s right, cum in my moth,” she said and began licking with more intensity than before. I could feel my orgasm coming and it was going to be a monster.
Pushing her head harder into my dripping cunt, I came hard on the the first timer’s face. She lay down beside me after I ad finished.
I kissed her to taste my own sweetness on her mouth.
We stood up and I helped her back into her corset, kissing her as we did up the hooks. We both put our dresses back on and zipped each other up.
“Are you sure you want to go out there?” I asked. “It’s not too late to call it off.”
“We’ll go out there, but we have to do this once a week,” she grinned.
I handed her the flowers and kissed her once again in agreement.

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