Fear of Falling…In Love

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Shane pulled up to his sister’s house, parking his truck in front of the mailbox. He stepped out, grabbing his duffel, and started toward the house.
“Three women in one house, two that aren’t my sister, all college girls, and I’m here for a week,” Shane said to himself. He looked up towards the heavens, mouthing “Thank you, God,” before ringing the doorbell.
The door swung open, and one of his sister’s roommates stood there. Kelly, he remembered seeing her in a picture, stood about 5’4″, weighed around 140 pounds, and had shoulder length red hair. She had a soft, supple figure, curving slightly around the waist, with nice, C-Cup breasts. Kelly was wearing a Southern Girls t-shirt, and a pair of old jeans. “She’s carrying a few extra pounds, but damn, she carries them well,” thought Shane.
“Hi, you must be Shane. I’m Kelly, one of your sister’s roommates.” She reached her hand out.
Shane accepted the handshake. “Yes ma’am, I saw a picture that you guys took a little while ago.”
“Hey now! Drop that ma’am stuff. I’m not that much older than you are.” Kelly blushed, her freckles standing out against her deeply reddened face.
“I know, excuse me. It’s force of habit.” Shane followed Kelly inside the doorway, and sat his duffel down out of the way. He took his hat off, dropping it on top of the bag.
“Well, well. A man with manners. That’s unusual in a college town.” Kelly walked into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. “Do you want something to drink, Shane?”
He stepped through the dining room, meeting her in the kitchen. “Sure, got any Bud Ice?”
Kelly shut the door to the ‘fridge, handing him a Mountain Dew. “Sure, here it is. It just comes in a new can, and it looks and tastes different.”
Shane had to smile. “Very cool. You’re quick with a quip, and you’re not afraid to give a lame sounding comeback. I guess you’re ok, for an older gal.”
Kelly gasped in shock, and hit Shane in the arm. “What did I say about the old cracks?” She turned around and walked off towards the living room.
“God, she has one sexy looking butt.” Shane thought to himself. He ran into the living room to make sure she knew he was just kidding. “Kelly, I was just joking. I thought you were a kidder, like me. I’m sorry if I upset you.”
She kept flipping through the channels, ignoring Shane, letting him stew.
Just then, his sister walked in. “Shane, when did you get here? I saw your dirty old truck on the street, make sure they don’t tow it with the trash, tomorrow’s the pick up day.” Jessica liked cracking on her brother’s truck. He was proud of it, 4-Wheel drive, extended cab, the works.
“Jessica, don’t make fun of my truck, just cause you drive the midget mobile.” He pointed through the door to her Volkswagen Beetle. “And, there’s a truck as big as mine in the backyard, looks like it just got washed. Which one of you goes out with the guy that owns it?”
“Oh, Shane, that’s not one of our boyfriend’s trucks. That’s Kelly’s.” Jessica said, feeling the air Shane sucked in from his surprise.
“You mean, that…that truck….it’s huge….Kelly, you drive….but….” Shane kept babbling, amazed by this bit of news. Kelly couldn’t help smiling, Shane couldn’t see her face on this side of the couch.
Jessica was still smiling. “Here, follow me, I’ll show you where you’re sleeping.”
Shane grabbed his gear, still looking towards Kelly, amazed at how attracted he was to her.
Shane dropped his gear on the floor, sitting at the computer desk. “Wait, sis, that awesome truck, is Kelly’s?”
Jessica simply nodded.
“Wow. Gorgeous, funny, and a killer truck. Is Kelly seeing anyone?” Shane asked, serious as a heart attack.
“Whoa now, hold on sport. Kelly is older than you are, don’t get any ideas.
Shane stood up, facing his sister. “But Jessy, she’s so awesome. What’s so bad about me maybe asking her out while I’m here?”
“Shane, she’s too old, no!” Jessica sat at the computer, booting up her E-Mail. “Besides, I know you have all the girls at school falling all over you.”
“Oh bull shit!” Shane blurted out, before he could stop himself. “I…I mean, no way. None of the girls back home like me. I’m not hot enough, rich enough, sexy enough, take your pick.” Shane stood almost 6′ tall, but his weight was up there in numbers, too. He weighed in around 215 pounds, but filled out to a degree that he didn’t look fat, just big. He had dirty blonde hair that got shaggy when it grew out, and piercing blue eyes.
“Shane, you’re very attractive, those girls are just idiots.” Jessica flipped through her E-Mail, turning back to look at Shane now and then.
“Yeah, whatever. So, where am I gonna sleep?” Shane sat up, looking towards his sister imploringly. “Plus, I need a shower.”
“Well, I’m going to sleep on the pull out couch, and you can crash in here.” She motioned around her bedroom.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, no way! I’m not kicking you out of your own bed. I’ll sleep on the couch.” Shane grabbed his bag, standing up to walk back out of the room.
“Wait, Shane, you’re a guest here, and I give my guests my room, and I sleep on the couch. I always do this.” Jessica looked at her brother, seeing his stubborn side coming out.
“No way sis. Besides, I can’t sleep in here anyway.” Shane looked up at the walls and shelves, covered in stuffed animals and unicorns. “Your room at home always gave me the creeps, too.”
Jessica punched him in the arm. “Fine, if that’s how you want it, you can take the lumpy couch! But, leave your stuff in here, don’t have it in the living room, cluttering it up.”
Shane reached into his bag, grabbing some jeans out of it. “I just need a shower, and I’ll be out of your way until it’s time for bed.”
“Well, we were going to go out for supper, Chinese food, if you want to join us?” Jessica smirked, knowing Shane loved Chinese food.
“I’ll be out in five minutes.” Shane ran out of the room, and withing twenty seconds, she heard the shower running.
“That boy will never change.” Jessica went back to checking E-Mail.
Five minutes later, Shane stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of jeans, carrying his dirty clothes in his hands. He bumped into Andrea, the third roommate.
“Hi, I’m Shane, Jessica’s little brother.” He reached his hand out to shake hers.
Andrea reached her hand gingerly towards him, shaking it quickly, then wiping her hand off on the wad of clothes in his arm. “Yeah, she told us you were coming for a little bit.”
Shane smiled at her, but thought to himself, “Ooooooooook, so I guess she’s the uptight bitch of the bunch. No wonder Jess never talks about her that much.”
Andrea walked off towards her room, slamming the door. It was easy to see why she got the room on the other end of the house, no one wanted to be around her.
Jessica walked out of her room. “I heard a door slam, I guess you met Andrea.”
“Yeah, what’s up with her? I just said hey and shook her hand.”
Jessica crooked her finger at him, telling him to lean in. “Well you see, Andrea is kind of, ummmm….well, she’s sort of a……”
“Uptight bitch?” a third voice jumped into the conversation. Kelly was standing over by her door, listening to the sibling discuss the black sheep of the house.
“Yes, that about sums her up,” Jessica said with a smirk.
The trio got ready to go eat, Andrea having decided to stay home. The girls took Shane to a nice restaurant, with a huge China garden in the front of it. The entire night, he was a gentleman, opening doors, pulling out chairs. He even stood up when one of them came back to the table. Kelly could see the proper upbringing that Jessica had introduced her too shining through in Shane as well.
Shane excused himself to the restroom, leaving the girls to talk. “Jessica, your brother is so sweet! How did you get him to act so nice?”
Jessica la
ughed to herself. “Well, I had nothing to do with it. That was all my mom and dad’s doing. They raised us b
oth strictly, as far as manners and actions go.”
Kelly, nodded, not used to this kind of treatment. She was used to college guys, having burping contests and beer bashes. “You don’t supposed he’d be interested in an older woman do you?” she asked, more than slightly serious.
“Kelly! He’s my little brother! Besides, you’re seeing a guy, what’s his name, Jeff?”
“Gene, and yeah, I am. But, he just seems to want to make out, and he’s tried stuff on me before. I have a date with him tomorrow night, I don’t know if I really want to go.”
“Oh come on, all guys are horny at our age. He’s probably sweet deep down.”
“Not nearly as sweet as Shane,” Kelly thought to herself.
Shane soon returned to the table. “Sorry to keep you guys waiting, there was a line. So, now what’s on the agenda?”
“Well, we were just going to rent a couple of movies and go home, if that’s ok with you?” Kelly said, reaching for her fortune cookie.
“That sounds good to me, don’t let me get in the way of anything ya’ll have planned.” Shane reached out, for the bill tray, holding it up so Jessica and Kelly could both get their fortune cookies.
“Oh great!” said Jessica. “Look for enlightenment in the halls of learning. Can’t you tell we’re living in a college town? This fortune sucks!”
Shane and Kelly both laughed at her reaction, each breaking theirs open.
Kelly read hers out loud, “Be aware of love in the most unlikely of partners.”
Jessica nodded at her, “See? What did I tell you about Gene?”
Shane opened his, and read it to himself. “You will find love, straight ahead, down life’s road.” He looked up, and sitting straight ahead of him was Kelly. “Does that mean…..Nah. Besides, she just said she was going out with some guy during dinner.”
“What does yours say, Shane?” they both asked him.
“Huh? Oh, uh, nothing. It’s stupid really.” He put it in his pocket, grabbing a few dollars to leave as a tip.
“Alright, let’s get going. Shotgun!” Jessica said, hopping up from the table, leaving the money for dinner on the table.
Shane looked at his sister, shaking his head. “After you, Mademoiselle,” he said, motioning Kelly to lead the way.
“Merci, Monsieur.” she said, walking in front of him. She wondered though, why was he staring at her in such a weird way when he read that fortune?
The rest of the night passed uneventfully, with a couple of movies, some popcorn, and two stern warnings from Andrea about them being, “Too raucously loud!”
The next morning, Shane woke up to see Kelly sitting on the couch, eating a bowl of Coco Puffs, watching cartoons. She had on an old T-shirt, and some baggy sweat pants.
“Good morning, sleepyhead!” she said, smiling brightly, with her red hair framing her face, shining in the light from the window.
“Oh, god, don’t tell me you’re a morning person!” Shane laid back down, pulling a pillow on top of his head.
Kelly sat the bowl down, hopping onto the sofa bed, pulling the pillow off his face. “Now, now, you have to get up. I think your sister has a list of stuff for you to do today.”
“Nooooo, I’m supposed to be on vacation!” Shane pulled the pillow back down, shutting the light out of his eyes.
“Shane, come on, get up. I’ll wake you up like my mom used to do to us.” Kelly pulled the pillow away, and tossed it on the love seat. She then leaned down, and planted a small kiss on the tip of Shane’s nose. “There! Now, it’s time to get up and eat some breakfast.” She walked into the kitchen, and Shane heard bowls clattering.
“Yeah, sure, be right there Kelly!” Shane pulled the blankets over his head, and rolled back over to go to sleep.
“Oh, no! Don’t roll over, mister!” Kelly hopped on top of Shane’s back, and reached under the blanket, tickling him. She tickled with all she had, trying to wake him up.
“Hey, come on, stop that, don’t do it!” Shane struggled under the covers, trying to grab her arms, but she had him pinned under the blankets.
Right then, Andrea stepped out of her room, dressed for class. “Kelly, will you please dismount the minor?” she said with a sneer. “Just because you can’t find a guy your own age willing to fool around, don’t corrupt young minds.” Then, Andrea grabbed her keys, and walked out, slamming the door on her way out.
Kelly got off the sofa bed, walking slowly into the kitchen. Shane hopped up, following her. “Kelly, don’t listen to her, she’s just grumpy….all the time.”
“No, Shane, she’s right. No guys are interested in me around here.” Kelly was getting the milk out of the fridge.
“Wait, what about that guy you’re going out with tonight, Gene? He’s interested”
Kelly laughed to herself. “Gene’s interested in anything that has a vagina. And, if he’s horny enough, he might just look for an ass.”
Shane walked over, putting his hand on her arm, lifting her chin with his other hand. “Look, if he doesn’t see that you’re a great girl, that’s his own fault. He’s probably too stupid to find his own ‘johnson’ without a team of hound dogs anyway.”
Kelly laughed at that. She was happy to have a guy around the house that could make her laugh, even if it was for only a short while. She looked up into Shane’s eyes, and saw them, so deep, so icy and clear. She felt herself lean forward.
Shane found himself doing the same. He didn’t know what came over him, but he wanted to kiss this girl so badly.
Suddenly, his sister’s door opened. She came out yawning, wearing Pjs and bunny slippers. “Morning you guys. What’s for breakfast?”
“Uh, cereal,” Kelly said, dropping the box and walking into her room quickly. She leaned against the door, trying to get a hold of herself. Why had she done that? Shane was nice, but he was so young. She had to admit though, his solid body felt good when she was tickling him. It had been a long time since a guy had made her feel light headed like this.
Later in the afternoon, all the girls were at class. Shane was in the backyard, moving some limbs out of the way. He had gotten hot in the late spring sun, and was wearing only his jeans and boots. Sweat covered his torso and back, and he was almost done with the chores his sister “asked” him to do. He picked up the last limb, a huge piece of deadwood, and was carrying it to his truck, when he tripped over the garden hose.
“Oh, Shit!” he said to himself. He fell forward, and his head hit the branch, cutting it. He could have sworn he heard someone gasp, but he figured it was just the smack of his head. He felt the blood, and finished loading the branch, before walking towards the door to patch up the cut. He saw something move just inside the door, but he couldn’t make out what, maybe a person. He walked inside, and noticed a soda sitting on the window sill, still cold. He looked into the living room, and saw Kelly sitting on the sofa, flipping through the channels.
“Hey Kelly? Where’s the band-aids?” Shane asked, holding his shirt on his head.
“In the bathroom, why?” She looked up, and jumped up, running to him. “Oh, Shane, what happened?” She walked to the bathroom, grabbing the first-aid kit. She cleaned his head, and bandaged it up.
“Thanks, Kelly.” Shane stood up, realizing he didn’t have a shirt on.
Kelly seemed to notice at the exact same time. She looked him up and down, then said, “umm, oh no problem!” She walked back to the living room.
Shane was walking back into the backyard, when he heard Kelly talking to herself.
“I know I had a Mountain Dew, where did I leave it?”
Shane was kicked back on the sofa bed, watching TV, when he heard someone yell outside. He couldn’t make out the words, but he knew it was Kelly’s voice. He jumped up, running outside in just boxers and a t-shirt.
He saw a beat up compact car, and it was shaking.
“Gene, I said NO! Let me out of the car!” K
elly sounded serious.
Shane walked to the driver’s side, but it was locked. He didn’t know what else to do, he pulled his arm back, and slammed his forearm sideways into the window. Reaching in, he opened the door, grabbing the guy by the collar. He slammed him down on the hood of the car, cracking his head against the glass. “Hey, she said back off, so back off jackass!” He threw Gene to the ground, and went over to help Kelly out of the car. She was shaking, and her eyes were red with tears.
Gene had stood up, and gotten back in the driver’s seat. “Hey, she’s nothing but a fucking tease anyway! Good riddance!” He slammed his door, and had just cranked the car when Shane kicked the other door shut hard enough to shatter the glass in it, too.
“If I ever hear your messing with Kelly again, I won’t stop with your car, asshole!” Shane held Kelly while Gene roared off.
Kelly was still shaking, but she smelled something familiar. Metallic, strong. She smelled blood. Shane’s arm was cut up, and his foot was bleeding too. “Oh, God! Shane, you’re hurt! Come on, get in the truck.” She fumbled through her purse for her keys, and soon, they were on their way to the emergency room.
Shane sat on the hospital bed, the stitches standing out on his arm like an ink stain on a white sheet. He had just cut it barely bad enough to need stitches. He sat there in nothing but his Superman boxers. He had wrapped his shirt around his arm. His foot wasn’t bad, he just stepped on a piece of glass.
“God, Shane, I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Kelly had stayed with him, feeling guilty.
“Look, Kelly, don’t worry. I’ve had stitches before.” Shane reached out to her, stroking her arm.
The doctor walked in, telling Shane he could go home. They would be in touch to talk about removing the stitches. He could use his arm, but nothing to strenuous. Shane and Kelly walked out of the ER, and drove home. It was 3 AM before they got there.
Shane laid back on the sofa bed, and Kelly sat next to him. “Oh god, Shane, I’m so tired, I can’t even make it to my room.”
“Well, lay back for a few minutes Kelly, it’s fine with me.” Shane scooted over, making room for her.
Kelly laid down, turning to face Shane, scooting up against him. “Shane, I feel so horrible for this. I’m sorry you got hurt.”
“Kelly, it’s no big deal. I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you fast enough.” He looked into her eyes, feeling himself get lost in those emerald pools.
“Shane, you did help me. I might be at the ER right now if you hadn’t come out.” Kelly stared back, seeing his deep blue eyes pulling her in again. She leaned against his side, and felt her eyes getting heavier. She soon felt herself drifting off, the night catching up with her.
Shane just held her close, smelling her hair, feeling her skin against his. What if…..what if that fortune cookie wasn’t total bull?
Kelly woke up, the sunshine in her eyes. She looked around, realizing she was on the sofa bed. “Oh my god, I fell asleep in here!” She looked over, and Shane was gone. She turned over, and saw him, sleeping on the love seat. He was twisted around, and he didn’t look comfortable at all.
“He always does that. If someone falls asleep with him, he’ll move to somewhere else, so they can sleep better, and not feel crowded.” Kelly looked towards the voice, and saw Jessica sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. Kelly got up, and walked over to her, sitting next to her.
“Kelly, why does my brother have blood stains on his boxers, and medical tape on his entire arm and foot?” Jessica looked at Kelly with a cocked eye, waiting for an answer.
Kelly sighed deeply, and put her hand on her friends. “Jessy, we really need to talk.”
“KELLY! He’s only 17! How can you tell me you that you’re in love with my little brother?” Jessica was ecstatic. Her roommate had just dropped a bombshell on her. They were sitting in the back yard, talking where Shane couldn’t hear them.
“I’m so sorry, Jessy. I don’t know what happened, I just…he’s so sweet, and great, and cute, and funny, and I……..” Kelly put her face in her hands, feeling the tears welling up.
Jessica walked over to her friend, wrapping her arms around her. She had known Kelly for three years almost, and she started to realize what Kelly had been saying all along. Her past boyfriends had all been dicks when Jessica had met them, and she had thought Kelly could do so much better.
“Look Kelly, I’m sorry for blowing up. It’s just, he’s my little brother. I can’t imagine him growing up, and especially not being a prime candidate for older women. And especially not……a sexual object.” Jessica had a problem with that, but she knew it had to happen sooner or later.
“Jessy, I don’t just want your brother for that. I’m not like that. I mean….I’m still….you know…..” Kelly looked at the ground again.
“Kelly, you’re a……virgin?” Jessica was slightly shocked at that. She didn’t actually know a 22 year old virgin.
“Yes. I never found a guy that I wanted to actually go that far with. Plenty of them tried, but I didn’t want to. And now, I finally meet a guy who I feel comfortable enough around to consider it, and I know it’s impossible.” Kelly broke down in tears, laying her head on the patio table.

“Kelly, look, it’s gonna be ok. I know I can’t stop you if you wanted to go out with Shane. And, besides, I’d be happy for you guys if you did go out.” Jessica knew she wasn’t just saying that, she really wanted them to be happy. Besides, she knew her brother was a good guy, and he would treat Kelly like she deserved, and better.
“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s not like Shane would even want someone like me anyway. He’s so cute, and funny. And besides, I’m way older than he is. He’s 17, he’s not going to want to go out with a girl in her 20’s.” Kelly wiped her eyes on her sleeve.
“Kelly, my brother used to sit with the adults at the front of the bus on field trips. He’s always acted older than he is. But, he’s still a big kid at heart.” Jessica poked the end of Kelly’s nose playfully, finally getting her friend to smile.Kelly wiped her eyes, and laughed at her friend. “Jessica, do you think he would even want me? I mean, I’m not the most beautiful girl in the house.”
“And you think he wants Andrea?”
Both friends looked at each other, then burst into laughter.
“Ok, ok, you’re right. But, I can’t ask him. If he says no, I’d be mortified. I just need to see if he feels the same. And, he’s got to realize it, without help from anyone.” Kelly looked at Jessica, her eyes asking her not to say anything to Shane.
“Kelly, I won’t say a word to him.” Jessica hugged her friend, and watched Kelly walk back inside the house. “I’m going to say several words to him.”
Jessica and Shane were riding down the street in Shane’s truck. Jessica had to admit, the traffic wasn’t nearly as intimidating in a huge truck as it was in her little car.
“So, Shane, what do you think of college life?” She was trying to slide into the topic.
“Well, I don’t know about college, but I really like this town. Especially some of the citizens.” Shane was staring out the window while waiting for a red light to change.
Jessica looked out and saw him looking at a billboard for hair color. The model bore a striking resemblance to a certain sweet hearted roommate of hers, with red hair and freckles.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Jessica decided to be point blank.
“Uh, who are you talking about?” Shane knew his sister would tell him it was crazy to like Kelly, especially if she knew how much he lik
ed her. Shane had never felt anything like this before.
“You know who I’m talking ab
out Shane. And, you remember what I said about it before, the day you got here?”
Shane nodded his head, sure of what was coming next.
Jessica stared out the window, then reached over, and took her brother’s hand in hers. “Shane, she’s my best friend. If you hurt her, I’ll hurt you, and I know where you live.”
Shane couldn’t believe his ears. His sister just told him it was ok to ask Kelly out. He hugged her, and then pulled a U-Turn in the next gas stations parking lot. The big engine roared its way down the street, hurrying back to the house.

Kelly was sitting in her room, watching an old movie on TV, when she heard tires squealing, and doors slamming. She walked into the hallway to see what the commotion was, and saw Shane running through the door, and skidding to a stop right in front of her.
“Shane, what’s going on? Are you ok?” She noticed Jessica walk in after him, smiling ear to ear. Something was up.
“Kelly, will you go out with me tonight?” Shane was breathing hard, staring right into her eyes.
Kelly looked around at Jessica scowling. She told Shane, and now he was just doing this cause Jessica asked her to.
“Look, Shane, don’t do this to me. Don’t toy with my emotions.” She turned away, but Shane reached out, lightly gripping her hand.

“Kelly, I’m not toying with anything. I really would love for you to go out with me. You’re not like any girl I’ve ever met before. I want to do everything I can to make you happy. At least, as happy as you can be on a high school guy’s budget.” Shane turned her to face him, looking down into her gorgeous face, and brushed a strand of red hair out of her face.
“Shane, there’s only one thing you can do to prove to me that you’re serious.” Kelly looked at the floor, afraid of what he would say next. “You have to…..you have to..kiss me.” She looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to walk away.
Shane smiled, and leaned down, his nose touching Kelly’s. “I thought you would never ask.”
He leaned in, pressing his lips softly to Kelly’s, kissing her deeply. He ran his tongue lightly across her lips, teasing her. His hands ran around her back, lightly rubbing it, his fingertips tickling her sides. Kelly melted in his arms, savoring the kiss, forgetting everything that was around them, even Jessica standing not 10 feet away.
Jessica watched the pair, and even she had to admit her brother seemed good at a few things.
Shane broke the kiss with Kelly, standing up straight, waiting to see what she had to say.
Kelly still had her eyes closed, and her breath was coming in deep gulps. She finally opened her eyes. She stood there, staring back at Shane, the two standing still, watching each others faces for signs of approval. Finally, at the same time, they both broke into wide grins.
“Um, not to bust in on the party, but I have some errands to run, and you’re blocking me in Shane.” Jessica knew she didn’t want to be in the house for a while, the look on those two faces told her that.
Kelly reached towards the key rack hanging in the hall, and tossed a set of keys at Jessica. “Take my car, no problem.”
“Ok, well, I’ll be gone for a while, see you guys….whenever.” Jessica hurried out the door, shutting and locking it behind her. “At least Andrea will have to find her keys instead of walking right in, just in case.” She shook her head, realizing what, or who, might be coming inside.
Shane picked Kelly up, carrying her to her room. He laid her down, kissing her softly, running his fingers through her hair. He couldn’t believe he was here with someone so gorgeous.
“Shane, um, I don’t know what you had in mind right now, but I don’t want my first time to be rushed wit Judge Judy on the TV.” She looked into his eyes, waiting to see how he’d react.
“Kelly, I wasn’t going to ask you to do anything with me right now. I just want be with you right now. I want to hold you, and kiss you. And, I’d never ask you to do anything like that. Please don’t think that sex is all I want from you.” Shane stroked her hair, and leaned in, kissing her softly on the lips.
“So, where are you going to take me tonight?” Kelly smirked, excited about her first real date that she was actually looking forward to.
“Uh, well, that depends.”
“On what, Shane?”
Shane smiled, a half cocked smile that Kelly loved. “On how much cash Jessica is willing to bum me.”
“OH you…” Kelly grabbed her pillow, and started swinging at Shane, hitting him in the side of the head. She sat up, and pushed him onto his back, pinning his arms at the elbows, careful of his stitches. “Now, I think you need to lay back and relax. You are injured, you know.” She leaned in, kissing him hard, emitting a deep moan from the teen. She was looking forward to breaking in her new boyfriend, in more ways than one.
Shane and Kelly were driving back from their date, dinner and a movie. They pulled up to the house, and Shane opened Kelly’s door for her. He walked her to the door, and kissed her under the porch light. The light flickered, and they saw Jessica pointing to her watch. She opened the door, and yanked on Kelly’s arm.
“I don’t mind you guys doing, whatever, but at least come inside. You both live here, technically. Shane, remember what I said. Now, I’m going to go into my room and sleep with headphones on. You guys…..have fun.” Jessica realized she really meant that. She only wanted her brother and her best friend to be happy.
Kelly and Shane were giggling, nose to nose. “Shane, I’m going to go get ready for bed, ok?”
Shane was a little upset, he didn’t want to be away from her for a single moment, but he knew they had to sleep sometime. He kissed her, tickling her tongue with his. “It’s fine. Go ahead, sexy.”
Kelly popped him in the shoulder, and went into her room. Shane pulled the sofa bed out, and stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers. He had just settled in to go to sleep when he heard Kelly’s door open again.
“Uh, Shane? What are you doing?” Kelly was wearing a robe her hair in a ponytail.
“Well, you said you were going to bed, that’s what I’m doing.”
Kelly giggled. “Um, no Shane. I said I was going to get ready for bed.” She opened one side of her robe, allowing Shane to see the skimpy negligee in the dimly lit room. “And, to do what I was going to bed to do, I kinda need you there with me.”
Shane hopped out of the bed, and had it put back in no time. He followed Kelly into her room, and they were kissing passionately before they even hit the bed.
“Shane, when you said that you wouldn’t ask me to do something like this, did you mean that you didn’t want to?” Kelly wanted to know if Shane wanted the same thing she did.
“God, no Kelly. There’s nothing I have ever wanted more. You are the sexiest, funniest, most beautiful girl I have ever known. You’re the only girl I haven’t felt nervous about this sort of thing with. I just don’t want you to do anything you don’t truly want to.”
“Shane, I’m a virgin. I’ve never met a guy I could imagine myself doing this with. Until I met you. I do want this, I do want you.” Kelly stroked his stubbly cheek with her hand, seeing the softness in his face, the caring in his eyes.
“Well, I can say one thing none of my friends can.”
“What’s that, Shane?”
“I could say that I lost my virginity to the hottest college girl in this town. Not that I’m going to tell anyone about this, though. I wouldn’t do that.” Shane smiled at her, realizing how much he felt for her. Not just lust, or sexual longing, but……love. Shane knew he loved her, more than anything else, he loved this girl. “But, I can tell them that I’m in love with the hottest college girl in town.”
Kelly’s eyes
watered a bit hearing him say that. “Shane, I love you too.”
Kelly leaned up, kissing Sha
ne deeply, her tongue exploring his lips, his mouth. She felt his heartbeat through her robe, she could almost hear it. She pushed him away gently, and stood up. “So, I guess you might want to see what I flashed at you earlier?” Kelly untied the sloppy knot she had quickly tied in her robe.
Shane sat up on the bed, eyes wide, waiting for the beautiful sight that lingered before him. He pulled his shirt off, tossing it onto her desk chair.
Kelly giggled to herself. “Um, Shane? Do you remember yesterday when you were loading the branches?” Shane nodded. “Well, I was sorta watching you through the porch window.”
Shane smiled. He had seen someone there, and she had left the can on the window sill. “Why?”
“Well, I have to be honest. You have a really hot body, and I came home early, and saw you in the backyard. I was kinda, hypnotized.”
Shane laughed, he had never thought anyone could be hypnotized by his body. He knew now more than that this girl was special.
Kelly untied her robe, and let it slide off her shoulders, bunching at her feet on the floor. She was wearing a green nighty, with a sheer middle, and lacy edges. It was very skimpy, and very sexy.

Shane stood up, walking over to her. He picked her up in his arms, setting her down gently on the bed. He kissed her passionately, then moved to her ear. He licked and nibbled on the earlobe, chewing lightly, hearing her moan.
“Oh, Shane, oh god.”
He moved to her neck, nuzzling into it, licking the skin around her collar bone. He sucked on it, leaving a slight mark. “Hell yeah!” he thought. “My first hickey!” Shane moved to her chest, kissing a trail down her cleavage. He moved to her nipples, standing sharp under the fabric, and licked one through the bra. He sucked at it, feeling the silky cloth grate over his tongue, and her nipple.
“Oh god. Shane, oh god!”
Shane moved down her stomach, kissing her soft skin through the material. It felt so sexy on his lips. He moved down to her belly button, and kissed and licked at it. He ran his tongue inside of it, nibbling gently on the skin around it.
“Jesus, that tickles! Oh god, don’t stop!”
Finally, Shane moved down to her naughty region. He could smell her sex boiling, her juices soaking the material. He leaned down, licking at the fabric, and he was immediately entranced. He started licking more and more, not caring that the panties were in his way. He found her lips, and pushed the fabric along them with his tongue.
“Shane! I still have my…………panties on! Oh god, don’t stop baby, don’t stop!”

Shane found her clitoris, and wrapped his lips around it. He moved them up and down, grating the soft silky material against it. All of a sudden, Kelly started shaking, her body convulsing in pleasure.
“Oh god, Shane, I’m cumming, I’m………………….!”
Kelly kept thrashing about, but Shane never let his lips leave her sensitive bud. She kept shaking for nearly a minute, her body slowly settling down. She laid on the bed for several minutes, trying to breathe normally again.
Shane laid next to her, watching her, drinking in her beauty. He had never tasted a woman’s juices before, and her taste still lingered on his lips.
Kelly finally opened her eyes, and looked at him. She jumped over on top of him, and kissed him hard. She tasted herself on his lips, she didn’t care. She liked the taste, actually. Kelly looked Shane right in the eye, and a devilish smile crossed her face. “It’s your turn baby.”
She moved down his body, kissing his chest, flicking her tongue over his nipples. Shane tensed up, tipping her off to one of his weak spots. She went all the way down, kissing his torso, finally reaching his boxers. They were tented nearly half a foot in the air. Kelly sat on her knees, and pulled on the waist of his boxers. Shane’s shorts came down over his legs, and his penis came into her sight.
“Jesus, Shane! Oh my god.” Shane’s cock was nearly 8 inches long, and almost as thick as her wrist. “Shane! I had no idea that it was…… Wow!”
Shane blushed, glad that she liked his equipment. Now, she was going to get to enjoy all of it.
Kelly pushed Shane back down, and wrapped her hand around his cock. She jacked it up and down, feeling it in her hand. It was hard, but spongy. The skin was almost silky, it felt so good. The mushroom head was covered in a gooey mess, and the smell was so strong. She liked the scent right away. She flicked her tongue at the head, and tasted the slimy cum. Kelly’s eyes widened, and she dove onto Shane’s cock, wrapping her lips around head. She sucked on the head, running her tongue all over it.
“OH GOD! Oh Kelly, oh god, that’s so……oooooh!”
Kelly kept sucking on the head. She flicked her tongue into the tiny hole, and she felt Shane jump when she did that. She wrapped her teeth very lightly around the base of the head, and gently grated her teeth on the sensitive skin.
“AHHHHHHHHHH! Oh god! You’re gonna make me cum, Kelly!”
Kelly kept sucking on the head, her hand jacking his cock hard. She ran her lips all along the sides, coating them in spit and pre-cum. She licked at his balls, rolling them around on her tongue.
“Kelly, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna……….CUM!!!!!!!”
Shane’s hips bucked off the bed, but Kelly didn’t take her lips off of it. Shane blasted a shot of cum straight down her throat. ‘Jesus, I think he bruised my tonsils’ Kelly thought to herself. Shane fired off three more shots, and they were coming too fast for Kelly to handle. She took her mouth off of it, jacking him off with her hand. Shane kept spurting, three more good shots, and then it was just oozing out of his cock.
Shane couldn’t believe how great that had felt. He was trying to catch his breath, and looked down at Kelly. Right when he looked at her, she was swallowing the load he had shot into her mouth. Shane couldn’t believe she had done that. Damn, this girl was sexy.
Kelly stood up, letting the nighty slide off her body. Shane stared at her, awed by her gorgeous body. He put his hands on her waist, and pulled her to him. He kissed her deeply, relishing every touch of her body, every inch of her sexiness.
“Kelly, I want to make love to you so badly. I want you so bad.”
Kelly smiled, blushing deeply. “I want you too, Shane. I want you to be my first.”
Shane suddenly remembered something important. “Oh damn! I don’t have any protection Kelly.”
Kelly looked deeply into his eyes, smiling at his carefulness. “Shane, I’m at the point in my cycle I can’ t get pregnant.”
“Are you sure, Kelly?”
She nodded. “I called my doctor this afternoon and checked, after we talked about how this might happen.”
Shane smiled, and pulled her close to him again. He laid her down gently, and lined his cock up with her hot pussy. He slid the head in, then stopped. Kelly was thrashing around, and she groaned loudly.
“Kelly, are you ok? Tell me, and I’ll pull out.”
Kelly wrapped her legs around Shane’s waist. “NO! Don’t take it out, just go slow Shane.”
He slid forward again, slowly, inch by inch, and finally, he felt himself completely inside of her. Kelly was squirming, moaning and thrashing. Finally, she got used to the feeling in her. She looked up at Shane, and her entire body melted under him. “Go ahead, Shane, I’m ready.”
Shane started to go back and forth, slowly at first, then faster. He kept going in and out of her, feeling her cunt walls gripping him tightly. He felt his balls slapping her ass, her pubic hair tickling the top of his cock. All of it was driving him crazy. “Here, Kelly, let’s try something, ok?” She nodded, unable to speak.
Shane rolled over leaning his shoulders against the headboard, and Kelly wrapped her legs around his torso. Shane started moving his hips, driving himself deeper into Kelly. She moaned deeply, wrapping her arms around his neck, her lips over
his. They kept going, making love, kissing, just being with each other.
They kept goin
g like this for nearly ten minutes, Kelly moaning and shaking, Shane moving up into her. Finally, Kelly’s orgasm hit her, and she almost squeezed the air out of Shane. She went limp in his arms, leaning on him.
“Kelly, I’m going to cum again.” Shane warned her. Kelly lifted herself off of him, grabbing his swollen man-meat. She jacked it hard, holding it towards her, and then he blew again, this time even harder than the first. The first spurt landed in her hair, the second right in her open mouth. The rest of them covered her breasts and torso in his slimy essence. Kelly scraped every bit of it off with her finger, and swallowed it down. She didn’t stop until she was clean.
“God Kelly, you are so amazing.” Shane and Kelly leaned on each other, trying to
recover. Shane rolled onto his side, and pulled the blankets over them. He stared into Kelly’s face, covered in sweat, and glowing. He knew he was in love, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even without this, without the sex, he loved her.
Kelly leaned in and kissed him. She reached down to pat his cock, and was amazed! He hadn’t gone down at all. It was still as huge as the first time. “My god, Shane! Don’t you ever get enough?”
Shane laughed, and smiled at her. “Well, it is all your fault. Your just so damn sexy.” He kissed her again, and held her close. They made love three more times that night, before finally falling into a deep, deep sleep.
Andrea walked out of her bedroom, going towards the kitchen. She had an early class, and she needed to get going quickly. As soon as she reached the hallway leading to the other girls rooms, she noticed something in the air. A pungent aroma filled the air. “My god, someone had sex last night, and a lot of it.” She was digging through the fridge, when she heard a door open, and giggling.
Shane and Kelly walked into the kitchen, both wearing robes. They were still kissing when Andrea interrupted them by clearing her throat. They turned and looked at her.
“Oh my god, Kelly! This is the best you could do? A 17-year old? Do you have any idea how pathetic that is?”
Kelly stared at Andrea, and for the first time, she didn’t care about a single damn thing she said to her. “Andrea, you’ve always been the kind of girl who got the Prom King, or the captain of the team, right?”
Andrea smiled, reveling in the fact Kelly knew Andrea was superior to her in every way. She nodded yes.
Kelly grinned broadly, and reached down, tugging the side of Shane’s robe away. Andrea looked down, seeing Shane’s flaccid penis hanging almost half way down his thigh. Andrea gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.
Kelly let the robe go. “Well Andrea, you can keep the prom king, I’ve got the ‘class geek’ right here.” And she leaned up, kissing him deeply. The kiss got to Shane, and soon his robe was tenting up again, almost straight out. Andrea noticed again, and stood there, mouth agape.
Jessica walked out of her room, rubbing her eyes. “Morning guys,” she said, before noticing Kelly and Shane. “Oh jesus, you guys! Shane, you were making her moan until 3 AM, can’t you keep the hose away long enough for me to get breakfast?” She walked to the pantry and grabbed a pack of pop tarts. Andrea followed her back into the living room, her mouth still hanging open.
“Jessica, she’s sleeping with your brother, and he’s walking around here with a hard on! Doesn’t that bother you?”
Jessica shrugged her shoulders. “They’re both old enough to make their own decisions, Andrea. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t had a guy in your room.”
“I’ve never slept with a 17 year old!” Andrea stormed out of the living room.
“Yeah, not since you were 13,” Jessica joked to herself.
Kelly walked into the living room, sitting next to Jessica. “Jessica, thank you for being so cool about this.” She leaned over and hugged her friend.
“It’s ok sweety, I just want you to be happy. But remember, he’s my brother. If you hurt him, I know where you live.”
They both laughed, and shared a pop tart, turning to a morning cartoon show.

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