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My wife and I were on a camping trip with about 6 of our mates. 2 of which were our best friends, Kate and Nic. Kate is a stunning leggy blond with a perfect figure and amazing breasts and in the last few years that we’ve know each other I’ve fantasised plenty about her! The 4 of us particularly are close enough that we are always at each other’s house or on trips together – comfy enough that we’ve all gotten changed in front of each other as well so I have had the pleasure of seeing her in her underwear plenty of times, never nude though!
Anyway on this particular trip we had all had a pretty big night and Kate, myself and one other mate were the only 3 left up still drinking. My wife and Kate’s husband Nic had crashed hours earlier. At about 2am it was just the 2 of us drinking around the fire. Kate suggested we shouldn’t be far off bed as we had another big day of hiking ahead and went and grabbed her pjs from her bag next to her and Nics tent. She came back over to me to get changed and suggested she didn’t want to wake Nic up. “Yeah I don’t mind babe, let them sleep” I said as I took off my top and shorts – I already had my boxers on underneath. She slid her pants off her long gorgeous legs revealing a very cute little pair of red cotton panties. I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking. She pulled her pj bottoms up and took her singlet off now showing a lacy black bra. “No peaking babe” she said as she unclipped her bra. “Of course chic” I giggled, “your right”. I wasn’t obviously starring at her amazing C cup breasts but I’m sure we both knew I was watching. What I don’t think she knew was how horny she was making me! That was the first time I had ever seen her breasts completely naked before – my heart was racing!
“Can you walk me to the toilet please babe?” she asked me. “Yeah, no worries. I need to go too I replied”. We both took the last sip from our drinks, I grabbed my torch and we headed off. The loo was about 130m away from our camp. I would have been happy to piss behind a tree but the girls usually used the loo if it was there so I didn’t mind. There was no moon and plenty of cloud that night so it was pitch black. The loo was a large brick shed with a tin roof and just one drop loo inside. When we got there I told Kate she could go first. “Can I use your torch please?” she asked. “What and leave me out in the dark!”I joked back. “I suppose you can come in and hold it for me anyways, but NO peaking” she said. We both went inside and closed the door. I think she was possibly a little uncomfortable as she said I could go first. I did as she asked; handed her the torch and said “no peaking Kate” jokingly. I rolled the front of my shorts down, pulled my cock out and started to pee. There was quite a lot as we had been drinking for a few hours now. The torch was aimed directly at my cock and Kate wasn’t saying a word. “I hope you’re not looking ” I joked. “No, not at all” she replied with a very cheeky giggle. I knew she was staring and that sent a shiver through my whole body. I finished and shook it off. “What, you’re not going to wipe it?” kate asked. I laughed and said “not usually babe, but if you’d like me too?”. She stepped up right next to me, tore off some paper and gave it to me. “You’ll get pee all over your pjs if you don’t?”. I indulged her odd request. I bent my cock up so the head was facing me and wiped it off with the paper. “Happy now you dag?” I teased. She just giggled still staring at my cock. “Out of the way, it’s my turn” she said. I flipped my cock back in my boxers and took the torch from her. She turned and stood in front of the loo holding her pants. “Where are you looking, I can’t see your face over the light” she asked. I just laughed and said “just pee already”. She started to pull her pants and knickers down and then paused revealing just the top of her pubic bone. “What is that Christopher!”she said. “What is what?” I replied. “You have a Bonner!” she giggled. “No I don’t” I quickly responded, realising straight away that I did. “You do!” she said. “Pull your pants down, I want to see!” she asked. “Really?” I asked. “Take your pants off and show me or I’m not going to pee in front of you. It’s only fair Chris” she said. I did as she asked and took them off. “Show me, with the light” she said. I aimed it at my now rock hard, throbbing cock. “wow”she said, “I never thought you’d be so big!”. “Thanks, I think” I replied as I giggled nervously. “Nic isn’t circumcised like you. Yours is much bigger! I like it!” she said. “Why are you so hard?” she asked. “I’m excited” i replied. “At what? I’m just peeing babe” she said. “Are you serious? I saw your gorgeous breasts before. Your standing here staring at my cock while I pee – no one’s ever watched before and now I’m about to watch you pee! On top of never seeing a girl pee before, I will get to see your fanny – How could I not be standing here with a Bonner” I said as I laughed. She giggled as she pulled her pants down revealing her perfectly shaven fanny. “You’re perfect” I nervously stammered as she sat down. “So the thought of watching me pee is really getting you hot?” she asked. “You’re not grossed out are you?” I asked. “No not at all babe! In fact watching you has made me dripping wet already! It’s all very naughty, I like it!” she said. “I can’t see you pee the way you’re sitting though” I said. “If I sit so you can see I will get pee everywhere though” she replied. “So; were in an outdoor loo in the middle off the bush. What does it matter? Its only pee” I said, desperately wanting to see her pee now! “Ok” she said with a very cheeky smile on her face. She took her pjs bottoms and knickers off and asked me to hold them for her. “What about you’re top?” I asked. “I mean, I have been standing here with my cock out for you to look at all this time”. She took it off and flung it at me. She looked incredible sitting there butt naked. Everything about her was perfect! “Don’t blame me if I get it on you” she said as she sat on the edge of the toilet seat. She lent all the way back spreading her legs as wide as she could. “I won’t mind babe” I said with a shaking voice. I watched as she slid her hand down her tummy and spread her glistening pussy wide open for me to see. I was breathing so hard and I could feel my cock throbbing. “Ready?” she asked me with a gorgeous smile on her face. “please do” I begged.
I watched as her steaming hot pee started to trickle out of her fanny. It dribbled down the back of her legs. As she giggled little spurts of pee came out with each stomach contraction. I was wildly pulling my cock by this stage. I could see her ass hole clench down as she pushed hard. Piss was now rushing from her wide open pussy with an incredible whooshing sound. It was squirting a good 3 feet out from her, squirting all over my feet and shins. She could tell I was loving every drop that touched me as I edged closer to her, so she pulled her two fingers holding her pussy open back, lifting the now gushing stream of her hot steaming piss up even higher. Somewhere between how naughty it was to see my mates wife like this, to be cheating on mine and to be letting this goddess squirt her piss all over my legs made me want her even more than ever and made me want to drop to my knees and let her piss in my mouth! Her stream started to slow and she was now squirting the last bits out. It was amazing watching her gorgeous tight little ass hole clench and relax every time she pushed. As the last streams of piss came out they were going all over her legs now as she was madly fingering her clit with her two fingers. When she ran out of pee she slowed her fingering down. “That was fucking hot!” she said! “We are both covered in piss though! Sorry” she said. “Are you kidding? I loved every second, don’t you dare apologise!” I quickly replied while still slowly playing with my cock; drips of pre cum now trickling down my knob. “Can you pass me some toilet paper please? ” she asked. “Not a chance!” I replied as I dropped to my knees in the puddle of Kate’s still warm piss all over the floor. I grabbed her knees and pushed them nice and wide again as I started to lick the piss off the insides of her amazingly soft thighs. She started moaning and thrusting her hips so I knew she wanted more. I started licking the piss drips off her gorgeous little ass cheeks until finally I was lapping up what was still dripping from her now very swollen, red and hot pussy lips! She was delicious! It was an incredible mix of her salty hot pee and her amazingly sweet 26 year old pussy juice. I slid 2 fingers inside her and fucked her with them while I licked and sucked at her hard, swollen little clit. It wasn’t long before she cum hard convulsing on the toilet seat! She stood up pulling me up with her and kissed me hard with her tongue deep in my mouth. We stumbled outside where she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock, tugging it with her hand and thrusting it deep in her throat. She pulled me down with her and pushed me on my back. “I’m on the pill” she whispered “Fuck me hard and fill me with your hot cum!”She demanded. I lay back sucking at her amazing tits and groping at her tight ass while she roughly grabbed my cock and shoved it into her dripping spread pussy as she straddle over me. She started moaning as she pumped up and down my cock, smashing and grinding her pussy hard against me to get my cock as deep in her as she could. My finger found its way to her luscious tight little ass hole which was already slippery from her pussy juices flowing earlier. I slid my finger in gently and began pumping it in and out of her while she fucked me madly. “I’m going to cum” she muttered through her muffled moans – “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming” she moaned! As she did her convulsing pussy was pulsating and squeezing up and down my cock and her ass hole clenched and released on my finger. It was all I could take – I pushed my finger as far into her ass as I could and buried my cock as deep as I could get it in her pussy and came! I came harder than I think I have ever before. I could feel my cock pulsing hard inside her as it pumped more and more cum inside her. She was still Cumming hard and while her pussy was squeezing my cock in its waves of convulsions it felt there was no end to the amount of cum pumping from my cock! Finally we both stoped and just lay there panting. “You are amazing” I breathed in her ear. She smiled and began kissing me again. “That was long overdue I think. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long now!” she said smiling at me. “You can have me whenever you want baby! I’ve wanted you for just as long” I giggled, “I’ve never cum so hard before!”. “I know” she said. “It was the same for me! It was incredible! I’ve never seen a circumcised cock, never watched a guy pee, never peed for or on another guy let alone have him lick me clean! And I’ve never had a finger in my ass before! I won’t forget this night in a hurry!” I think if you had cum any more it would be coming out my ears” she laughed. “It was huge hey!” I said. “I feel so full! It feels incredible!” she said. “Show me how much” I said cheekily grinning. She slowly slid my cock from her pussy and sat with her legs spread on the ground next to me. I watched as she squeezed the cum from inside her swollen pussy. We both giggled as she fanny farted! And again as little fanny farts were coming out as she laughed. They sounded so wet and sloppy. As she continued to push, my cum started oozing from her. It just kept coming! “Oh my god” she said “I told you there was heaps!”. With each push from her another dollop of cum would drip out of her pussy with plenty of sloppy wet fanny farts as well. When it finally stopped dripping from her there must have been near a ¼ of a cup on the ground. The puddle had spread across the ground and was now lapping up against her ass hole which was clenching on ever push. We sat for a while chatting and then decided we should clean up and head off. Before letting her up I leant over and gave her clit one last lick and suck, and tickled her cum covered ass hole with my finger. “Don’t” she teased “or I’ll fuck you again!”.

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