First time

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I had just turned 40 when after a few drinks one night I decide to have a look in the local paper for personal services. I found what I thought looked like a safe contact, so I called him and we chatted for a while before he agreed to meet me at my flat.
This gave me chance to freshen up a little and get ready. When he arrived he gave his name as Dave, we sat and had a drink and a smoke as to find a common ground. I explained this was my first time. He asked if there was any thing I wanted to know first before we began, no was my reply, I gave no reply Dave said ok start strip your self and the bed while I go to the bathroom having done this I lay naked on the bed waiting for Dave to come back he moved forward to kiss me and slowly run his hands over my body. Encouraging me to do the same to him. Guiding my head down his body sucking kissing and licking as I went until I reached his erect dick which he guided in to my mouth. I began to lick and suck on his big dick while I held his balls on my hands and slowly massaged them. Dave began to slowly slide his dick in and out of my mouth as I could feel it getting harder he with drew and moved down to play with my dick and balls, mine looked very small compared to his. OK he said after playing with me it looks like you need more time to come to terms with this. Do you want me to have you for now to which I replied yes. He then explained what would happen next as he lubricated my hole finding which way I want it to happen. I lay on my back and asked him to start, holding my legs up in the air he pushed them towards my chest exposing my hole and slowly slid his erect dick in to me a bit at a time with each thrust as I grabbed the sheet and arched my back, What a feeling it was like nothing I had ever felt before as each thrust pushed his dick deeper in to me until his thighs met with mine. He then began to slide in and out for what seemed like an eternity my head was spinning could feel his thighs slapping in to mine. I reached out and gripped his thighs pulling him on harder with each thrust. You want to get a little rough then do you he said, ok. Each thrust was pushed in deep and hard making me gasp and moan until what seemed like an eternity I felt his dick stiffen and then a warm feeling as he shot is load in me that was a good feeling to finish on. I lay there still feeling good as Dave went to the bath room, when he came back he still had an erection so he climbed across me and made me suck and lick his dick as he face fucked me, I could feel his dick at the back of my mouth and almost chocked every time it reached the back. He then shot his load so I had no option but to swallow, after that we sat on the sofa and chatted. I thanked him for what he had done for me. I then confessed m fantasy to him, which he listen to and nodded with approval and understanding but that, is another time

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