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My girlfriend and I had been seeing each other about a year when this event took place. She’s a gorgeous blonde with beautiful blue eyes and plump 36C tits. I had had several fantasies about being with her, and wondered how far I could go with her. One day while at her house, I started to rub her inner thigh. She obviously enjoyed this and started to show signs that she was horny. As I kissed her, I began to caress her breasts in the palm of my hand. They began to get hard and I could tell she enjoyed this very much. I slowly went under her shirt and unlached her bra. I couldn’t believe how big her boobs really were. I continued to fondle her, now naked, breasts. I finally pulled her shirt up and began to suck on her erect tits. Man, they felt so good in my mouth. I traced my way down her stomache and unbuttoned her pants. I first felt of her panties and sure enough they were soaked. Turned on as hell, I went up under her panties and found her clit. I began to massage her entire pussy up and down. She began to moan and breathe really heavy. By this time, I couldn’t take it any longer, I was hard as hell. I pulled her pants and panties completely off, and began to lower my shaft inside her. She seemed hesitant at first, but the hornier she got the more she wanted it. I kept fucking her harder, and harder. Her head lowered back and she had that look of ecstacy on her face. It’s nothing sexier than that look.
The warmth of our bodies and the rhythm was more than I could take, I had reached the point of no return. I screamed out, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna Cummmmm!”, and at that very second I shot load after load of hot cum all inside her. This must have been to much for her. She burst out,”Oh Shit,Oh fuck, I’m uuuh cumminngg, damn”. They say shy girls are always the freaky ones, and she was no different. She began to rock all over the place, jerking and screaming as she let out her hot pussy juices. It was amazing. We lay there for almost an hour recovering from this exhausting experience. After that we both went to sleep in each other’s arms.

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