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i went to his flat and there was a load of people in his flat and he asked me to go into the kitchen with him while he made drinks and he shut the kitchen door behind us and he put the stuff in the cups and we started talking and then he started kissing me so i kissed him back and he got a huge hard on and he put my hand down his jeans and he wanted to fuck me there and then and i said no wait till everybody had gone home and he said ok then and 1 and a half hours later everybody went home and he locked the front door and i went toilet to freshen myself up and when i got back from the toilet he was on the bed and under the duvet and he asked me to join him in bed so i did and he gave me a cuddle and then he started kissing me and playing with my tits and he put my hand down his boxers and i started playing with his 9inch cock and he took his boxers off and he then took my top off and my jeans off aswell as my thongs and bra aswell and he then got on top of me and he thrusted his rock hard cock into my tiny tight pussy and we were fucking for an hour and we both came together and after he just put his boxers on and all i was wearing was one of his long shirts and then i was making drinks and he came into the kitchen and he grabbed me from behind and took his boxers and he grabbed his cock and he told me to bend over and he thrusted his rock hard cock up my tight arse and he was kissing the back of my neck and i started fingering my wet pussy and he put his arm around me and started playing with my wet pussy aswell and he put 2 fingers up my tight little hole and i was really moaning and groaning and then he shot another load of warm cum up my arse and then 2 hours later we had a bath together and he thrusted again up my tight wet pussy and and he started sucking my tits aswell and we both came together.

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