Forced Sex With Wife

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It was a friday night. I had worked second shift until 11:00 p.m. then went to the bar with a friend. We drank for a couple hours and I felt pretty loose. Then I had an idea. I asked him to come home with me and I’d make it worth his while. He agreed. When we got there, I told to wait in the basement.
I went upstairs to find my wife sleeping as I knew she would be. As was one of our sexual things, I tied her wrists and legs full apart on the bed. I kissed her and rubberd her twat until she moaned. I then blindfolded her, which we also did at times and told her I’d be right back.
I went to the basement and got my friend. I brought him upstairs and to the bedroom. He just stared at her. Beautiful, naked, and helpless. I motioned to him. Have your way. Do whatever you want to do to her.
He got between her legs and began eating her pussy. She squirmed and moaned and began humping. He then took his pants and underwear off and kneeled between her legs.
When slid his cock into her, she began trying to scream. He was MUCH larger than I was and I think it sort of hurt. He didn’t care and began fucking her furiously. I Came up and Shoved my cock into her mouth and held her there as he fucked her. He came, I came, and although it took her months to admit, she came too. HARD.
She was never the same after that and liked “surprises”. We had a few more little “surprises” after that.

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