Forcibly Broken In By My Husband

I wanted so badly to obey and be a good wife, but the sex to me was too repulsive. After 4 months of marriage I had yet to allow him to consummate our union. I was 22 and still quite content occasionally sliding my hand into my panties for satisfaction. One night he caught me as I involuntarily squirmed and wordlessly slid a finger into the crotch of my panties, wiggling it in between my legs enticingly. My legs automatically locked ending that though my pussy was admittedly sopping wet from fantasy.

The next day he finally asked me, “Sedah, you know what I want. I know you want it, too. Let’s finally try tonight.”

Well I was a nervous wreck all that day but come night fall I was once again lost in fantasy land, dripping natural lube. Asher had emerged noiselessly from the shower and stood with a towel wrapped around his waist just watching me while I had no idea. In my mind I fantasized about anal, which made my pussy sopping wet.

“I want… No I need… you can mount me if you prefer, but your husband demands you satisfy him NOW!”

His voice snatched me back to reality. He tore away his towel to reveal a thick 7 inch erection that looked awfully menacing as he sat in the chair in the far corner of our bedroom. The purple head flared wider than the shaft and glistened, making my pussy throb anxiously.

Petrified, I went to him and straddled him gingerly, lowering myself down until I felt the head of his cock nudging the entrance of my seizing love tunnel. I reached down and manually parted my puffy lips, feeling the head nestle itself there nicely. Bowing my legs, I kept lowering myself until I felt the head pop in. Then, frozen in mid air, I dared not move as the head lurched against my inner walls. With my hands on my husband’s shoulders, I slowly began to bounce a little on it. The sensation made me feel crampy and I didn’t like it at all.

Asher’s hands pressed on my own shoulders trying to force me lower saying, “That’s barely the head, Sedah! You’re pussy is meant to pleasure me. Let me in!”

My bounces became a little jauntier even though I was hurting. After 5 minutes of this I finally tried to just stand up but the mere act of pulling up hurt even worse! My legs were bowed wide as I gasped in shock and pain. While I paused, I was caught totally off guard as my husband seized his chance to get a real fuck. He forced me down on the entire length of his shaft and forced me to take his full length inside my aching love hole.

My legs shook from holding me up as he screwed me and then he finally went flaccid, allowing me to fully stand. That oh so tender spot between my legs ached bitterly, resenting being forced to participate in its own drilling.
The next night I didn’t play with my pussy, fearing he would want to screw me again. After many more sessions of being forced to mount and ride him, my pussy eventually stopped cramping, but I never learned to love it.

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