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It was a hot afternoon, and having nothing better to do, I went on down to my uncles house. As I pulled up in the driveway, I noticed his very hot neighbor.I was 18 and fresh outta high school at the time.Anyways, me and his neighbor caught eye contact, and he winked at me. I walked into the house still looking at the neighbor. My uncle had told me that he was going on over to the neighbors house to have a couple of drinks. I soon found out that his name was Rob.Rob had a beautiful body and pretty green eyes. Not to mention the awesome chopper in his garage.My uncle introduced me, and in talking to him, he seemed like a fun guy.Soon enough my uncle got a call into work and he had to leave. I told him that I was going to hang out for a lil bit.He left,leaving me and Rob there by ourselves in the garage. He invited me inside, on the count that it was getting hot out. I went in with my fingers crossed, hoping that I would get to see Rob naked.Well it didnt take long for him to reach in and kiss me. When he did, I pulled away in shock. He asked, “What, you dont want me to kiss you?” I told him, “Oh I want you not only to kiss me,but to fuck me” With that said, he ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants and underwears. Once I was naked he took off his shorts and his shirts and pressed against me with his hard 9″ cock. I immeadeatly felt myself get all wet.He began fingering me and noticed how wet I was. Then he looked up at me and said,”Oh it seems to me that your pussy wants a nice 9″ hard cock!” I told him,”I think your right”He pushed me up against the wall and he began thrusting in me so hard.I moaned with pleasure.I yelled,”HARDER HARDER HARDER!!!” He kept going and going, and soon enough he slowed down. He laid me on the couch where he would continue to fuck me nice and slow.Even though I was a fan of the hard sex, his body moved so well that it made me even more horny as he fucked me slowly.He let a load in me, and pulled out. I looked up at him and asked,”Is that ALL you got?”He smiled and said,”Cmmon you gotta at least give me a blow job.” I got on my knees and began sucking his nice hard member. I felt him get weak as I pulled in and out nice and slow.He put his hand behind my head to push me harder,but had no strength to do so when I began playing with his dick with my tongue. He cummed and I swallowed it all. He sat down on the couch with exaust and I went and sat next to him.He put his arm around me and told me that that had to have been the best sex hes ever had. I smiled and told him any time.We made out for a lil bit and we both fell asleep in each other arms.Now everytime I visited my uncles house, I made shure I paid a visit to rob.

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