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I know writing this story that many of you will not believe me but it is true and this experience really did happen to me. My name is Dawn, I was living with my fiancé John and we had moved to a country town near the out back of Australia. It was considered a pretty rough town, as there were a particularly high percentage of aboriginal people living there and crime was very high.

That’s why we moved there. John my fiancé was in the army and now worked as a police officer. Before moving John decided that a big dog would help me feel safe when he would be on nightshift patrols. He would also on occasions be forced to relieving positions out at even further settlements. We ended up buying a beautiful rust red ridgeback called Rex that, as a puppy weighed about 25 kilograms.

I worked in the town as a gym instructor; I have always been really fit. I am 26 years old and bit less than five feet tall, a brunette with creamy white skin and perky breasts. I am considered tiny and only weigh about 45 to 50 kg. I was definitely considered one of the hottest girls in town and certainly got a lot of attention.

We had been at the town for about a year and a half. It was mid winter and was really blowing a gale. John had been sent to a far town that was over 600 km away and had to be flown in. He was away for about two weeks leaving me to look after the house and Rex. Ordinarily we would keep him outside. He was a monster-sized dog and weighed about 75 kg of muscle but I felt horrible about the idea of keeping him outside so I let him in and he raced into the lounge by the fireplace.

He settled down after a few minutes and I lounged on the couch. I had gotten comfy in a pink slinky baby doll style negligee, which just covered my bottom and front. I never wore underwear to bed and so was naked from the waist down. I settled on the couch and watched TV for a while Rex was asleep.

After a few shows I began to feel bored and was pained by the thought of missing John. I started to get a little horny as I usually do when I’m bored so I rushed to my bedroom picked up my trusty vibrator and rushed back into the warm lounge room. My vibrator is a vibe therapy model and is about 6 inches long and quite thin. John had tried to introduce me to a larger sort but my poor pussy was just too small for anything much bigger.

I started to work myself up slowly and used my fingers on my clit to get me moistened. After a few minutes I started to use the vibrator and was really working myself up. I was fantasising about John slowly fucking my pussy. I turned on the vibrator, which can be a little noisy.

It must have startled Rex because he stirred from his sleep and was watching me intensely. I relaxed and started to ignore him while I was gently fucking my pussy with my blue vibrator. I closed my eyes and started to feel the warmth of orgasm tickling my clit. I could feel the waves of pleasure spilling from my soaking pussy and was cuming all over the couch.

All of a sudden I jumped as I felt Rex licking my toes which were exposed off the couch cushion. I was still in the throes of orgasm and the feeling of Rex licking between my toes was amazing. The worm wet feeling sliding in and over my toes was so exciting and I had never experienced anything like it before. I was so turned on but felt incredibly ashamed at the same time. I sat there spread open and removed the vibrator my trembling pussy. I was catching my breath and collapsed facing the ceiling. Rex had stopped licking my toes and I began to relax and enjoy the post orgasm bliss.

My pussy was still drenched in my juices and the smell must have attracted Rex because I suddenly felt his big warm tongue lap my pussy twice! I jumped up startled and yelled. “Bad Rex!” I could see him starring at me, his lipstick shaped cock was half out of his sheath, and he was visibly panting.

I got up to shower as I felt a little dirty and ashamed of what had happened and as I was walking away from Rex I dropped the vibrator. I bent down to pick it when I was suddenly pushed over onto my hands and face. I could feel Rex full weight on my back holding me down and he had gripped me tightly with his front paws around my tiny waist. His hard sex claws were digging in deeply into my hips, and I could feel the tip of his warm wet cock lightly touching my anus.

I was suddenly worried Rex would push his cock into my ass so I moved my hands under my body and tried to throw his weight off me. But he was too strong and weighed too much and I just couldn’t move him. I was stuck.

I could feel his cock thrusting at the opening of my tight ass and I was so worried her would push into me. I was yelling at Rex “Get the fuck off me!” I reared my but up into his abdomen in an attempt to throw him off balance. As soon as I had pushed up I felt Rex cock dip into my already soaked pussy. Rex must have felt the warm wetness on his cock because he drove his cock into me at least 6 inches in fast furious waves. I tried to pull away but the more I moved the more his sex claws dug into my sides hurting me and holding me in place.

I felt nauseous and was shaking, but there was nothing I could do I was pinned under Rex. Rex’s thrusting slowed and I could feel a hard ball pushing against the lips of my pussy. I was feeling full of his cock and though he must be completely inside my pussy. His cock felt so hot and big. I was amazed as when ever I had seen his cock before it always looked small like lipstick. After a little while I relaxed thinking if I can’t get Rex off me I should let him finish quickly and it would be over.

I was getting wetter and Rex was starting to take deep slow thrusts into my pussy banging the base of the knot of his cock onto my pussy lips. The feeling of the pressure on my clit started to get me really worked up. Again I felt disgusted with myself but the sensations of his hot cock pushing into my pussy was too amazing at the time.

I could hear the slapping sound of his dog knot battering my pussy lips and clit and could feel the warm tingling feeling begin again. I was starting to feel lots of warm gushing liquid coming from my lips. I knew it was Rex’s doggie cum filling my pussy up. The thought of the cum was both disturbing and exciting and I could feel myself pushing back onto his cock meeting his thrusts. I could hear Rex panting over me and could feel drips of his drool drop on my back but I didn’t care. The pleasure was so intense.

I was starting to cum when I felt the knot of his cock push past my battered pussy lips. Rex pushed me forward with his thrust grinding my face into the carpet. I could feel sharp pangs of pain coming from my pussy and felt like I was going to split. I could feel his knot expanding in my already full pussy and had to breathe deep to focus through the pain. After a while the pained subsided and again I was feeling the hard pressure of his cock knot grinding into my pussy. I was starting to enjoy the pressure of the incredibly warm cock pounding me from the inside.

The pressure of his cock knot bashing into my g spot was amazing. I had never felt that sort of pleasure before. I was starting to convulse and was unable to stop myself. The orgasm was much slower in starting but felt so much deeper and harder. Rex’s cock felt huge, bigger than anything I had ever been fucked by before. His knot had swollen to its full size and I was literally stuck on his cock, unable to move.

The pressure was so deep and hard and I couldn’t stop the orgasm if I tried. It seem to last and last, and I could actually feel all this wetness squirting and dripping from my pussy. I could feel my pussy juices mixed with Rex’s doggie cum dripping from my lips and down my inner thighs. The feeling of his cum was so hot it just exploded into my pussy filling me up completely, the warmness cursing though my abdomen.

I kept cuming in waves and waves until I could feel Rex’s knot start to soften and retract. His cock pulled from my sore and battered pussy and instantly large gushes of my pussy juices and his doggie cum spilled out from me. Rex released his iron grip of my waist and I got up and immediately ran to the bathroom.

I felt so horrible; I was so ashamed at myself. Not because Rex had fucked me, but because I had enjoyed it so much. I showered off for over an hour and could see the long scratch marks of his sex claws on my slim abdomen.

I thoroughly washed out my vagina and eventually went to sleep in our bed.

I have never told anyone this story before. It has been so embarrassing, but since the first time I have let Rex fuck me on a regular basis when John isn’t home. I bought velvet pouches for holding onto jewellery, which I put over Rex’s claws to stop him from scratching me. I have really grown to love the feeling of his hot cum inside my pussy and I have also started to suck his massive cock. I have realised his cock past the knot is about 8 inches long and is about 4 inches in diamater around his knot.

The though of his knot pounding my g spot and clit gets me horny even now. I really enjoy the taste of his cum and often suck him dry swallowing as much of it as I can. I am so very ashamed of what I do but I can’t seem to stop and I just love the though of being fucked by a dog now.

I haven’t told John at all and we are to be married at the end of the year. I don’t know what I’m going to do but one thing is for certain. I will still enjoy having Rex fuck me and don’t plan on stopping even after we get married.

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    Great story I just love the way you put into detail what happened Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed You and Rex both are benefiting from this Your story is very erotic to say the least Would love to hear more of your sexual escapades

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