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It was just one of those days where it was absolutely perfect outside, and yet, you just want to sit in the house and be lazy. That’s what I felt at least. I flipped through the channels on the TV aimlessly looking for something worthwhile to watch.

Me being the shy, but expressive type, I figured I’d find SOMETHING to watch to cope with my boredom. Not much helped.

“To think that with having over 450 channels there’d be SOMETHING on. BUT NOOOOO. Communist bastards!” I thought to myself.

I turned off the TV and got my sketch pad and a dull pencil. I walked to my automatic pencil sharpener and shoved the pencil deep into the sharpener thinking of more than drawing and sharpening.

I hadn’t had action in months and I needed something. But how? There’s no one around for me and I don’t have anyone to work with. I had heard various stories about how men were insensitive bastards, but that wasn’t always true, was it? All the guys I had ever been with treated me well…at first. Then they hurt me.

But if guys are the assumed counterpart of females, then why am I so desperate to find someone?

I sat down at the table, slowly setting my sketch pad and pencil down. I opened the pad to see old drawings of cartoonish couples. They always seemed happy. Maybe it was a sign to show me what I wanted. I wanted to be happy.

I flipped to a new page and began to sketch out the outline of a curvy female. She would be thin, with big round breasts and perfectly shaped hips…not too big, not too small. As I drew the outline of her breasts, I began to think about what it would be like to have someone like her to be me…or even to be with. I could make her to be the best person. She would be accepting and she would care about me.

I drew her upturned nipples slowly, tracing around them as if my picture was real. I realized what I thought I wanted…and if I were to get that, I may be a better person.

I set down my pencil slowly and looked at the incompleted picture.

“If only she were real. Maybe she could be a friend and listen to me…” I rambled slowly to myself.

I got up and brought my sketch pad to my room, setting it on my bed as I laid there thinking about nothing in particular. I reached for the remote again and turned on the cable box when I heard a knock at the door.

I walked down the stairs quickly and opened the door to see my friend Rachel with another girl. I invited them in and offered them something to drink. Rachel took her friend to the other room and sat down.

I walked out to the kitchen to get their drinks and I overheard Rachel talking to her friend.

“She’s a great girl. She’s pretty shy, but I think you two will become pretty good friends,” Rachel said softly.

I walked back into the room and handed the girls their drinks. Both thanked me as I sat down.

We started a quaint conversation about random things. The time quickly passed and Rachel realized she had to get to work. Rachel took me to my kitchen and said that it’d be cool if her friend and I got to know each other a bit better. I agreed and suggested taking her to a coffehouse or a bar to just get acquainted. Rachel said that sounded good.

Rachel said her good-byes and walked out the door.I looked over at Rachel’s friend as the door closed and smiled.

“Hi, my name’s Katherine, most people call me Kate or Kat,” I said shyly.

“Hi, I’m Marissa, nice to meet you Kat! Heh…MEOW!” she replied sweetly.

“Well, I suggested to Rach that we could go to a coffee house to get acquainted. What do you think?” I asked.

“How about we stay here? It’d be easier to talk that way,” Marissa responded confidently.

“Sounds good to me, would you like something else to drink? I have some brewed iced tea, lemonade, water, soda and I can make some coffee if you’d like. I have a cappuccino maker. I could always make some cappucino milksha…” I started to say before Marissa came up to me and kissed me softly on the lips.

My eyes grew wide as she sat on my lap and kissed my neck. I knew I was straight, but what was going on made me re-think my priorities. I knew I needed someone, but not this fast and not at this calibur.

I looked at Marissa and traced her body with my eyes as she looked at me with a huge grin on her face. She was beautiful. She had blonde hair past her shoulders to her upper back, brown eyes and the fullest, most exquisitte breasts. She must’ve been aroused, or maybe cold, I’m not sure, but at any rate, her nipples were proudly upturned and showing through the fabric of her bra and shirt.

I looked up into her eyes as her gaze slowly looked down and focused on my breasts. I was aroused, and I’m proud to say it showed. She seemed to like it because she lifted my shirt and bra with one hand, held my breast with the other and slowly wrapped her lips around it, sucking and licking around it.

I was getting aroused, and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. I asked her to get off my lap and follow me to the bedroom. Once we reached my bedroom, I told her to make herself comfortable. I had a few ideas of my own and they might be put to use later.

I walked out of my room proudly as I walked to the kitchen in search of some fun play toys. I walked to the refrigerator and grabbed some chocolate syrup, Redi-Whip and filled a cup half full of ice cubes. I set them on a tray and threw the bandana I had into my pocket.

I walked back into the room to see Marissa sprawled out on my bed in just a red lacy bra and a silky black thong. Her ass accentuated the thong well. It was tight and looked like she worked out a lot.

I grinned at her and set the tray down. I slowly removed my clothes to only my bra and panties. I crawled onto the bed over to her and kissed her lips lightly, tracing my finger around her nipple through her bra.

She sighed softly and with one hand she cupped my cheek and brought me into a deep kiss as her other hand slowly began to un-hook my bra. My bra slid down my arms and onto the bed. Marissa picked it up and tossed it onto the floor.

She once again wrapped her lips tightly around my nipple and began to suck hard and nibble as her right hand pinched and twisted my other nipple. I was getting hot…and fast. I reached down and slid my panties to the side as I rubbed my clit softly but with enough pressure to get the reaction I wanted.

I groaned and she must’ve gotten the hint because she told me to lie down in her place. I had never done this before, but my nerves were being overpowered by my hormones. I lied on my back and slightly spread my legs awaiting what her plan was.

She stood in front of me and pulled me up. Looking at her strangely, she pulled down my panties and petted my bare pussy slowly. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I knew that I’d like it.

Marissa looked up at me and told me to lie back and make myself comfortable. I told her that I had never done this before with a guy, let alone a girl. She grinned and told me to just relax. She’d be gentle.

I layed my head back and began to play with my nipples as she stuck a finger in my pussy and rubbed slowly on my clit. I moaned softly, anxiously awaiting what else she had in her bag of tricks. I closed my eyes and pinched my nipples as I felt 2 fingers slowly slide into my hot wet honey hole.

I looked over at her as she focused on her task. She’d slowly slide her fingers in, move them around and pull them out, rubbing my inner walls. I closed my eyes again and her fingers once again came out of my pussy. She continued to rub my clit, but her other fingers weren’t doing anything. I looked over at her and she slid her fingers in my pussy, pulled them out and licked my juiced from off her fingers.

She groaned and told me I tasted so sweet. I moa
ned loudly and told her I wanted her to finger fuck my virgin pussy. She obliged and slammed her fingers in me. Her 2 fingers reaching in as far as they could, ru
bbing around and repeating as she rubbed my clit faster and harder. I asked her for more, so she added a third finger and kept going.

I wanted more, but I didn’t think I could take 4 fingers. I wanted to be fucked bad, but she wasn’t fully equipped for the job. What could I do? I was still a virgin, but I wanted to be fucked by a hottie named Marissa.

I told her my dillema and she slyly pulled a vibrator out of her bag. I laughed as she put in new batteries and turned it on. At first, she slowly slid it against my clit. Letting my clit vibrate was making me wet…and I didn’t know how much more I could take. In one slick motion, she rammed the vibrator all the way into my pussy and left it there.

She drove my senses crazy. A guy was never able to do this for me. I rolled over and stood up as my juices dripped down my leg. I told her I had to return the favor she was giving me. She layed on the bed on her back as I walked shakily to the tray. I grabbed the chocolate syrup and Redi-Whip. I set them on the floor next to the bed and rummaged through my pockets to get the bandana.

I folded the bandana on the bed and slowly tied it over Marissa’s eyes. I reached down and grabbed the redi-whip. I sprayed the redi-whip on her lips and slowly licked it off. I sprayed a trail down from her lips, around her nipples and to her clit where I took the chocolate syrup and poured some in her pussy.

I slowly and teasing licked down her chest and sucked the whipped cream off her nipples. I teasingly bit her nipples and licked down her stomach to her pussy. I stopped what I was doing to see what her reaction would be since she couldn’t see me. She called out to me and I quickly kissed her lips, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth. Her reply to me was sucking on my tongue slowly…pulling my tongue into her mouth with her own.

I broke the kiss slowly and kissed down her chest back to her pussy where I began to lick the whipped cream off of her clit. Once the whipped cream was gone, I continued to suck to get all the flavor. I began to nibble on her clit as she yelped but moaned even louder.

I groaned in return and slid my tongue lower to get the rest of the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. My tongue slowly slid into her cunt and licked all the chocolate syrup up along with the flavor of her hot sweet pussy. I burrowed my face into her pussy as I rubbed her clit with the other hand.

I loved the feeling of the vibrator up in me as I sucked on Marissa’s clit. This was better than a guy, and I was glad Rachel had brought her over. To think I hadn’t expanded my horizons…

I shook in anticipation as I felt myself cumming on the vibrator. I in turn licked harder and faster to compensate with the speed of the vibrator. I slurped up a mouthfull of Marissa’s hot wetness and kissed her softly…letting her taste her sweetness.

She cooed in happiness as she licked her lips. I went back to eating out her sexy honey thatch. Her hips began to shake and I licked her clit faster and faster. Repeatedly I heard her groan as her hips began to shake faster. I plunged my fingers deep in her as I licked her pussy.

I then heard her say something that made everything all worthwhile.

“Kat…I’m gunna cum…I’m gunna cum…I want you so bad baby. I love you…I’m gunna cum.”

At that moment, she belted out a scream and several moans as she let out her sweet load into my mouth. I licked all I could get. I burried my face deep into her cunt and licked all I could get. She moaned and pulled my face up to kiss her.

Again, she cooed at the taste of her wetness. She slowly pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and deep throated it, licking all my cum off of it. I groaned and fell onto my back exhausted from my escapade.

Marissa grinned at me happily and kissed me again as she lied back next to me. I smiled back and nibbled at her neck. She giggled and slowly rubbed against my pussy with hers. I laughed and told her maybe later. I was tired. She laughed in agreement.

“So, do you think we could do this again sometime? I have some great ideas!” I exclaimed.

“Sure baby. You’ve got a quality piece of ass. I like you. You’re hot!” she replied devilishly.

“Just promise me one thing, please.”

“What is it sweetie?” she asked.

“Don’t tell Rachel!” I said evilly as I leaned over and kissed her again.

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