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My first time took place this past Halloween. The story starts at my best friends Halloween party. Me and my boyfriend, Ben, were sitting on the couch very close watching ‘Scream’ with about 10 other people. My costume was Pippi Longstockings, which consisted of pink tights, striped knee-high socks, black mini skirt, a pink shirt, and pig tails. Ben’s costume was a kind of Hannibal looking thing, with a straight jacket and mask. So, we sat on the couch, his arm around the back of my shoulders. I rested my head on his shoulder and my hand on his knee. I was starting to feel tired and bored as it past 10:30pm, and I knew I wanted to fool around with Ben a little before I went home. I sat up a little and whispered to Ben, “You wanna go?” I looked at him and waited for an answer. He looked back and shrugged, “If you want to.” he answered. I smiled and replied, “I do.” I turned to my friend that was hosting the party and whispered, “I think we’re gonna go.” She looked at Ben, then me and said, “Oh, okay.” We got up and said good bye as we walked out. We got in his car and about 5 minutes later, arrived at my house. He parked on the street and sighed as the car stopped. I unbuckled and turned my head and starred at him while he unbuckled himself. He turned to me and I gave him a short, good, kiss right away. We smiled and looked at each other for a few seconds and then leaned in and started kissing again. His hand touched my back and my held the back of his neck. I pulled away and smiled at him again, “Do you wanna move to the back?” I said. He didn’t answer; he turned off the car and opened the door. I opened my door and whispered to him over the car, “Try not to slam the door.” He nodded and slowly closed the door, quietly.
We sat in the backseat, kissing for a minute. His hand creped up under the back of my shirt and around the front of my bra. I held his neck with both hands. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and massaged. I pulled away and took off my bra under my shirt; he leaned me against the door and started kissing me again. Sliding his hands up my shirt and onto my breasts, then onto my shoulders and pushing my shirt up over my head. I leaned against him, kissing him faster. I found my hands at the bottom of his shirt and stopped kissing to pull it off. I admired his body, “You’re perfect.” I said as I caressed his stomach and chest. He leaned me against the door again and started kissing my neck and down my chest, to my nipples. He took my right nipple in his warm mouth, sucked and licked it. Kissed his way to my left nipple and repeated. It felt so good; my heart started beating faster as I moaned softly. I could feel myself getting wet as he kissed me. He made his way back up to my lips as I pressed myself against him. My hand moved up his thigh and to his zipper, I could feel his hard-on through his pants and started to rub. I could hear him breathe faster, so I continued. We changed positions, I sat up as he pulled down my shirt, stockings and socks, and I was left in a black thong. I wrapped my legs around his waste as I unbuttoned his blue Dickies that he bought earlier that day. His boner made a tent with his boxers that turned me on so much. He sat back as I placed my legs on either side of his waist. I could feel his cock on my pussy through our underwear. His big hands worked his way from my breasts to my hips as he snapped my thong strap against my skin, and then pulled it down my legs. We stopped kissing as he looked at me to see if it was ok, I smiled and reassured him by pulling off his boxers, exposing his hard member. We were both naked as we kissed. I wanted him so badly. He stopped kissing as he reached for his pants on the floor of the car; he removed a condom from his wallet and put it on. I moved my body down slowly and felt his head touch my pussy lips. I knew it would hurt and be hard to get in the first time so I pushed quickly. His throbbing dick slid inside me. I uncontrollably let out a gasp as he moaned. We started moving together, up and down. Slow at first but then faster and faster. Our movements were awkward and unsure. I kissed him passionately, I knew he loved me and I loved him. I didn’t feel much at first, but as we moved more I felt pressure against my clit and started to moan. We stopped kissing as we were both out of breath. Ben was moaning and humming, he held on to my waist tightly. I could feel my body start to twitch as his cock continued to push on my clit. It felt amazing. I was breathing faster and faster, I rested my head on the seat next to his neck. We moaned together and started to trust faster and harder. I sat up straight and felt it coming. “Oh my god,” I said, I twisted and my abs contracted as I cam. I fell limp against his chest; he stopped pushing and hugged me. I looked up at him, knowing he hadn’t cum yet, and started humping again. He moaned loud, shut his eyes, and threw his head back. I felt his cum fill inside me.
We were both panting as I sat next to him, hugging each other with my head on his bare chest…We broke up 2 weeks later.

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