Her First Time

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Lily walked into the crowded, smoky bar, looking through the smog to see if he was there yet. Not seeing him, Lily started walking toward the back of the bar before someone on her left just inside the door grabbed her arm and spun her around.
“Hey, baby,” Lily’s fiancé, Max, said softly before kissing her deeply.
“Hi,” she gasped when he let her up for air.
Max chuckled quietly and then glanced appraisingly up and down her body. Lily had taken extra-special care tonight; she was finally ready and she wanted him to know it. From the way his eyes lingered on her breasts, she guessed he had figured it out. She was wearing a sheer pink t-shirt with a lacy black bra underneath that showcased her perky C-cup breasts, fitted black capris that hugged her curves, and high-heels. She left her hair all windblown and made her eyes smoky and sultry. She thought the finished product was pretty sexy, and she expected that Max did, too.
However, always a gentleman, Max quickly looked away before asking if she wanted a drink. They made their way to the bar where they met up with a couple of friends. Max and Lily kept up conversation like normal, un-horny people until a stranger came up and asked Lily for a dance. Glancing at Max, who wasn’t actually paying attention to her, Lily shrugged and accepted his offer as the guy, Walter, took her onto the dance floor.
Lily immediately got into the music, and Walter did his best to keep up. Lily was actually a little spoiled; Max was a fabulous dancer, just like she was, so Walter didn’t even compare. But he wasn’t bad. When the song was over, he complimented her on her dancing skills before a slow song came on. When Lily started to turn away, Walter interrupted her by asking, “Just one more?” Noticing out of the corner of her eye that Max was watching her, she accepted. Lily loved to make Max feel a little jealous every now and then.
Walter wrapped his arms around her narrow waist and they swayed to the music. After a few moments, Walter asked, “So, nice night, don’t you think?”
“Sure,” Lily replied.
“How old are you?” Walter asked.
“I’m twenty-three,” she replied, starting to get a little creeped out.
“Ooh, perfect,” Walter cooed. “So…you wanna come back to my apartment? I have this kick-ass vodka.”
“I don’t think my fiancé would like that too much,” Lily replied.
“I’ll bet he’d be fine with it,” Walter shot back. During this conversation, Lily could feel Walter’s hand creeping higher and higher along her side, but as he finished this he smashed his mouth onto hers and gripped her ample bosom in one of his hands.
Just as Lily kneed him in the crotch, Walter gasped and was knocked to the floor. Surprised, since she hadn’t even put that much force into it, Lily looked up and saw Max standing there, his hands clenched into fists and breathing hard.
“We’re leaving,” he growled at her as he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her away from the scene of the crime. Lily accidentally-on-purpose ground the heel of her shoe into Walter’s calf as she was being pulled away and was satisfied to hear a groan of pain as she did so.
Once they got outside, Max swept Lily up into his arms and jogged down the street to his car, ignoring the fact that they didn’t come together. Before Lily had a chance to protest, Max was placing her in the seat and buckling her seatbelt.
Slamming her door and climbing into the driver’s seat, Max forcefully started his engine and stomped on the gas. Lily remained quiet for the entire ride home, letting her fiancé blow off a little steam. When he pulled into the driveway of his apartment, he turned the key in the ignition and they sat in the dark in silence for a moment before Max spoke.
“I’m sorry for racing you out of there like that. I just don’t know what I would do if he was some rapist or murderer and something happened to you.” Max was still breathing heavily.
Tentatively, Lily reached over to stroke his face. “It’s okay now,” she said as he leaned into her touch. “I’m sorry that I was dancing with another guy in the first place. It’s just…” she paused, embarrassed.
“What?” Max prodded gently.
“I get really turned on when you get jealous,” she whispered. “It’s so sexy. When I noticed you panting and with your fists clenched and all that, I wanted to rip your clothes off.” Lily couldn’t believe she had just told him that, so she dropped her hand onto her lap and examined her fingernails closely.
A moment later, Max lifted her chin with his hand so that she was looking at him. “Lily, you don’t ever have to worry about that. Whenever another guy even looks at you, I pretty much get completely enraged. And with you being to beautiful, you wouldn’t believe how often that happens. But you know what I think is so sexy that you do?” As Lily shook her head, Max continued, “I love when you dance. With me, it’s fabulous to hold you and grind with you and all that, but seeing it tonight from far away…well, I wanted to rip your clothes off.”
Lily wanted to scream that there was a console and a stick shift in between their bodies, so she threw open her door. Max was faster in opening his, and, before she had the chance to put one foot all the way out of the car, he was there and lifting her into his arms.
“Did I ever tell you that I love the fact that you’re so small?” he asked quietly before enveloping her mouth in a kiss. Lily got a thrill of anticipation as Max kicked her car door closed and turned blindly toward his apartment building. Throwing open the door, he continued kissing her as he made his way to the elevator. Finally putting her down so that he could press the button, he never broke the kiss except to breathe.
Once in the privacy of the elevator, he quickly pushed the button for his floor before pushing her against the wall and attacking her lips again. His hands gently fondled her breasts through her top as he kissed her. Lily gasped for air as he kissed down her jaw line and neck. At the ding of the elevator, Max scooped her up again and raced down the hall to his door. Roughly shoving the door open after he unlocked it, it banged against the wall before he kicked it closed.
Max transferred Lily into a sitting position in front of him. As Lily wrapped her legs around his waist, he groaned into her mouth before breaking it off, whispering, “God, you’re sexy.” He carried her down the hall to his bedroom before tossing her onto his bed. Lily squealed as she hit the bed and Max grinned at her. “Must I say again how much I love you for being tiny?” As he climbed onto the bed over her, he asked her, “Do you have any attachment to this shirt?”
“No, why?” she asked, puzzled.
“Good,” he replied as he ripped the middle of the collar and tore the shirt in half all the way down to her waist.
Lily laughed until Max pushed his lips back onto hers. “I want you so bad,” Max said into Lily’s mouth.
“Give it to me,” she breathed.
Max stopped mid-kiss and looked at her. Max knew that Lily hadn’t yet been ready to give up her virginity, and he tried to push her as little as possible. He was prepared to take cold showers until their wedding night and, until then, he was alright with getting to third base. This, however, was a new development.
“What?” he whispered, wide-eyed.
“I’m ready now, Max,” Lily explained calmly. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. We’re getting married, so this is going to mean something, and I love you so much. I’m ready.”
Max sat back immediately. “No.”
Now it was Lily’s turn to look at him agape.
“You know how I was saying I love how small you are? I lied. It’s great for carrying you and playing around, but I’m not ready for this.”
Lily leaned toward him, and kissed him softly and longingly. “Come on, Max. I’m ready now.”
“But you’re so little,” Max whispered. “I don’t want to break you.”
Lily waited for him to think this through, hearing him whisper things like “teeny” and “fragile.”
Looking at his sexy fiancée once more, Max finally said, “Okay
Lily’s face briefly lit up before she lunged at him.
Max met Lily’s lip
s hungrily and proceeded to push her back onto his bed. He lightly groped her ample breasts through her thin black bra and felt her nipples perk up. Lily moaned as he did so and, never breaking the kiss, opened the front clasp on her bra. Max separated himself from her as he took in her delicious breasts. He flicked his tongue across one of her nipples and Lily’s back arched as she groaned. Max took this chance to slip her destroyed shirt and bra off her shoulders and threw the two across the room. He now ripped his own shirt over his head and threw it in the same direction.
Max and Lily were now both naked from the waist up and, at the same time, started to unbutton their pants and pull them off, leaving Max in boxers and Lily in a thong. Lily flipped onto her back and pushed Max off the bed. “I want to try something,” she grinned wickedly. Max stood at the foot of the bed, and Lily backed herself up so that she was half off the bed. Now she took his limp dick in her mouth and Max saw that she was offering her breasts to him. He immediately grabbed her roughly as he heard slurping noises from his nether regions, a bolt of pleasure shooting through him. He pinched her nipples and groaned as she deep-throated him, swallowing him whole. He felt himself harden immediately in her mouth, swelling to his full 10 inches. Lily groaned, too, and as he felt the vibration, he nearly lost his load. This was when he noticed the dark spot of wetness staining her lacy black thong. He couldn’t believe how, after more than a year, she still turned him on so much. Max never stayed with a woman for so long, but the moment he laid eyes on her strikingly beautiful face and saw that perfect smile, he was gone. Max pinched grabbed her tits in his hands one last time before he pulled out of her mouth.
Lily licked her lips as Max flipped her over. She giggled as she hit the bed before Max pulled her panties off. Climbing onto the bed, he poised himself over her and kissed her softly. As he pulled away, she smiled with her eyes still closed. “Hm,” she said as she opened her eyes to his worried face. “It’s okay,” she told him, stroking his face.
“You’re so fragile,” he whispered, his face in agony.
“Not as fragile as you think, love,” Lily replied, smiling again.
Max sighed and pushed himself closer to her opening. “I’m taking this painstakingly slow,” he warned her.
Lily nodded as his piece touched her lips, a thrill running through her. He started to push in and she gasped. Max froze until her saw her face was of pleasure, not pain. Surprised, he pushed in more until her hit her hymen. He paused, knowing this is what would hurt her most. “Do it before I lose my nerve,” she demanded with her eyes closed. Max did as she asked and felt terrible as she gasped again, this time in pain. She took a shallow breath as he paused there, letting her get used to the feel of it. “Tell me when,” he whispered, kissing her cheek as he waited.
A minute or so later, she nodded, and Max, pausing only briefly, continued pushing it in until it was in all the way. “That’s everything,” he informed her.
Lily sighed, smiling, and announced, “This is wonderful. Even better than I expected.”
Max didn’t think he could be more shocked – until she opened her newly bright eyes and asked, “How is it for you?”
Max realized he had pushed his own pleasure to the back of his brain, and now realized it was incredible. He always thought it was crap when people told him sex was better when you loved your partner, but now he understood that it was far from crap.
“Unbelievable,” he breathed. Lily’s grinned and Max only just realized that she was worried that she wasn’t any good.
“Fuck me,” she told him.
Max, surprised, laughed but then complied. He started pumping his shaft in and out of her, moaning as he realized the extent of his ecstasy. Lily closed her eyes again and bit her lip. He continued pushing in and out of her, building up his speed, until he stopped making love to her and started fucking her. She groaned as he mashed his mouth onto hers and grabbed one of her breasts in his large hand until he paused, pulled out of her, and, suddenly, came all over her stomach. She giggled as some of it ran into her belly button, loving the feel of his warmth all over her.
“Sorry,” he apologized, smiling sheepishly. Lily smiled at him as he stood up and went into the bathroom. He reappeared with a washcloth a moment later, and proceeded to wipe his sperm off of her. Lily sighed happily until she saw his blood-covered dick.
“God, is that all from me?” she asked.
Laughing, Max wiped his dick with the same washcloth, erasing the evidence. He threw the rag in the general direction of the bathroom and laid down next to her, grinning. She kissed him, and as she pulled away, she whispered, “Thank you.”
He wrapped his arms around her and she sighed contentedly. They fell asleep holding one another, each dreaming of the other.

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