High School Sweethearts

“I’ve got a double hazelnut latte for Becky!” Even his voice could give me chills. I walked up to the bar and as I reached for my drink, my hand touched his and I blushed. I don’t know why I was so flustered! I saw him all the time in class. There was just something about seeing him outside of school that excited me, like seeing yourself on television. I grabbed my drink quickly and turned away, hoping he wouldn’t recognize me. Unfortunately, as I turned around I bumped into the garbage can, banging my knee, swearing, and pouring hot coffee all over myself. People backed away, aware that I was hazardous and an employee showed up with a mop to start cleaning the floor. I’m such a spectacle. I threw my wasted four dollar coffee in the stupid trash can I hit and was trying to wipe myself off with a napkin when I heard his voice again. “Here, this will help,” he was holding a wet rag, for a moment I imagined him leaning over and gently cleaning me off with it, but I snapped out of my day dream and reached for it myself. I hurriedly wiped the sticky stuff of my hands, thanked him and rushed out of the coffee shop. I was completely humiliated. I jumped into my car, stunned for a moment at my own ridiculousness. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” I said out loud, banging my head against the steering wheel so hard it honked and I jerked upright just as he tapped on my window.
“You forgot this,” he said, handing me my credit card.
“Thanks,” I said weakly, trying to force a smile. He always made me lose myself. I was so self-assured and never thought of myself as a romantic but the blue of his eyes could make me weak at the knees in a way I couldn’t explain.
“I’ll see you in school, “he said, flashing me that heartbreaking crooked smile I loved.
“Devon wait!” I called after him, regretting it the instant the words were out of my mouth. What did I think I was going to say to him? “I was wondering, um,” I was hating myself more by the second, feeling completely idiotic but so driven by my infatuation that I couldn’t seem to stop the blabbering stream of nonsense coming out of my mouth. “Did you wanna…come by this evening…”Shit, shit, why was I inviting him over? “Maybe…work on that math homework or something?” I sounded so stupid!! It was the only thing we had in common though, math class, and it was all that came to mind when I tried to think of a reason to justify me asking him to come over.
“Uh, sure,” he said, seeming just as confused by my proposal as I was. We never really talked in school so this was completely unexpected.
“Oh! Alright, hold on!” I was not expecting a yes and started scrambling around, I grabbed a gum wrapper out of my cup holder to write my address on. Oh god, oh god. Damn it! Why isn’t this pen working, crap, it’s a tampon. I hope he didn’t notice that. Um…pen…pen….here! It’s not writing!!! UGH!!!
“Here,” he said, handing me a pen from his apron. I blushed scarlet again and sheepishly accepted his pen and jotted down my address.
“Just, come over whenever,” I said, handing him the gum wrapper, hoping I seemed nonchalant, and rolling up the window before he even had his hand out. He backed away and I pulled out and sped from the parking lot before I could screw something else up. Thankfully I didn’t hit anyone on the way out.
I spent two hours getting ready. I showered to get the sticky coffee residue off of me. I lit candles and then blew them out again. I went through every C.D. in my collection before settling on Pearl Jam and just set it on repeat to play softly in the background. I made snacks but then put them away in the fridge and went to change my outfit for the eighth time. I was brushing my teeth to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth when I heard the doorbell. I rinsed and went running towards the door. Slowing down right before I reached it, realizing how crazy I was being. I managed to open the door with a sane smile. I breathed calmly for the first time in hours and took him all in. I loved him in jeans, almost as much as I loved him in uniform. Watching him play football on Friday nights was always the highlight of my week, he was one hell of a quarterback and his ass looked pretty nice in those pants. I returned to reality and welcomed him inside. He took a couple small steps in and I considered for the first time that he might be as nervous as me. He hadn’t even remembered to bring his homework with him.
When I mentioned his lack of homework his confidence faded and he stammered out an apology and headed for the door, I got there before him. I grabbed his hand and held it gently in my own. He was here now, we were playing on my turf and I had the advantage, sex was one area I knew I had more experience.
“We both know why you’re here, and it isn’t for homework,” I said softly, keeping hold of his hand and backing slowly down the hall. He followed after me, submissively, almost like a cartoon character floating on an enticing scent. I opened my bedroom door and let him lead the way inside. He stood awkwardly in the center of the room, like he was afraid to touch anything. I sat down on my bed and motioned for him to join me. For a moment he just sat there uncomfortably, like a child in trouble, but as soon as I placed my hand on his he was alive. He turned and kissed me, holding me close to him, running his hands all over my back. After a moment he pulled back, a stunned look on his face like he had been caught doing something wrong. I laughed a little and told him it was alright and he relaxed. It didn’t take long for things to progress. Although he had probably never done it before, he knew what he wanted. I was in heaven, captivated by his smooth, muscular body beneath my hands, his soft skin. He lay with me for a while once we’d finished. I was the one who pointed out it was late and he should go before his parent’s started wondering where he was. He was a good boy, not the type to be out this late on a school night. I wrapped my robe around me and sat on the edge of the bed watching him dress, every movement was so fluid and effortless. I walked him to the door, he lingered for a while, not wanting to go, I consoled him with one hundred tiny kisses.
“I wish I could stay,” he said breathlessly.
“I know, I know,” I whispered, “but you can come back a different night, don’t worry!” I gave him a reassuring smile and another kiss before he finally turned to leave. He had made it almost to his car before he turned back. He ran up to me, clutching me to him and kissing me forcefully. I laughed and pushed him away and stepped inside to shut the door. Just before it closed I heard his angelic voice call out, “See you in class Ms. Jacobs!”

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