His ex is my gain pt 1

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I had first met Sue a few years back when she dated and was later engaged to my roommates old college buddy Chris. While she was not unattractive I had always found her to be somewhat of a bitch with a snappy and holier than thou attitude about her. She really showed her ass at a college football game when she showed up in freezing temperatures wearing a short skirt and little wool jacket and began bitching about being cold. She was determined for us all to leave in the middle of the second quarter but those of us properly dressed stuck with it and watched the game while she steamed in the car.

Time went on and I really never thought about Sue until my roommate told me that Chris had broken off the engagement because she kept him from socializing with his friends and was fairly domineering to him. Then the strangest thing happened a few months later when I bumped into Sue at an apartment party one Saturday night. Just a couple of my buddies were there and when she approached me I was taken back by her new attitude as well as her new appearance. Sue came up to me with a very friendly smile and a certain gleam in her eye and said hello and asked how I had been doing. I was shocked as she would hardly talk to me or any other man when she was dating and engaged to Chris but I returned her greeting and we chatted for a bit. Discretely looking her over while talking Sue had lost around 20 pounds and her legs and butt looked awesome and in her fairly tight sweater her breasts looked larger than they did before she lost the weight. She had the build of a high level swimmer with fairly broad shoulders for a woman, short auburn hair and long, thick but athletic legs.

I went to grab a beer from the kitchen and as I walked back to the den she met me at the door and asked if we could talk in private for a minute. I accepted her invitation not knowing what the hell she wanted and knowing I wouldn’t break the cardinal rule of messing with a friend’s ex…especially an ex fiancé. So we walked outside to the patio where she told me that while she was uncomfortable talking about it she wanted to apologize for being such a bitch to me and the rest of our crowd while she was with Chris. She said they had split on good terms but she realized a marriage was not in the cards for them due to personality differences and that he was in another serious relationship with a woman she knew and she was very excited for them. Not wanting to listen to a bunch of babble about her failed love life I asked her what she wanted to talk to me about. Well, she dropped a bomb in my lap and got straight to the point by telling me while she hadn’t been comfortable talking to Chris’ buddies in a friendly manner because he had a very jealous streak with her she always thought I was sexy but never thought she would have the opportunity to tell me. She also said that she had to revert to being a bitch to eliminate any potentially bad situations with him.

While she talked I went to get another beer thinking if I had to listen to her babble on all night I may as well take advantage of the free alcohol. As she talked I kept drinking until she reached out and grabbed my hand and told me that she always thought I was totally hot and had actually daydreamed about how good it would feel to be with me. This got my attention and as I looked into her eyes with what was certainly a look of amazement on my face and she whispered into my ear that earlier that week when she masturbated she had me on her mind…and seeing me at the party she wanted to make that dream come true.

Needless to say I was totally shocked at what she told me…turned on by it but shocked nonetheless. Granted she did look very good and her breasts were heaving as she started breathing heavy after telling me one of her most private secrets. Two thoughts went through my head at that moment. One was that an ex fiancé of a guy I knew was coming on to me like a freight train and I should politely decline and walk away. The other was that here was the ex fiancé of a guy that I know and he is virtually engaged to someone new… and prior to that night I wouldn’t have stopped to help her if she had a flat tire but she is now telling me she masturbates to my image in her head.

At that moment in time I allowed the alcohol and the thought that there were no other good looking women available at the party take over and I told her that I would love to watch her masturbate and she wouldn’t have to close her eyes to imagine me being there. With that she grabbed me by the hand and we took off upstairs as the party was her best friends and she always used the spare bedroom at the top of the stairs.

When we walked into the bedroom set my beer on the dresser as she wrapped her hands around my neck and planted a deep, soft kiss on my lips. I kissed her back as her tongue pressed between my lips and mingled with mine for a few minutes. She was pressing her tits into my chest and I slid my hands down her side and around her back to squeeze her butt cheeks. As we continued to kiss she ground her crotch into my thigh as her breathing got heavier and her hand rubbed from my chest down to my crotch where my cock was getting harder by the minute. She released from the kiss and leaned back against my hands on her ass and said we should make ourselves more comfortable on her bed.

I kicked off my boots and she sat on the edge of the bed facing me. I stood between her knees and leaned over to kiss her again and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up and over her head while she unhooked my belt and lowered the zipper of my jeans. I removed my sweatshirt and before she could lower my pants I got her to stand up for me to unhook the buttons on her jeans and slide them down off of her hips. She sat back down on the bed and kicked her jeans off of her feet revealing a lacy black bra and matching thong. She leaned forward to kiss my chest and stomach as I reached around to unhook her bra and slide it off of her shoulders. I started kissing my way down her chest to lick her nipples as I pulled her panties down and off. Continuing to kiss my way down towards her mound she stopped me and said “not that…I want you to fuck me right now”.

So I pulled my pants down as she got on her knees facing a window beside the bed. Climbing up behind her I looked out the window and saw we were facing the parking lot where some of the partiers had gathered. I told her she needed to close the blinds and she said that nobody would be able to see us as she reached under grabbing my cock and guiding it into her soaking wet pussy. I slid it all the way into her with my hands grasping her hips and began to fuck her tight and hot pussy. Pretty soon she rose up and reached back with her arms around my neck and turned to kiss me as I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. It didn’t take her long to get worked up and before I knew it she had her face buried in a pillow and was grinding her pussy back against my thrusts. Just then she slammed back into me as her pussy convulsed with a tremendous orgasm and her juices oozed all over my balls and down my legs. Feeling this I knew I wouldn’t last too long so I started slamming into her pussy and just as she was cumming again I exploded into her pussy. I softly stroked in and out of her until my cock started to go soft and as I pulled out she rolled over and grabbed a towel from beside the bed and softly wiped me clean as she sucked and licked the remnants of our combined orgasms from my cock.

I got dressed as she wiped her pussy and legs clean and when she was dressed we went back downstairs to join the party as if nothing had happened. For the next half hour we mingled separately with other people and as it got dark she slipped me a note and walked out the door. I went to the rear patio for some fresh breath and to see what her note said. When I took it out of my pocket I saw it read “thanks for the warm up! For the real thing come over tonight…I’ll be waiting” and she put her address on the bottom.

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