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I got dressed as she wiped her pussy and legs clean and when she was dressed we went back downstairs to join the party as if nothing had happened. For the next half hour we mingled separately with other people and as it got dark she slipped me a note and walked out the door. I went to the rear patio for some fresh breath and to see what her note said. When I took it out of my pocket I saw it read “thanks for the warm up! For the real thing come over tonight…I’ll be waiting” and she put her address on the bottom.

So I made my final rounds with the people at the party and snuck out to my car to head to Sue’s house. When I got there and knocked on the door it opened as I touched it so I slowly walked in and saw she had the lights dimmed low. As I walked through the den I could see a light coming from a bedroom down the hall so I softly called out “Sue?” and her voice from the bedroom said “come here my lover”. I walked into her room where she had candles on the dresser and was lying on the bed wearing nothing but a sheepish grin. She looked up at me and said she was just getting prepared to relive our earlier encounter in her mind and offered for me to watch…and suggested I jump in at any time so I sat on the foot of the bed and looked her over with hungry eyes.

With that she stared me in the eyes as her hands cupped her titties and started rolling her nipples between her fingers. She asked if I liked her titties and I said they were beautiful and I couldn’t wait to nibble on them again. Then she slid her hands down across her stomach and grabbed the inside of her thighs as she spread her legs wide open and asked how I liked her wet little pussy. I removed my shirt and told her that the little bit I had was wonderful and I was looking forward to having some more. Hearing that she slid her index finger across her clit and down between her lips as she said she wanted me to put my tongue right here. I told her I definitely would love to lick and eat her as she slid the finger deeper inside her pussy and started to finger herself. She never broke her stare into my eyes and as she played with herself she asked what else I wanted to do down here. I stood up and removed my jeans and boxers and lay down with my head between her knees to get a good close view and told her I wanted to suck, lick and nibble on her before licking up her body with my cock sliding back into her sweet pussy.

Hearing that she slid another finger in and started finger fucking her pussy really hard and fast. I told her to finger that pussy really good for me…show me how you get yourself off as she started whimpering and moaning. I reached up and softly stroked the inside of her thigh and she reached down with her other hand and started rubbing her clit to the rhythm of her fingers in her pussy. She asked how I liked what I saw and I told her it looked really good and she needed to make herself cum for me. She was getting close and I said “come on Baby…make yourself cum because I want to taste it”. She screamed “Oh My God” as her body convulsed and I placed my mouth down over her mound and as my tongue replaced her fingers she exploded into my mouth. When her orgasm subsided I kissed my way up across her titties and she hungrily kissed and licked my face to clean it off. I said “you must like the taste of your orgasms” and she said she loved it!

After she licked her juices from my face she pushed me onto my back and started kissing and licking down my body. As she got to my belly she looked up and said that she loved to taste herself but not as much as she hoped to love the taste of me. With that she took the head of my cock between her lips and sucked the entire length slowly into her mouth. I soon found out why Chris had become as enamored with this woman as he did because she gave the best blowjob south of the Mason Dixon line.

Over the next several minutes she licked and sucked on my head while she stroked my shaft and took me all the way into her mouth and throat. Her tongue never stopped swirling around and over my shaft and when she had me fully buried in her mouth her tongue would lick down across my balls. She blew me for some time and when she came up for air I told her I was close so she sucked on my head while stroking the shaft and when she rubbed a fingertip down my crack I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed my load and sucked & licked the remnants from my cock, squeezing the last drops out with her hand.

We both took a minute to catch her breath and she retrieved a couple beers to quench our thirst as we sat on the bed and fondled each other. When I finished my beer I pushed her back onto the bed and started rubbing her titties as we kissed. In just a few seconds I felt her legs part so I slid between them and with my tongue dancing inside her mouth I slid my cock slowly into her awaiting pussy. She wrapped her legs behind my back as I slowly stroked in and out of her wetness and bucked against my thrusts. After a bit I sped things up and began to slam into her pussy making her cum all over my cock once more. I then wrapped my arms around her and rolled onto my back where she could ride me. She leaned forward placing her titties in my face and I licked and nibbled on one of her nipples while she pressed the other to her face and sucked on the other one.

Pretty soon she was bucking wildly and I reached down and grabbed her butt cheeks and helped her move up and down on my cock. Since I had already cum twice that night I knew I would last a bit so I told her I was going to see how many orgasms she could have. So she leaned back a bit into my hands and reached down to play with her clit while she rode me. At one point she even stuck a finger inside her along with my cock and placed the finger into my mouth so I could taste her again. I rubbed her clit for her while she played with her nipples before she reached down and stuck 2 fingers along the side of my cock. Pulling her hand away she stuck her middle finger in my mouth before she licked her index finger off herself.

This went on for 20-30 minutes with her having at least 3 or 4 more orgasms until I felt my balls rising and I told her I was going to cum again for her. When she heard that she rose off of me and turned around to finish me off with her hand and mouth. With her sucking and licking every inch of my cock I thought I’d test the waters and rubbed her ass up her crack to her asshole. As my fingertip pierced her anus she exploded on my hand as my cock tensed up and I came into her mouth. Satisfied she snuggled into my arms and we fell asleep.

About 3:30 in the morning I woke up with her spooning her back into me. My cock had gotten hard again and I started to slowly stroke it between her cheeks and thighs. In a half sleep she arched her back and slid the top leg forward for my cock to slide between her pussy lips. As my head slipped into her pussy I heard her moan softly with pleasure so I started stroking in and out of her ever so slowly and softly not knowing if she was totally awake or just in a dream state. That question was answered when she reached back and pushed on my butt to make my cock go deeper inside her.

Still going slow and softly she brought her knees up to her chest and rotated a bit to give me a better angle and as I rubbed and played with her butt cheek I took my middle finger and slid it inside her pussy with my cock to get it lubricated. She liked this feeling so I fingered and fucked her for a bit before sliding my finger out and up her crack. She moaned when I did this so I started playing with her asshole with my fingertip as she moaned louder and started breathing faster. Taking this as a hint I slid my finger all the way into her ass and began to finger fuck her back side.

She was totally awake and seemed to like my probing so I took the next step and pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed the head against her ass just to see what her reaction would be. When she felt my cock at her exit hole she pressed back against me and moaned “please fuck my ass” as my cock slipped into her. I slowly pressed my entire length into her ass giving her time to relax to the prodding and she started gyrating against my thrusts wanting me to pick up the pace and fuck her ass like I had done her pussy. Sue took her top leg and placed it over my legs to give me a really good angle into her ass and I started bottoming out my cock in her.

My balls were slapping against her pussy and I could feel the back of her hand as she fingered herself while I did her ass. She pulled her hand away to lick her juices from her fingers and I pleased that I wanted a taste…so she stuck them back in and offered me the next lick. After a few minutes her hand was working on her clit and pussy and she began to orgasm. This time it was different as she screamed “OH SHIT I’M CUMMING” as her pussy convulsed and her anus tightened around my cock. The sensation I felt was almost painful as her ass tightened so much but the pain was pure pleasure as she came for a solid minute or two. I began to fuck her ass as hard and fast as I could go and when I told her I was going to cum she said she wanted to see it come out so she rolled onto her back and I pulled out and came up between her legs onto her belly and chest. She rubbed my load all over herself before licking her hands and scraping my seed into her mouth with her fingertips. I said that she must really loved the taste of my cum and she grinned saying that it was the best milkshake ever. I got up to wash myself off with a disinfectant wipe and a towel and took a wet towel to her and wiped her off as well before climbing back into bed and snuggling as we fell back asleep.

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