His Girl

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by ~poohxbear

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Rosalinda looked up at her boyfriend and stared deep into his eyes. In them she saw all the love that she felt within herself.

“Yes Bryant.”

Bryant grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her to him with a rough eagerness that peaked her desire. His mouth crushed hers with a passion she hardly knew he possessed. One by one, he popped open the buttons on her shirt until he was able to pull it from her shoulders. He ran his hands over her newly bared skin and felt her shiver in what he hoped was anticipation. Still kissing her, he reached around her and unclasped her bra with shaking fingers. A small gasp escaped her lips as the cool air touched her breasts when he pulled the bra off of her.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She didn’t answer, but tore his shirt over his head and kissed his bared chest feverishly. Without warning, she was whisked off of her feet and deposited onto Bryant’s bed. He paused for one moment to look into her eyes, almost into her very soul.

“I love you Ro.”

“I love you too Bry.” They each then pealed off their pants and held each other in a blissful naked embrace. Bryant slowly crept his hand along the contours of Ro’s luscious body and felt her body quake beneath his hand. He paused at the juncture of her legs and he looked directly into her eyes for approval. When she gave him her assent, he gently parted her legs and slid two fingers inside of her. He started to slowly move his fingers in and out of her slick body and lowered his head to suckle her breast. Her hand caught in his hair and held him firmly to her. Her body slowly built up in a tension that captured her breath and sped up her heart. Tightening to the point of bliss, she exploded in her first climax. Watching her take in deep gulps of air, Bryant felt that she was ready for him, slipped on a condom, and rose over his girl.

“Are you ready?”

Rosalinda bit her lip and nodded her head in consent. Bryant slowly lowered his body until he was pressed against her slick entrance. He pushed his way inside of her body slowly, to help her get used to the feel of him. A small cry of pain escaped her lips as he reached the tip of her virginity.

“Do you want me to stop?”

She thrust her hips upwards and swallowed him in response. A moan escaped both of their lips as sheer pleasure overtook their bodies. He started to move within her a slow but steady pace. As she started to wind up again, she tightened her body around him to see to it that this time he crashed with her. They both rushed over that perfect point of ecstasy together. Panting heavily, Bryant swept the hair of of Rosalinda’s face.

“I love you,” he said with all of the passion that he held.

“And I you.” Her answer was faint and soon she was asleep in his arms. His angel.

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