His Sister

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Steve was a 15 year old care free boy, living in his room masturbating constantly to his internet porn. He had thousands of porn sites listed in his history, but he only jacked it to one person. His sister, Sara. He never feared being caught, he had a lock on his door, and his Sara would knock on the door from hearing loud bangs on her wall from his knees hitting the keyboard. Oh, Sara, he thought. She was 14, starting high school. She had a fiercely round ass, small perky breasts, and beautiful blonde hair. He wondered why she was still a virgin. She always wore skirts too short at school, and all the freshmen were in love with her. A certain junior was also in love with her too.

One day, while Steve was jacking to a porn video of a hot brunette taking a huge load in her mouth, he heard a loud moan coming from the other side of the wall. He stopped instantly, letting a little of his load out, but saving the majority. He got up, unlocked his door, and slowly peeked through the crack in Sara’s door. She was fully clothed, but her fly was down, and her hand was in the gap. Steve could only imagine how she felt. She was rubbing hard and fast, moaning with each thrust of her hand. Steve was loving every minute of it. His cock soon reached a full 9″ stiffness, catching against his pants, causing slight pain to his boner. He was watching his sister hand-fuck herself, and didn’t feel bad about it. he had seen her in her panties putting on makeup for the formal of 7th grade, and had seen her kissing her best friend, Krystal. He didn’t know whether she and Krystal had gotten “serious”, but he knew she was a virgin still. He wanted so bad to deflower her, but didn’t know how to set it up. He then decided it was now or never. His parents were out on their 3rd honeymoon, and he was ready. he kicked the door fully open, and Sara ripped her hand out of the hole in her pants.

“what the hell are you doing in here, Steve, I was busy!”
“i saw you”, Steve said, smiling.
“What? You were watching me trying to get a stain out of my shirt? How boring are you?”
“Oh,” steve said, “I didn’t know you could get a stain out of a shirt by masturbating.

Sara turned a deep red and turned around quickly. She was shaking, maybe with fear, maybe with rage.
“Get out of here, Steve, or I’ll tell mom that you watch videos on the web of girls getting their asses ripped apart by huge cocks”.
“Well, then I’ll tell mom that you were fingering yourself.”

Sara started crying in fear. “Don’t, please Steve, don’t, she’ll never forgive me, I’ve never masturbated before, and mom doesn’t know about me making out with Krystal.”

“well there’s something else to tell her.”

Sara burst into tears and fell on her bed. Steve sat next to her and wiped her tears.

“look, sara,i won’t tell mom if you promise not to take this weird.” Sara nodded her head okay. “I really like you Sara, I love when I see you in your bra and panties looking in the mirror and posing like the model you should be. I’ve had a huge crush on you ever since you turned 13, and I’ve jacked off to you every night since.”

Sara smiled and stood up. “Posing? You mean like this?” and she slowly curved her magnificent body into an S shape, sticking her firm ass in the air, letting her pants slide back, exposing a lace dark red thong.

“Hell yeah”, Steve said, looking down Sara’s shirt. Sara then removed her button top and then moved towards he jeans. They came off quickly, and Sara was showing Steve some erotic poses that she learned from Krystal.

“Steve you bad boy,” Sara said, looking at the enormous bulge in his pants. “Yours is bigger than my science teacher’s. Not that I’ve ever had intercourse with him, I’ve seen him looking at me.”

Steve pulled Sara closer and told her “You’re old enough to say “fuck”, and kissed her hard on the mouth, and surprisingly, she kissed back. She was moving her hand to touch his bulge. She was moaning with an inevitable excitement. Her breasts began to stiffen. “I’ve never had sex before”, Sara said. “I know”, replied Steve.

Sara removed her top, and Steve saw, for the first time, what he was shooting his load to. “Would you like to….fuck me, Steve? You may if you want”, sara said, licking her finger intimately. She slowly unzipped Steves pants, and pulled his cock through the hole. She gasped in amazement, and greedily began to suck his giant cock. She sucked for what seemed 30 minutes, but Steve was prepared. He pulled her off right when he was about to cum. He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his face. He began to remove her thong with his teeth, and saw, to his wonder, a shaven, tiny pussy, unstretched, and pure. He touched his tongue to her twat lips, and she came instantly.

“OH SHIT!” sara cried. “What the fuck was that?”

“That’s what would have happened if you’d kept fingering yourself” Steve said, while sucking her innards of her clit out like a vacuum. She came once more as he had his whole tongue in her hole, and then set her down on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can now, Sara, and mom and dad will be home in four hours”.

“Awww,” Sara said, “is that it? Just four?”

Steve smiled as he gently placed the tip of his member into her lips. He became accustomed to her size, and began thrusting slowly, until she was used to the feeling. He kissed her and asked her if it hurt. “Yes, but that’s what makes it good. Go harder now.” Steve obeyed, and rammed as hard as he could, making her cry out. He pounded her wet clit harder and faster with all he could give. “Oh, shit fuck, oh, hell yeah, do my pussy, screw my little non virgin clit. Oh, yeah, Steve, fuck me harder, is that all you got?”

Steve heard her insult, and then placed his dick as far as he could, and thought, thank heaven I’m hung, as he stuck his ballsack into her vagina. She screamed louder and louder as he drilled her cunt hole as deep as he could go.

“Oh, God, Steve, I love it, make me feel good, oh, God, your sister’s a fucking cunt isn’t she? A little bitch cunt?”

“yes she is, a cunt that’s gonna get so much cum on her face. I’m gonna blow soon, Sara”.

Steve was off, prolonging his load for another hour. “I want anal, Steve, I’ve never had any idea how it feels.” Alright, Steve thought, time to make her my slave cunt. He wiped her liquid off his dick, drying it out, and without using it to prepare, shove it in all the way. “FUUUUUUCCCKKKK, STEEEEVVVVEEE, holy SHIT, that hurts so fucking bad, keep going, use me, use me now, HARDER, HARDER, OH, HOLY SHHHIIIITTTTT IM GONNA FUCKING CCCUUUUUUUMMMMMM SO HHAAAAARRRRRRRDDDD!!!!”

After another hour of anal, and an hour of dirty talk and tit fucking, Steve couldn’t hold it any longer. “Open your fucking mouth bitch,” he commanded. She opened her mouth gladly, and touched the very tip of her tongue to his penis tip. Steve felt it barely, and shot his load. It sprayed all over his beautiful sister’s face, covering her entire face, and half her tits. He had just masturbated this morning, and didn’t know he had that much cum inside him. He kept blowing for ten more minutes nonstop, until Sara was unrecognizeable. She then, with effort through the weight of the semen, scooped some up and shoved it in her pussy hole. She came three times just from the feeling.

“Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?” Steve said, still shooting the last of his boiling hot cum on her face and hair.

“Shut up and fuck me more, big brother”.

And as she was riding his cock, her face still slimy and unrecognizable from cum, the floor covered with a layer of jizz, their mom opened the door to say hello.

To this day, they haven’t stopped fucking, once a week, despite the hard punishment they got from their mom, 33, slim, hot as hell. But that’s another story.

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    That COULD have been a really good story but you ruined it by making it completely unrealistic.

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