Hope Springs Eternal – 1

The gods must be crazy.

That’s what Hope thought. The gods must be crazy and if they were, then that was just fine with her.

She’d always thought of herself as a poor country girl. She was certainly poor enough, that much was true. Her father was a shepherd, and since she had no brothers or sisters and since her mother had died long ago, it was just her and him.

Her father lived a hard life and living a hard life had made him a hard man, but Hope did as she was told. She cooked and cleaned and she cared for her father and that was just fine with her.

Her one true joy was after she had done her morning chores and before she needed to start to prepare the evening’s meals, she would go out usually in the early afternoon for a light little romp. She loved to take her shoes off and if she thought no one else was around, she would take her clothes off, too. She loved to romp among the daisies. She loved the feel of the sun on her bare skin, and yet, all the time while she thought she was alone, there was someone watching her.

One day when she was romping through the fields, she began to feel light-headed. This did not concern her as she often felt giddy on her daily romps, but the light-headedness became more pronounced and more insistent. She found it difficult to stand. Indeed, she found it difficult to do most anything at all.

That particular day, there was a mist that clung low to the ground and as Hope roamed among the daisies, she became more and more drowsy. The mist began to lift and as Hope watched, she saw something coming from the mist.

It was a bull. Its flanks were as white as the mist itself but its eyes were blood red. It turned and it looked at her and then it snorted. Hope knew she should be frightened, but she also knew she was just too tired to be frightened. The urge to lie down was becoming more and more insistent. The bull could do whatever it wanted with her if only she could lie down.

So, the young woman felt herself slowly falling to her knees, but to her surprise, she didn’t lie down. She just stood there on her knees and as she stayed where she was, the bull came towards her. This is it, the girl thought. This is the end.

The bull’s blood-red eyes glared angrily but the bull didn’t charge. He just kept walking towards the girl and the closer he got, the bigger he seemed to the kneeling girl.

And then the bull was standing in front of the girl. He turned and the girl could see under the bull’s belly and she could see the bull’s cock hanging there. He’s hard. Somehow, she knew she had to touch it.

The bull stepped closer to the girl and then he stepped closer still. The bull’s body moved over the girl’s body and suddenly, she found herself kneeling beneath the animal.

Her hand stroked the animal’s member and then her hand fondled the animal’s balls. The funny thing was that the more she did it, the more she wanted to do it, and the more she wanted to do it, the more she needed to do it.

She felt the bull’s shaft getting harder and harder as she stroked it and then she had an incredible urge to suck on it. She knew she should think it was gross but for some reason, that wasn’t the case. She sucked on the bull’s cock and she loved it. She wanted it. She wanted to suck that cock.

Somehow, the girl wasn’t sure how she knew it but the girl knew that the bull liked what she was doing, and that just made her suck him harder.

But then, the girl suddenly relinquished her hold on the bull’s member. The cock slipped from her mouth and then the bull stepped away and again, Hope found herself staring at the creature.

Hope was still on her knees as she looked at the animal but then she felt herself sliding forward. She felt her hands pressing down on the ground and then she found herself standing on all fours, standing and waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

The girl could feel the bull straddling her body and then she could feel the bull’s member pressing between her legs. The girl groaned. She’d never even been with a boy before although there had been plenty that had tried, but that cock was so big and fat and round, and it was so insistent, too, and somehow, Hope knew she wouldn’t be able to resist that.

She felt that cock pressing between her legs and then she groaned as it entered her. She moaned again. She didn’t know just how good a cock could feel.

The cock was pressing against her virgin barrier but Hope knew there was nothing she could do about it. She just stayed where she was on her hands and knees as that cock tested her virgin barrier, but she knew it would happen. She knew that cock would take her and there was nothing she could do about it.

And then the cock was doing exactly that, tearing past Hope’s virgin barrier. Hope wanted to hate it, but the bull’s cock just felt so good inside her. She moaned again. She loved that cock.

The girl groaned again. The animal was humping her and amazingly, somehow, she bore the animal’s weight. She moaned with every hard, thrust of that cock. It was just so good.

Something was happening. Something was changing. The girl moaned. The cock was still as big as it had ever been inside her, but the animal was transforming.

The flanks of the white animal transformed into flowing white robes. The hooves of the animal turned into hands and feet. The horns of the bull turned into a band of gold that laced its way around the beast’s head, and as the animal continued to fuck the girl, the transformation continued, turning the animal into an man with a long, white beard.

But Hope saw none of that. She just stayed on her hands and knees as that cock continued to fuck her and never once did she look back at the man who was fucking her. She could feel the passion building inside her. She didn’t know what was happening to her. All she knew was she needed to keep getting that cock.

She heard the man groan and that was the first she realized that there had been a tranformation, and still she stayed where she was. She needed to get fucked. She needed it so bad.

“That’s right,” the man groaned. “You like Zeus’s cock. You want Zeus to fuck you don’t you?”

Zeus, the girl realized. She was getting fucked by a god, and then she groaned again. It felt like a god in her pussy. It felt so good. It was god-like and goodly.

“I’m going to cum,” the deity said. “I’m going to cum. Do you want me to cum inside you?”

Hope had always considered herself a good girl and she was sure she didn’t know what the man meant, but as soon as he asked, she was sure she did know what he meant.

She’d just sucked a bull’s cock and then she’d had the bull in her cunt and she’d enjoyed it all. She’d just had her virginity stripped away from her by a god. Her pussy was on fire. Did she want him to cum inside her? Of course, she did.

“Do it,” she pleaded. “Come on, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I want you to do it. I want you to fuck me. I want you to cum inside me.”

The god growled even as he plunged his cock into the young girl’s cunt and then the young woman felt it, the surge of cum even as it filled up her overwhelmed pussy and even as the god continued to cum, so too did the girl.

Hope purred happily even as her pussy started to cum. She still wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but all she knew was that she wanted it to happen and she wanted it to happen to her again and again and again.

The god pulled his cock from Hope’s cunt and the girl sank to the ground. She purred with satisfaction as the cum continued to ooze from her cunt. Zeus looked down at the girl. “You are one mighty fine fuck,” he bellowed. “You must come to Mount Olympus so that others can share in your bounty.”

That was the last that Hope heard as she once again grew weary and then she faded off to sleep but as she slept, she dreamed of cocks
and gods, and she knew her life would never be the same.

to be continued …

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    Good imagination…the second one should be interesting…

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