How to turn a boribg weekend into fun

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We had just moved to a big house in the country. Mom and dad decided to get some of their friends around to help clean up the house and gardens. Six adults came and two of their daughters had to come as well because there would have been no one at home to look after them. My family had inhereted alot of money from my grandmother so we baught a small mansion in the country. The main house was three storys high with 5 doubble bedrooms and there was also a little flat about half a mile away with 2 rooms (three if you count the bathroom). You guessed it, that was where i lived. My parents and little sister took up 2 of the rooms in the house so the other three would be used by the three adult couples and it was desided that the girls, Laura and Nicole, both 14 would share my flat with me. Nicole was about 5′ 7, well tanned with blondy red hair and medium sized tits. Laura was 5′ 3 with brown hair and a small tits. There were best friends and I had had a crush on Nicole since i was 13.

Evryone arrived on friday night ready to stay for the weekend. At about 10 there was i knock on my door. It was laura and nicole. I let them in and showed them where they would be sleeping. It was abit aquward because even though we were in the same class at school we didnt talk that much. As i said there are two rooms in my flat. the one where i slep had a t.v, sterio, double bed and a couch which can be foulded out to make a bed. The other room was the same size but there was nothing in it so i had put the couch in there for the girls to sleep on. After that i left them to it and went back to my room to wach tv. I must have fallen asleep with it on because when i woke up it was still blairing so i quickly turned it off. Then i realized what had woken me up. someone was knocking on the door that connected the 2 rooms. It was Nicole. She was only wearing a bra and panties.

“I cant sleep cause lauras snoring to loud can i come in here?” she said


Nicole started to make herself comeforable on the floor but after about 10 mins she was still tossing and turning.

“Whats wrong?” i asked

“its realy cold, can i jump in with you?”

Of corse i didnt refuse and we fell asleep next to each other.

I woke up at about 9 with my arm around nicole. I quickly took them away to save embarresment but nicole was fast asleep. I got in the shower and spent a good 20 minutes there. I got out and started drying myself when the door opened and laura walked in wraped in a towel. She looked at me, then at my cock, turned around and walked out.

” Oh shit! sorry” she said as she went as Nicole started cracking up.

We spent most of saturday weeding the garden juat talking about random shit like music, school, friends and eventualy when we had gaind eachothes trust, sex. I had had a couple of relationships but was a virgin. Nicole had only had one boyfriend brfore and they only hooked up once during it. Laura on the other hand always seemed to have a boyfriend and had been fucked quite often.

We were all back in my mini house around 10pm after working all day and we moved the couch back into my room so we could talk all night. we were waching some crappy romance movie. Me and nicole were siting on my bed and laura was lying on the couch. I had my arm around nicole and she ws leaning on me. I started stroling her hair and when her head moved closer i kissed her on the lips. She was shoked at first but then started to reply passinatly and my hands started exploring her firm tits. Then laura turned around to see what was happening and we quickly pulled away sheepishly. I went to the frige and took out a bottle of vodka i keep stashed away.

“Drink anyone?” i asked “theres a spa in the back we could get into” The idea of seeing the girls in bikinis was to tempting.

“Yes please” was the reply from laura “i love spas” and she pulled nicole away to get changed.

10 minutes later we were in the spa which my parents had given to me as a “sorry we’re moving to the country” preasent sipping coke and vodkas feeling a bit drunk. I asked nicole if she had ever done anything with another girl.

“Never had the oppotunity” she said

“well lauras right next to you”

“Ok then” she said and leant over and started to lovingly kiss laura who didnt seem to mind.

“Ok Ok thats enough i feel left out” i said after awhile.

we went back inside, all of us pritty horny and started to dry off. Laura dissapeared into her bag and came out with a bottle

“instead of getting changed lets play strip spin the bottle”

With no objections we formed a circle and started to spin. none of us had many clothed on so it would be a very short game. First to go was lauras bikini top. My dick got even harder when i saw her beautiful small tits. I dont like them to big

“I guess now we’re even after this morning” laughed laura when she saw me staring.

Next to come out were nicoles tits. I gave much the same reaction as last time but it felt even better. I had been dreaming about this moment for ages. they looked so hard and beautiful i just wanted to reach out and squese them even though i already had before. Both girls could se a huge bulge being formed by my 7 inch dick. I could see a hungry expretion on nicoles face. Next the bottel pointed to laura.

“Panties come off later letts play alittle bit of dare.”

“I dare you to hook up with sam” said nicole

Laura leaned ford and we kissed for abot a minute then she pulled back smiling. The bottle spun to me next and laura took the opertunity to get back an Nicole.

“Sam, you gotta feel up nicole”

Atlast what i’d been waiting 2 years for. I leant forwd and starting nicoles tits, slowly then faster. She quietly moaned and it sounded so good. I kept one hand on her tits and moved one hand down down to her panties. I slowly started to rub and they became soaked.
I pulled them back and touched her tiny virgin pussy. Nicole leand down and pasionatly kissed me as i played with her pussy lips. I felt my togs being pulled down. Laura must have been geting boared. She started rubing my dick slowly and i moaned loudly. Her curius hands played with every part of cock they could find. This made me kiss nicole harder and explore more of her pussy. I started thrusting a finger in and out as i started to cum. Laura grabed my dick and shoved it in her mouth. The added texture and warmth made me shoot my load instantly and she instantly swoloed. It helt amazing. I moved my mouth down from Nicoles face to her pussy and started to lick her sweet juices. My hand found lauras tits and slowly rubed them as Nicole and Laura imbraced in passionate kissing and feeling. Nicoles hands moved down to Lauras pussy and she managed to fit 3 fingers in. Nicole and laura both orgasimed at the same time and we all lay down panting. Then the phone rang. It was my mom.

“your lights still on” she said “you need to get some rest and so do the girls”

“Ok mom”

I reached to the light swich and turned them off. It was about 1 am. We dicided to go to bed but about 10 minutes later i felt a naked nicole slide into my bed. We started hooking up quite seriousy with my hands all over her tits. I heard laura leave the room, probobaly feeling a little left out. We just hooked up till about 3 then fell asleep.

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