I Wasn't To Know II

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I walked up the stairs naked before him,and, even though the air was chill, I could feel my cock hardening through fear and anticipation. “Bathroom, right!” he barked. Once in the bathroom he produced an electric razor. “Your bodily hair is disgusting,” he said. “Stand still.” I had no choice as he set to work with the razor, shaving my legs and chest, and then the luxuriant growth around my cock was removed. “Turn round and bend over,” he said. “Touch your toes.” I did as he told me, and the hair around my crack went, leaving my body totally bald. “Now, come with me,” he said. Feeling vulnerable and powerless, I followed him to the adjoining bedroom. “Your clothes are on the bed. Get dressed, and I want you downstairs in 10 minutes.” With that, he left me alone, and I heaved a sigh of relief, looking forward to being in my own, comfortable jeans and shirt. But that was before I saw the outfit laid on the luxuriant bedspread and the truth dawned on me. I was expected to dress in a short and tight pvc dress, black fishnet stockings, suspenders, a peephole bra, high heels and a blond wig. The ruby lipstick was not there for show, either.

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