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Ever since elementary school Kevin has always had a crush on his best friend Tera who was half Indian and German. Every night Kevin masterbated to her, and always wishing he could have her one day. He dreamed up several sexual fantasies of what he wants to do to her when he finally could have her. Tera on the other hand never really had a crush on Kevin, but knows that he likes her a lot. By the time they both got into high school Kevin had a 7 incher when fully erect. Tera had firm round breasts a man would want to fuck on, long beautiful tan legs, and a nice round ass.

Then one fateful day, Kevin and Tera was talking during lunch and each conversation led to another about sexual matters until Kevin popped the question if he could fuck her.

Kevin: I know we’ve known each other for a very long time and I’ve always wanted to do it with you do you think we can?

Tera: I don’t know its so sudden. Maybe I mean all this talk is making my pussy a lil wet.

Kevin just smiled
Kevin: we can ditch 7th and go to your house.
Tera with a small dirty grin on her face agreed.

On the way to Teras house, Kevin drove as fast as he could, while Tera started to finger herself a lil.
When they finally reached Teras house, Kevin and Tera felt excited. But Tera was a virgin and Kevin had done it once with his ex. But Tera wasn’t concerned that she was inexperienced all she cared about getting his big dick in her hole.

As Kevin stripped down they passionately stuck their toungues inside each other kissing passionately, while Kevin caressing her tits and stripping down Teras clothes all together. When they both were naked Tera got down on her knees and sucked Kevins 7 incher slowly then at a faster pace. She had copied it from the girls in porn videos she watch and masterbated from.

Kevin let at out a moan showing his apporval. ” Oh god I’ve never been sucked on this good before. Oh yeah right there mmmmmm!”

Kevin then put his dick all the way into her mouth and deep throated her violently causing him to let out a load of cum into her throat and Tera obediently swallowed it.

Tera: I think its time for you to return the favor

Kevin pushed her down onto the bed and started kissing and licking her long legs causing her pussy to get even more wet. When Kevins tongue was near her pussy he licked her pussy from the bottom to her throbbing clit. Savoring all her pussy juice. Kevin then licked her like no tomorrow licking, sucking and biting her clit until she orgasimically squirted out juice all over his face, soaking the bed. Kevin then went for another round of sucking her clit and pussy, but this time right before Tera was about to come Kevin started to finger her ass and Tera came even more this time.

Kevin then laid Tera flat and went on top of her and fucked her tits until he came on her chest.

Kevin: alright i think its time to pop your cherry.
Tera: I think is time. NOWFuck me !

Kevin inserted his full 7 incher slowly into her throbbing wet as hell cunt missionary style. Kevin thrusted in and out of her pussy quickening every thrust he made and with every thrust Tera moaned loudly.


Kevin increased his pace and penetrated her pussy with force.

Tera: Oh fuck yea. FUCK ME HARD BABE FUCK ME HARDER DON’T STOP !!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK OH MY GOD IM GONNA CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin took out his dick and let Tera squirt all over his dick and continued to fuck her crazy again doggie style. Tera was so mesmerized from squirting on his dick she didn’t even know they were doing it doggie. Kevin just fucked her harder like whore until he felt the urge to cum. Kevin spanked her round ass and told her he was going to murder he ass next after he cums in her.

Kevin: I don’t care!!!

As Kevin held her tighter and Tera moaning Kevin cummed in her pussy uncontrollably. Tera felt like a whore but the rush of his cum inside her made her want him to cum in her again. Kevins dick was limp and Kevin laid down breathing heavily then Tera started to suck him off again to get him erect again.

Tera: Im gonna suck your dick then I want you to fuck my ass and cum all over my face.
Kevin: geez that sounds good!

By the time Tera pumped his dick for a little while he was ready to fuck her again.
Tera got on all fours and wiggled her ass in his face, while his cum all over her pussy was drippijng.
Kevin then spit into her ass to lube it a little and started to fuck her slowly in her ass.

Tera: shit that HURTS! Ohh fuck, fuck me hard.

Kevin started to fuck her in the ass like crazy thrusting and thrusting over and over again. Keivn spanked her ass red and fingered her clit. Tera was crying from all the pain and pleasure she was receiving.

Tera yelled out: IM GONNA CUM!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! FUCK ME HARDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin then pulled her hair and increased his thrust into her ass. Tera then came and collapsed face flat.
Kevin wasn’t done yet so he spread her legs from behind and fucked her unconsciously. Quickly as he fucked her, he squeezed her tits and came into her pussy once more and while still having one last load he rolled Teras body over and cummed all over her face. And collapsed on her .

When they woke up they took a shower together and fucked a little more then Kevin left before her parents came home.

1 week later Tera found out she was pregnant.

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