Isn't The Moon Lovely Tonight?

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“Yeah! Look at that pussy! Nice and red! Nice and horny!” Craig said as he held Shelly’s legs apart and opened by pushing her knees back to her hips.

Shelly’s pussy was so wet and excited, how could it not be, here she was fully naked, she had just been stripped nude by Craig. Craig the best-looking guy she ever knew, jet black hair, dark big eyes, gleaming white teeth and that sexy cleft in his chin, muscular body, mmmm he was tasty alright. Shelly had dreamed of the day she would be with him and here it was happening even better than she thought. She was so wet her juice oozed out of her hole, down her lower pussy part and down part of her ass crack, leaving a shiny streak that Craig definitely saw. He blew on it while keeping those knees back and apart her bare feet were near his shoulders as he peered at her pussy. He just stared like a hungry wolf seeing a nice plump mouse to devour.

Shelly was amazed that CRaig came after her like this. She had been flirting with him since they were teens, now here they were in their mid-twenties and finally he took notice. Well Shelly did moon him at the party. And it was not even a sexy moon, her friend Adrienne dared her offering her fifty dollars. Shelly would had done it for free, since one she was fairly high on wine and two she was fairly horny for Craig.

Adrienne called Craig over to the patio and said, “Craig did you see the full moon?” and she pointed behind him. He looked and saw Shelly’s round, shiny, white ass looking at him over her black pants.

He smiled and said, “I’m an astronaut and I need to explore the moon!”

Shelly quickly lifted her pants, smiled and ran away red-faced yet strangely excited. Everyone left the party and Shelly went in to retrieve her jacket and was shocked to see Craig.

“Hey Shelly…I need to make a lunar landing.”

She laughed and turned red, “Hey that was just to be funny you know?”

“Nothing funny about that ass.” he said.

Shelly smiled and saw her coat and got it. She started to leave, but Craig quickly blocked the door by putting his arms out wide and opening his legs, “Where are you going?” he asked as he looked her up and down licking his lips.

Shelly felt that sexy movement in the pit of her tummy, that erotic feeling. “I’m..I’m just going home…why what do you have in mind?”she asked feeling her pussy get slippery and her heart beat faster.

Hewaited a few seconds, a few long seconds and said, “I dunno maybe some licking, some sucking, some fucking.”

Shelly’s throat gulped and her body got that electricity feeling going from her tailbone right up to her neck.

“I don’t know if I should, we aren’t dating or anything.”

“Well I saw your bare ass, doesn’t that count for anything?” he said and smiled as he moved closer.

She giggled and started perspiring, her lower back dripped with her sweat. She breathed out a slow breath and breathed in slow. Craig moved closer, he just lightly rubbed his bulge in his pants across her pants hidden pussy. It cause a wave of desire to pulse over her, she felt light-headed and horny as hell, he again just brushed his cock on her, letting her just get a hint of its rigidity.

“ohhhhhhh.” she softly said and stared at him.
Craig took her by the arm and led her to the rug on the floor behind one of the two enormous couches in that living room. He started kissing her, her nuck, her ears, her face, he brushed her lips with his. And he started stripping her he removed every stitch of her clothing as she offered no resistance. Her skin was like satin and smooth and pale, just a fewfreckles here and there. He looked at her as she laid down on the rug, she was all tits and pussy in his eyes. He loved pussies they turned him on like nothing else, they were so slitty and feminine and warm and wet and soothing and tight. He liked seeing them at all angles so he kept moving her around. He flipped her over and pulled her back to him on her knees and looked at that pussy underneath her ass, he pushed her on her side, forst the right, then the left to see her red slit of love, then he flipped her on her back and pulled her legs together squishing her pussy lips tight together, then he spread her thighs, trhen grabbed her knees and pushed them to her hips, he commented on her pussy as she laid there getting wetter by the second, he told her to hold her legs up like he did. She did and he said he’ld be right back. He came back with a camera. “No I don’t want you to take pictures.”

“Baby,” he said, “Only of your pussy, come on I love beaver shots. I’ll be the only one to see them, No one will know their of you and I can jerk off to them come on. Damn you hasve a hot pussy! I want to photograph it before and after I slam my dick in it.”

Shelly kept saying no, so Craig pulled out his dick, his gorgeous, big thick, rock hard throbbing dick. “Don’t you want this in your snatch?” he asked.

Shelly looked at Craig, his great face, his toned body and that magnificent cock and she gasped out, “Yes!”

“Well I’ll only fuck you if I can phoograph your pussy.”

“Ohhhhh ok!” she said.

Craig squatted between her thighs shooting away, up close shots, off to the side shots, him standing up high looking down shots, he had her bend over and he shot her that way, he just clicked away saying things like, “That pussy is gonna get a nice ramming!” and “Shit that pussy is gorgeous!” Finally he stopped shooting and pulled her knees to her hips and got between her thighs and rammed in her his dick was disappearing and reappearing out of that slit hole, he had her legs spread so far that her clit was totally exposed and vulnerable to his thrusts. He rode her hole like a cowboy busting a bronco, he really was banging away, he was slamming her making her coochie queef, he loved that sound of the air getting trapped and coming out between thrusts. “Damn baby you are tight!” he moaned. He gave a few hard pumps and exploded, he pulled halway out when he came so it felt like it really shot out hard. He looked at her exposed clit and pulled completely out and sucked it, he pushed those knees to her shoulders and sucked on it warm sensual tongue massaging sucks she orgasmed and because he had her legs so wide apart she squirted on his face, her juices shot out in s hot stream. He moaned and sat up, she looked to see her own lubrication dripping off his nose and chin. He immediately got up to her face and kissed her she tasted herself and was turned on. They hugged and caressed each other. She looked and saw her pictures of her pussy splayed around them and she mini orgasmed.

He hugged her and whispered, “Ahhh a full moon just brings the beast out in me.”

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  1. Texas Rose

    I liked it. Clever dialogue….

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