It was my best day ever

Sue was the type of girl who hated to be pursued by the opposite sex. Over the years I tried on several occasions to sleep with her but she always rejected me. She finally told me that though she loved sex, she hated it when men were too aggressive. I gave up on ever sleeping with her, eventually got married and lost my chances with Sue forever.
It was two days before Thanksgiving on a cold November day a few years ago. Sue called me the night before and asked me if I felt like taking the next day off because she needed to talk about issues in her life. Since it was going to be a long weekend and Sue was my friend for so many years, I thought it was a great idea. I did not tell my wife of my plans because I thought she would disapprove of me missing a day of work. I met Sue that morning at 9 AM across the street from my house. We got into her car and just began to drive north on a local highway. After talking about some of the issues that were bothering her concerning her droll boyfriend, we both were tired of riding in her car. It was too cold to go outside and too far from either of our homes to go to either of them. We must had driven over 60 miles at that point. Sue suggested that we just go to a really fancy hotel up the road just for the fun of it just to continue our day and just for the purpose of finding shelter. We went to a liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate our day off together. Sue wanted to toast to our long friendship too. Sue and I trusted each other so being in a hotel was not a risk for us. Sue had a long time boyfriend and I had a wife which made being alone and far away from home a safe feeling for both of us even though being alone with her in a hotel was a turn on. We were looking for shelter in the cold and nothing more.

I did feel a bit odd being in a small hotel room with just beds staring at us. I realized that I was in a very compromising position with a woman I wanted to have sex with for many years. It was very enticing but with both of us having other partners and Sue never accepting my advances in the past, it was “safe”.

After a few champagne toasts, Sue asked me if I wanted to be a little adventurous. Not knowing exactly what she meant, I asked her to define it. She wanted to play strip poker. I was shocked and nervous but saw no harm at the thought of seeing her naked. I knew Sue to be a very sexual person but in all the years I knew her, never with me. I also felt that by the time Sue got down to her undies that she would quickly dress because she would turn shy. Jokingly she said that I was finally going to see her fat butt, which was not really fat. We went ahead and played using dollar bills as our cards, both losing most of our clothes in about 5 minutes. We stood there fairly close to being naked and feeling very naked since this was the most either ever saw of one another. We also felt very embarrassed by all of this. I was really surprised at how shy Sue was. I commented on it and she said that she always was very shy but gave off a different impression to others. We laughed and commented on how long we knew each other yet never even saw each other in anything less than street clothes. With both of us down to just undies, we opted to just quickly remove what was left. There Sue was, moe naked than i ever expected to see her in this lifetime. It felt so funny seeing Sue’s tits, ass and pussy. It was better than I expected it to be and though I didn’t want it to be, a huge turn on. I asked her if seeing each other nude was cheating. Her reply? She said seeing each other nude wasn’t really cheating because if we went to a nude beach and saw each other nude, it would be the same but if I grab your cock like this and stroke it like this, well I would consider it cheating. She then took my hand and put it on her tits and said that was cheating too. Sue really turned up the heat with that. Sue stood there laughing because as hot as it was, it was also kind of funny. I got hard very quickly because Sue was amazing with her hands. Having champagne in me too helped also. Sue thought that we should shower and see how far we could take this craziness before one of us would put a stop to it. Knowing Sue and how sexual she was I figured that she would really get going but I was really afraid and thought I would stop it before we went all the way. Our comfort levels might have been high but we would stop long before anything ever happened I thought. It was so weird, knowing that after all these years I could finally live my dream with Sue but would not go through with it because we were both involved.

We took a shower and both of us lathered each other up and Sue was not backing down a bit and was enjoying being pampered like this. So was I!. Champagne did help that. We touched each other like we never touched each other before and felt good about it. I laughed and told Sue that it was the first time in my life that a woman ever touched me so intimately and yet we never truly kissed. Sue smiled and leaned up to me, first gently kissing me but following it with the warmest toe curling kiss I ever got. I grew so very rock hard after that kiss so it was hard to tell Sue anymore that I wasn’t looking for more. Sue, at this point, feeling very bold, totally surprised me and bent over and slipped my very hard cock in her mouth in the shower. She looked up at me and let me know with her eyes that this was okay. Her mouth going up and down my shaft felt like nothing I ever felt before. I don’t know if it was because she was such a close pal, the liquor or both. She was awesome. As I came close to exploding, Sue felt it. She stopped. I didn’t know why. It was a mystery as to how we got here in the first place anyway. We dried each other off.

We went to hang out on the bed and to watch TV. We decided to not get dressed. We talked sbout our moment in the shower. Sue said she was sorry for not letting me cum but was not sure that we were doing the right thing. She said having to abstain from going further was a very difficult choice she had to make. She asked me how I felt and I admitted I was confused. Part of me wanted to make love to her and part of me was scared to death. She said she felt the same way and thought that even taking my cock in her mouth was really kind of crazy even though it was exciting for her. I smiled and hugged her, feeling really strange hugging her naked. We both began to get that uh-oh feeling. Hugging her tight and olive toned body sent tingles through our bodies. I boldly told her that I did want to make love to her and was so very afraid. I was thankful to her for stopping us since I was way beyond that point. She told me she felt equally aroused but was scared to go that far with me. She kept on questioning our actions but could not resist. I was so aroused. She looked at me, kissed me and said with most loving of looks that we needed to be adults and make love or whatever you want to call it. “I think we have passed the cheating line ages ago” she giggled. It did not make matters easier. I told her how much I loved her as a friend and she said she felt the same way towards me. Sue rolled on top of me smiled and slid my cock into her. It was the hottest, wettest and tightest pussy I ever felt. We looked at each other and simultaneously said I love you to each other. As wrong as it was for s to make love, it felt so right. For the next 5 hours, not the few minutes she spoke of, all we did was prove why we should have done this long ago. Here I was making love to my childhood friend and loving it more and more. She came 10 times. I came 3 times. Our limited comfort level went to a high comfort level as we tried many things I never expected her to try. She loved doggy style and so we did it. Side by side, missionary and her on top was the 3 we did most. By the end of our day we were in pain and loving it. Sue was about as good as it gets. We left the hotel and openly didn’t know what to think.

Our drive home was so odd. It was a one hour drive void of any talk about our 5 hour session yet when we looked at each other we knew we discovered something so intense that it would need more time to digest. Sue was more than my friend now. What she became blew me aay but that is left for another story.

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