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Jasmine Lakewood stood in front of her closet looking for an outfit that she could wear to the party. She reached in and pulled out a slinky, black halter top that was her favorite. She then slipped on a pair of old but fashionable jeans. She looked in the mirror. Her curvy features looked outstanding in her get up!

“Maybe I can get some tonight!” Jasmine said to herself. Jasmine had made a new years resolution that she would lose her virginity this year. Sounds a little weird, but she wanted to. She was tired of having to use her vibrator almost every night. She wanted the real thing!

At the thought of her vibrator, Jasmine turned and looked at the spot where it was hidden. Her clit got wet even thinking about it. “Oh what the hell,” she said as she got undressed. She reached into her drawer and pulled the 6in vibrator out. It was small, but great! Jasmine laid back on her bed and inserted her vibrator into her pussy. She didn’t turn it on but instead moved the thing in and out of her slowly. She worked it faster and faster. When she got bored with that, she turned it on low. Her clit clinched her vibrator with shock. Jasmine moaned with pleasure. Again, she rammed the vibrator into her pussy with such force that she gasped every now and then. Soon, she had the speed on high. Jasmine bucked her hips and whimpered as she reached an orgasm. Suddenly, the walls of her pussy clinched all 6in of her vibrator and her eyes rolled back with pleasure! Out of breath, she lay there for a min before heading to the bathroom to clean up.

When Jasmine finally got to the party (still hot and bothered) she grabbed a few drinks and began to scan the sea of people for some hot guys. She also took in the huge mansion! Outside she had noticed that it was 3 stories high. Jasmine had to wonder who lived here. Thank god she was invited.

As she took a swig for her bottle, someone ran into her. “God damn it! What the hell,” she exclaimed. She turned around to see what idiot had run into her. But instead of bitching at the person all she could do was stare with an open mouth. There in front of her, stood the most sexy guy she had ever seen. He towered above her even though she was 5’9. He had to be at least 6’11. He had broad shoulders and a body that could crush a girl who was under it. Jasmine felt her pussy get wet just at the sight of him.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t see where I was going. Here have a drink,” he slurred. Jasmine could tell he had had a few drinks. She took the bottle of vodka he offered her and downed what was left. Her insides burned and she immediately felt the vodka hit her.

“So, wanna go to a room?” She looked up surprised at the guy. She didn’t even know his name. But her mind wasn’t able to function from all the drinks she had already downed. Jasmine smiled and started to feel his chest. She could feel his muscles rippling beneath his shirt. She knew she had to have him.

“Lets go!” She hooked one of his belt loops with her finger and led him to an available room. As soon as Jasmine and the guy were in they started to kiss and feel each other. Jasmine struggled with his belt and jeans for a while as he unhooked her bra. He slid off her black halter and her 38d breasts were free. By now the guy had a hard on that was huge even though it was still trapped in his pants. He started sucking on her nipples and pinching them roughly.

Jasmine moaned loudly at the pain she felt when he bit her right nipple. But even though it hurt, her pussy got even wetter. Finally, Jasmine got his pants down. Her mouth fell open as a huge cock that had to be at least 8in fell out. “Suck it baby. Go on.” Jasmine licked her lips in anticipation. She had never sucked a cock before and didn’t know what she was doing. But she had heard enough to get an idea.

She began by swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Jasmine continued this for a while as she jack him off with her hand. The guy started moaning loudly. Slowly she took his huge manhood into her warm, moist mouth. As she moved her head up and down, the guy kept playing with her boobs. Pinching her nipples and twisting them. By now she was turned on completely. As she worked the guys dick she moved her hand down into her pants and finger fucked herself. Both of them started moaning. Suddenly she guy grabbed onto the back of her head and started pushin her head all the way down his dick, making all 8in go down her tight throat. Jasmine gagged but kept going.

After a few more minutes Jasmine felt his body tense and then she felt a warm liquid hit the back of her throat. And he kept cumin. Jasmine worked hard to try and swallow all of it. But some of his cum dripped down her chin and onto her breasts. The guy leaned back in ecstasy. Even though he just finished, she still wasn’t done. Crawled onto him in the 69 position and kept lapping at his cock. Obviously, he got the picture because he began to lick her clit. Jasmine slowly started grinding her hips onto his face. Then her inserted 2 fingers into her hot, wet clit and finger fucked her.

By now he had gotten hard again. Jasmine continued to suck him off. But all the attention he was giving her made it hard for her to concentrate on him. Suddenly, he rammed 4 fingers into her and flicked her hot clit fast. Jasmine screamed in delight. She fucked his face and kept moanin. Finally, Jasmine’s body went rigid as she had the most powerful orgasm ever. Then she had another one!! Jasmine screamed as her body kept going through waves of delight.

Even after all this Jasmine and the guy were still horny. Suddenly, the guy flipped over on top of Jasmine. She knew what was about to happen. Without hesitating, she wrapped her long legs around his wide muscular hips. He placed the head of his monster cock at the very opening of her pussy. Then, in one quick, hard motion, he shoved his cock deep into her. Jasmine let out a cry of pain as her cherry popped. Tears streamed down her face as he pounded her. After a few minutes, she got used to. She even began to like it. As he pounded her, he began to bight at her nipples again. Jasmine tightened her legs around him and worked hard to meet his thrusts. He began making loud moans every time they slammed together. Jasmine grabbed his ass and shoved him even harder into her.

“Oh god!!! Fuck me!! Harder!! Oh please!!! Ohh yeesss!!” Jasmine yelled as he grunted and grinded her even harder. With a quick motion, he grabbed her knees and pushed them back towards her head and hooked them with his elbows. Jasmine loved this because it made her feel ever fuller. “Oooooohhhh fuck!! Im cumming! Oh god im cumming!!” Jasmine screamed as waves or orgasms took over her body. Suddenly, he pulled out almost all the way and slammed into her so hard that she felt his cock close to her belly button it seemed. Jasmine felt him explode deep inside of her. Then he collapsed beside her, both of them breathing heavy. Each sweaty and wet with each others cum. Jasmine layed her head on top of his chest and rested. She wanted more…

Suddenly, the door swung open!!! “What the hell is going on in here??? I though someone was dying with all this damn screaming!” Jasmine looked up to see a hot guy. Not as cute as the one she had just fucked, but cute none the less. Jasmine smiled as an idea hit her. Two guys!! She had always fantasized about it. Now was her chance.

“Sorry. We just had a great fuck. Got carried away.” She gave him a coy smile as she spread her legs and began fingering herself. From across the room, she could tell he began to get a hard on. As she fingered herself with her right hand, she began to stroke the cock of the guy she had just lost her virginity to. Even after all that fucking he got hard again. “what your name again,” Jasmine asked him. “Seth. And you?” Jasmine”…


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