Jeremy and Niki

Jeremy Israel’s head seemed to bounce off of his pillow as he hastily switched off his blaring alarm clock. As he groggily hobbled his way towards the shower outside of his bedroom in the basement of his slit level home, he had many thoughts racing through his mind. The most vivid of those thoughts; however, was one of his best friends little sister. He and his best friend, Chad Davis, always alternated driving to school each day and Chad’s little sister always rode along. This morning was Chad’s turn to drive and he would be picking up their friend Josh Reed because his truck was broken down. Jeremy hoped that Chad’s sister, Niki, would be riding in the backseat because he would sit next to her when they picked up Josh.
As Jeremy picked up his bag and cell phone, Chad pulled into his driveway and Jeremy saw that, in fact, Niki was riding in the backseat on the passenger side of the 1998 Pontiac Grand Am. Jeremy tossed his blue Nike backpack into the small trunk of the hunter green vehicle and climbed into the front passenger seat with a smile.
“Hey, faggot,” stated Jeremy to Chad very nonchalantly.
“Hey, asshole,” replied Chad.
“Hi, Niki,” Jeremy tried to sound annoyed by the fourteen year olds presence.
“Hi, Jeremy,” replied Niki in the same manner.
When Chad pulled into Josh’s driveway, the trio knew that Josh wasn’t ready by the sight of his bathroom light gleaming towards the street. They waited patiently for around five minutes until Josh finally ran out of his house and jumped into the surprisingly open front passenger seat.
“Hey, gerbil licks,” Josh said with a sly grin.
“Hey, Josh,” the three replied in unison.
While Chad and Josh were busy arguing about whom the hottest girl at school was, Jeremy was making small talk with Niki.
“So, what are your grades like?”
“All A’s and one B,” replied Niki matter of factly.
Jeremy was barely comprehending what any of her words were meaning because he was too busy staring at her lovely body. She was a girl of about five feet seven inches and only one hundred and three pounds. She had long tanned legs that showed tiny hints of muscle, but weren’t so thin that you could see only bone. She had a flat smooth stomach and her chest was very petite at only around a small A-Cup. She had thin pouty lips and a small semi-rounded nose. She had thin light brown eyebrows and small round ears. She had medium length eyelashes and big light blue green eyes. Her curly dark brown hair ascended to the middle of her back and it always looked beautiful wafting about in the breeze. But the thing that drove Jeremy wild about this young woman was her incredible ass! It was small, firm, and much defined. He dreamt about being able to caress it while using his tongue to probe her glorious little mouth.
When they arrived at school, they parted ways and Jeremy went on with his day with visions of Niki dancing around in his head. For the entire day all Jeremy could think about was holding Niki and exploring her with his hands and mouth. The day was basically a blur and before Jeremy knew it he was in the backseat with Niki on the way home.
Before Jeremy exited the car and retrieved his backpack from the trunk, Jeremy slipped Niki a note that he had hastily written before the final bell of the day sounded. As he said goodbye to her, he fingered Chad and walked into his house with a smile, not on his face, in his mind.
Jeremy’s parents had left to go to Sam’s Club when Jeremy picked up the phone at six thirty five and would not be home any time before ten o’clock that night. He had glanced at the caller id before picking up the white cordless phone, but decided not to get his hopes up because there was a good possibility that it could be Chad calling him and not Niki.
“Hi, Jeremy,” came Niki’s innocent little voice from the phone.
“What’s up, beautiful?”
“Not much. I’m just sitting here all alone calling you because the note said to if I was interested in doing something with you tonight.”
“Sounds cool, I guess,” replied Jeremy skeptically.
“Well, do you want to pick me up in about an hour or so and go do something?”
“I’d love to! I mean, sure babe,” replied Jeremy trying not to sound too exited.
“Okay, see you then Jeremy. Bye.”
“Bye sweetie.”
As he hung up the phone, Jeremy jumped up and shouted at the top of his lungs with joy. He could not wait to see her and he was pretty sure that she would be wearing something tight that accentuated her exotic curves. He had to get ready quick, but also he had to look great.
As he stood in front of the bathroom mirror, Jeremy noticed a lot about his appearance. He was seventeen, but looked around twenty two or so. He stood at only five feet eight inches, but weighed a nice one hundred and thirty pounds. He had muscular legs and a very muscular torso. He had a well defined six pack and some great pecks. His arms were somewhat thin, but they still looked good and did not take away from his rather broad shoulders. He had small ears that were rounded and a wide round nose. He had thin lips and deep dark brown eyes. He had bushy dark eyebrows and wore small rounded glasses. He used gel in his hair and styled it to the front and had his left ear pierced twice with small silver loops. He liked his body and was proud of his small yet muscular butt. He was also very proud of his eight and a half inch penis that fell between his two muscular thighs.
After putting on a pair of dark Wrangler blue jeans and a navy blue and gray sweater, Jeremy headed out his front door and to his 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier. It was gray and in great condition. He loved his car and was about to love it even more because he would be picking up his dream date in it in a matter of minutes.
As he pulled into the Davis driveway some three minutes later, Jeremy saw Niki exiting the house in anticipation of him picking her up. She silently walked towards the passenger side door and Jeremy could not help but stare at her beauty. She was wearing a tight form fitting pair of LEI jeans and an ultra tight plain white tank top with spaghetti straps. Under this were a white lace bra and a black see through thong. Jeremy had seen this thong before on the pool table in her basement, but to him it was more of a g-string.
“Where to?” was the first thing that Jeremy said to Niki as she entered his car.
“How about your place,” said Niki with a sly grin.
Jeremy needed not another word as he tore out of her driveway and to his house at nearly eighty miles an hour in a twenty five zone. As he pulled into his driveway Jeremy noticed Niki wetting her lips and rubbing her hands together nervously. He knew then that he would be losing his virginity and taking hers tonight in his own house on his own bed.
After unlocking the door and then hastily dead bolting it back shut, Jeremy led Niki downstairs and into the biggest room of the house. Jeremy led Niki over to his twin sized bed and they sat on the edge as they gazed deep into each other’s eyes. Niki’s eyes told Jeremy that it was time to make a move and he did so by gently pressing his lips against hers for a brief moment. He pulled away, but Niki moved towards him and pushed her tongue into Jeremy’s mouth, slowly massaging his tongue with hers. Their tongues tangled and became as one in their mouths and Jeremy was moving his rough hands smoothly up and down Niki’s back. Niki was slowly guiding her petite smooth hands down towards Jeremy’s stomach.
Jeremy could feel the warmth of Niki’s skin as he pushed his hands gently up the front of her shirt cupping her small left breast in his right hand. He felt her moan slightly into his mouth as he moved his thumb over her rapidly hardening nipple. His left hand reached around to the clasp of her bra and quickly unsnapped it in one swift movement. He then got his right hand under the cup of her bra and could lightly pinch her nipple, making her moan into his mouth and her nipples harde
n like a marbles.
Niki was in pure bliss as Jeremy was massaging
her breasts and she hastily pulled his shirt over his head revealing his nice upper body. She rubbed his stomach and began to suckle on his left nipple making it grow hard. Her left hand slid down to the button on his jeans and she unsnapped them and unzipped them in an instant. She pulled them off of his body and then off came his shoes and socks, leaving Jeremy in only his green plaid boxers.
Jeremy could feel his manhood growing rapidly inside of his boxers and took little time in removing Niki’s shirt and unclasped bra from her body. Her nipples stood out off of her breasts and they were of a dark pink color. He put his lips to her left nipple and flicked his tongue gently over it. As he was focusing on her nipples, Niki began to slowly slide her tight pants down over her butt and thighs. In a matter of seconds they were off of her leaving her in only her transparent black thong.
Niki was visibly wet and she knew it. She looked down at Jeremy sucking her nipples and massaging her petite breasts and then to her ever moistening mound. She could see the juices forming in a puddle on her thong and she reached down and began rubbing her pussy through the thin material. She was moaning more and more and was filled with eternal bliss. She moved her right hand down to stroke Jeremy’s rock hard cock, still covered by his boxers.
Jeremy let out a quivered slightly as he felt Niki’s warm hands around his pulsating member. He reached down and helped her out of her thong and proceeded to lower his face to her soaking cunt. He licked around the edges of her neatly shaved pussy and slowly guided the tip of his tongue into her awaiting love tunnel. He began caressing her inner walls with his probing tongue and started to flick her clit ever so slightly.
Niki was beginning to moan louder and louder, her moans almost becoming screams of ecstasy. She pulled Jeremy’s head up from between her athletic tanned thighs and kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue and tasting her own juices. She then pulled down his boxers and lowered her head to kiss the tip of his glistening cock. She moved her tongue over the opening at the top of his cock and licked up and down the entire length of his shaft. Slowly she flicked her tongue over his balls and then licked the entire length back up to the head of his pulsating love stick. She then did something that even surprised herself and engulfed the first six inches of his shaft in one swift movement. Jeremy screamed with orgasmic ecstasy as he felt her warm mouth engulf almost all of his cock at once. Niki then forced the rest of it in within a matter of seconds. She slowly pulled her mouth off until she got to the head and then forced it back down her throat. She slowly picked up the pace until she was rapidly deep throating his gigantic member.
Jeremy did not want this to end too quickly so he pulled Niki away from his cock and they got in the sixty nine position. Jeremy was eating Niki’s pussy and she was moaning on his cock deep within her throat. They were both in a sexual bliss and it was lasting so long. They could not control themselves at this point, for they were as animals. They yearned for each other now more than ever. It was not long before Jeremy tasted a flood of Niki’s juices in his mouth as she exploded into an orgasm, the first of her young life. Niki then felt Jeremy begin to shoot a gigantic load deep into her throat and she tasted the warm liquid for what seemed like hours, but was truly only around thirty seconds.
They were now exhausted, but fueled by their sexual desires and they let loose of any inhibitions as Niki laid down on the bed, resting her head on the two fluffy pillows and spreading her legs wide. Jeremy now had perfect access to her dripping pussy and he took full advantage of it. He slowly crawled between her legs and kissed her full on the lips. Then something occurred to him and not a moment to soon.
“I have to go get a condom from my dresser drawer real quick, sit tight baby.”
“No, don’t worry about it, I won’t get pregnant. I want to feel you and only you inside of me, not some piece of latex.”
Jeremy thought it over for about two seconds and then began to inch his stiff member into her awaiting snatch. Slowly he got the head in and he could see the pain in her eyes. He kept going with some reassurance from Niki and then felt her hymen. He slowly proceeded to push through her cherry and then guided all eight and a half inches of his big cock into her tight little pussy. She let out a grunt of pain and then an enormous moan of pleasure as her second orgasm of the night swept over her body. Jeremy felt her juices running over his cock and they helped him to move in and out of her at a normal pace. As he picked up the pace he was grunting and she was moaning loudly.
After around twenty or thirty minutes they switched positions and Niki was now in the doggy style position on the bed. Jeremy was thrusting rapidly into her flowing cunt. She was pushing back to meet each of his enormous thrusts and they could hear whenever their bodies met one another. Juices were splattering from her cunt and onto his bedspread and they were both screaming with pleasure. Suddenly Niki’s body shook and she went into an orgasmic frenzy. Jeremy pulled his soaking wet cock out of her pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her asshole, which by now was covered in her pussy juice as well.
Niki grunted as Jeremy slowly entered her ass and in no time he was in. The slickness of his cock made it an easy penetration, but she was so tight that he began to think that he would not be able to get his cock out of her again. After a few minutes he was out to the head as he thrust back in. He began to rapidly fuck her ass while pinching her nipples and helping her rub her soaking pussy.
After about ten minutes Niki came once again and Jeremy shoved his dick into her pussy and shot a huge load deep into her. He came in waves for over a minute and then pulled out his softening cock. They watched as some come oozed out of her pussy with her juices and mixed with each other on the bedspread.
They lay there for a half hour or so and then got dressed. They kissed outside of his car for five minutes and then Jeremy drove her home. As they pulled into her driveway, they saw that there was no one home and they entered her front door and began to make out and grope each other once again.

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