Jess and Mike

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Jess and her father were sort of distant since Mikes wife died.

Mike wanted them to be close. First of all Jess is 13, 110 pds, 5’1″ and 36C nice tits.

One day Mike had a Tim, and Matt over to watch the Phillies game on the big screen. Jess had just gotten home with her bff Sam (which had just gotten home from cheerleading practice) when Matt had walked upstairs. He looked like he had just seen a gohst the way he looked at them. They just ignored him.

A couple hours later Sam had left and Mike walked into Jess’s room and said he had a suprise for her. She followed him into his room. He quickly locked his door and Jess started to panick. He told her to strip or he would strip her and it would be nice. She striped but quickly covered her tits and her shaven cunt. He told her to go in his bathroom. She walked in and screamed be cause she saw Matt and Tim ass naked stroking their cocks. The faucet was running with warm water. Mike told her to get in the bathtub. She resisted. He had Matt and Tim pick her up and put her in the tub. Mike then striped and released his 12inch rock hard cock. He got in the tub and kissed her. He forced her pussy under the water stream so that it was on her cunt. She tried to get up so he slaped her pussy hard and she screamed for him to stop.

After she had her first orgasm with the steaming hot water on her clit.

She got out when he told her too and dried off.

Then she was forced on the king size bed. Matt approced her and flipped her over he stuffed his 13 in cock in her ass without lube and fucked her so hard. ” is that as hard as you can go, fuck me harder.” mike then took over and told her taht he would make her a woman. He licked and sucked at her cunt and clit. that was before he stuffed his cock in his screaming daughters cock loving cunt. Time who had the biggest cock aat 15 inches when hard inserted it in her mouth and pumped it hard and deep. All three of them orgasmed at the same time Mike shot his load deep in Jess’s pussy and Tim shot his deep in her throat which forced he to sollowed it all.

2 days later she found out she was pregnat with Mikes baby.

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    not enough detail

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