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It was eight in the morning as Molly entered the small studio on Elisabeth street. She walked to the receptionist. The receptionist didn’t take notice to her being there.
“excuse me,” She said shyly
The receptionist looked up at Molly. First thing Molly noticed how beautiful the young girl behind the desk was. She was mid twenties and seemed very tall even as she sat behind the desk. She has long blonde hair that was tousled up into a bun. She has mesmerizing green hazel eyes. She was wearing a modern print blouse that plunged deep into the neck line and Molly could see her breasts without looking.
“Hello,” She said professionally, “How may I help you?”
“I called about the job on the flyer at the Gym. I was told to come in this morning.”
“Okay, you can have a seat and I will let them know that you are here. I need you to fill out this paper too”, she said as she handed a clip board to Molly.
Molly walked to the seats at the other end of the room. She sat down and began to fill out the paper that was handed to her. She read through the questions: Are you eighteen of age, what is you marital status, are you in a serious relationship, are you currently on any type of birth control, do you have any allergies to rubber or latex. She though these were strange questions to ask on an application, but she answered them without hesitation. She has moved here from her hometown on Honieville, Tennessee and she was determined to make it in the entertainment business.
“Molly Benet” Boomed a mans voice
Molly jumped up startled at the voice.
“That’s me, sir”
“okay, come with me and we’ll talk and see what we can do for you, and what you can do with us”
The man watched Molly walk across the room. He was impressed with the way she looked. She was a small girl of five foot five. She had a small figure with a c cup breast. She had dark hair and big brown eyes. She wore her long straight hair down with barettes on either side to pin her bangs out of her face.
“I am Dom, I am the manager here” he said as he showed her into his office. “Do you know what type of business we do here”
“well,” she spoke as she took a seat opposite him,” I know you do some type of movies. I honestly don’t care what type. I came here to make it to the top. I don’t care what I have to do to get there.”
“Okay, ms. Benet, we make pornographic movies here, and we also do some photo shoots for some of the top magazines. Are you okay with that”
Molly’s eyes were wide in shock, she sat for a few minutes processing what she just heard. Molly was a virgin and was raised to save herself for marriage. She wasn’t sure what to do, this could be her break, but it was against all her morals that she had hung onto for 18 years.
“Ms Benet, are you okay with that?”
Molly came out of her zone and replied, “y..y..y…yes, I’ll do a…a..a..anything” she studdered.
The man said that he would do all the training and that he had an appointment with a client at eight thirty, but to return at nine. Molly got up and left the office into the lobby of the studio. She looked at the receptionist as she passed.
“well” The receptionist said, :”are you in?”
“yeah” Molly said quietly.
“Hey, it’s not bad at all. Come here we’ll talk. Do you get training today?”
“Yeah, but I am really nervous. I am a virgin still. I had no idea that this was a porn studio.”
“Well, what time do you have your training?”
“At nine”
“okay then you’re a virgin for another half hour tops. Did you tell Dom that you were a virgin?”
“No, I didn’t know it was important.”
“It’s not really, but Dom’s training is having sex. He’s really good at it, but if he knows that you are a virgin, he’s really careful.”
“Oh, so are you in the movies too?”
“Yeah, we all are. I’m not always a receptionist, we all take our turn. My name is Sami, by the way.”
“Sami, is this worth it? I have always been taught to save myself for marriage and now…..”
“I think it is totally worth it. This is the best job ever. We get paid to have sex with all these good looking guys. They find people with cocks so big that you think you would die if you took them on, but then they are in you pumping away, and it is the most amazing feeling that you will ever feel.”
“Oh, I’m scared though.”
Sami put her hand on Molly’s leg. “It will be fine. You’ll do great.”
She moved her hand up molly’s leg so her fingers were touching Molly’s skirt. She glanced up at Molly and she smiled. Molly smiled back as Sami moved her hand up further, diving under her shirt. She felt her pussy through her panties and rubbed her fingers over her mound. Molly gave no resistance so she slipped a finger under her panties and found her cunt. Sami pushed one finger in and then another. Sami started pumping her fingers in and out. Molly reached over and put her hand on Sami’s boob, finding her nipple through the thin material of her blouse with no bra underneath. Sami moaned in pleasure as she started rubbing Molly’s clit. She moved herself out of her chair to the floor in front of Molly. She pulled moll’s panties off and positioned herself between Molly’s legs. She looked at Molly’s young virgin pussy and muttered about how beautiful it looked. Then she began to eat Molly out. Molly was loving the attention and she was soon whining in pleasure. Sami ran her tongue the length of her pussy, paying extra attention to her clit, biting and licking furiously . Molly was bucking her hips wildly as Sami worked her magic. Molly started to scream in pleasure while she has her first orgasmic experience. When she was finished Sami resumed to her seat.
Tossing Molly her panties she remarked, ” I just wanted to give you a taste of what you will be experiencing here”
Then the office door opened. “I’m ready for you Ms. Benet, you can come in” Dom announced.
“Dom, forget the ms. Benet, we’ll call her peppermint Daisy” Sami suggested.
“Peppermint Daisy…” Molly repeated thoughtfully, ” I like that.”
“Done then, Peppermint Daisy it is,” Dom proclaimed.

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