Judy's present to me. Like Nothing I ever got

I am using this author’s name because I am too embarrassed to use my own. He and I were best friends but never anything more. We always flirted and I used to love to make him feel uncomfortable by flashing my tits at him when nobody was looking. On a few occasions I would be at his home with his wife and hime and got a flash or two in when his wife left the room. It was a lot of fun. He complained all the time about the quality of his sex life with his wife. I must have heard, no less than 2 dozen times over 2 years, how he couldn’t make his wife cum and how he always had to pull out when he came. When questioning the guy about it he told me it was ages since he came in a female and his wife never ever had an orgasm. I knew I had to do something, but what? I could try and fuck him but I figured it would never work. I came up with a good idea. I had to get him alone at his home and seduce him. Sounded easy but I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Every other Saturday I knew his wife was at work. One Friday night I told him that the water was shut off for the weekend at my house and asked if I could use his washer machine to clean a load of clothes I had. He invited me over with out a clue to my real intentions. Part one was complete. My next step was to make him bring up the topic of his sex life without being so damned obvious. I went to his house and got there 8:30 Saturday morning as his wife, left the house. See you around 1 o’clock she said to him. That gave me 4 hours, more than enough time to get my nerve up, our clothes off and see if this could really ever happen. I tried to make him talk about sex for about 20 minutes but I couldn’t make him open up. Finally I asked him what he would like to change about his marriage and that did the trick. He instantly started a huge bitch session and that opened the door for me. I asked him how come he never cheated. He said he never really thought about it. I asked him if he missed cumming inside a pussy and he told me that I had no idea how much he missed that. We shared stories and I told him how much I loved feeling a man cum in me even if these days it is with a condom. Here is where I set up my trap. I told him that I missed the feeling of a bare cock cumming in me. I looked at him and said to him that I had a great idea. He still was in the dark and I liked that. How about….nah, never mind I said. What?, he asked me are you thinking about. I pretended to be embarrassed for a few seconds and then blurted it out. I asked him straight out what he thought of the idea of us screwing. I said….you could cum in me, no condom and we both get something we haven’t felt in years. Wow, he gasped. What a turn on he continued. You mean US fucking he asked half weirded out. I purposely backed off trying to appear embarrassed. I watched him as he tried to convince himself it wasn’t really cheating. It made me laugh inside. He came up with the stupid excuse that since he couldn’t cum inside his wife that is wasn’t cheating. After all he said if it is not something I already do with my wife, I guess it isn’t cheating. Once again I laughed inside as I thought “Isn’t fucking other than your wife still cheating?” We both said almost at the same time that this could be a lot of fun no matter what. It took me about 40 minutes from the time I got there until I verbally seduced him.
We kind of felt awkward but that soon turned to a kind of comfort level neither of us felt before. I sat on his lap in a love seat (how appropriate!) and we started making out. I felt his cock grow really hard under my ass. I moved a bit so I could rub it, only making him feel bolder. It was much more romantic than I expected it to be. He slipped his hand under my blouse and bra and it really drove me crazy. I really was uncertain if I could go ahead with it but he was really arousing me. He took my hand and walked me into the bedroom. We looked at the bed and then each other, squeezing each other’s hands tightly. We slowly undressed and though I had flashed him many times before in fun, today I felt nude in front of him. If I had any doubt about his intentions, his erection told me everything. We lied down and continued making out, touching each other and feeling the nakedness of our bods touching one another. He moved his mouth down on to my tits and started doing everything I dreamed he would do to me. Within 2 minutes his face was buried in my pussy and sending me into orbit. I actually came a little from it but I really wanted his cock in me. I never realized that it would be just as much of a treat for me having his bare cock hopefully squirt cum in me as it would for him to do it too. He mounted me and I felt the head of his cock at my opening. We smiled at each other and a second later he was deep, deep inside of me. I think I came almost immediately. He was intense and filling. Our every move was a dance move, totally in rhythym. I felt his cock swell up within minutes, maybe2 or 3 at the most. He wanted to make it last longer but knowing it was so long since he felt that feeling, I pulled him into me and humped him to make him cum. As he said stop…wait…it was too late. He started cumming as did I. He just kept cumming and cumming, keeping me in an orgasmic state too. We felt great.
I laughed as we began to catch our breaths. All I lasted was maybe 4 minutes he laughed. Yeah I said but for me they were the hottest 4 minutes I ever spent I told him. It was barely 9:40 and we just lied there naked for awhile. We unexpectedly found comfort lying nude with each other. We could do it again I said to him. He pondered th idea but said he actually found it so peaceful jusy being this close to me without clothes on. I asked him if he wanted to do this with me again beyond today. His reply was odd. He told me he would just love to have a comfort level like we found today and take it from there.
I think I understood though. Neither of us ever expected such hot results and I think he knew anymore of this could be verrrry addicting. Before we got dressed, I asked him if I could taste the cum on his cock. Go for it he laughed. Little did he know that I was about to suck his cock, now soft again, until I tasted a fresh batch of cum. I pretended to lick the cock and he smiled at me. I then thrust the whole cock in my mouth as he put up a slight protest. His cock once agin betrayed his protest as it grew to enormous size. He pushed my head down on my cock. I do not remember sucking a cock like this ever before. I guess I was motivated. In about 3 minutes he came in my mouth a fresh batch of his hot cum. I swallowed every delightful drop, licked his cock clean and ended a perfect morning by 10:15 AM.
Did he want it again after that day? We fucked 3 more times that week and never stopped fucking. I married, fucked him the day I got engaged, had children and still fucked him. He had to get a sperm count and it was me who fucked him to get the sperm count. We still fuck once or twice a week and neither of can ever forget that one Saturday morning.

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  1. MMF_fan

    Fun story you posted, it sounds like a great time. Thanks for posting it, I got a stiffy from reading it. Ha ha!

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