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This is a true story of me and my girlfriend Jui. I have had a relationship with her for the past 3 or 4 years. She was very charming, good looking with attractive face. Her vital stats were also enough to make people crazy. She has nice boobs, fatless belly, and a round ass. We shared physicals also. At that time I was in Kolkata. Me and my friend Samiran used to stay in the same house, which we took on rent. We worked in different office. In the mean time Jui told me

I have exam in the next week besides also wants to visit my aunt. I want to visit you tomorrow.” I said okay, though there was only one room for us to stay besides the kitchen. The next day she came. When Jui came, Samiran welcomed her with pleasure. We talked for a little and took some breakfast and tea. I noticed that Jui was staring at the bulge of Samiran’s pant. She could not able to take off her eye from that. I did not say anything just enjoying what was going on. I entered the bathroom to take a bath. Then I realized that I have forgotten to bring my shampoo bottle.

I come out and enter the room. I see Jui was looking something so attentively at the window that even she could not able to feel my presence. But what she is looking in such a manner? I carefully stand behind him. What I saw was really mind blowing. Samiran was peeing outside the room in a drain. He has a huge thick circumcised cock, at least 10 inch, mine is just 5 inch hardly. It was rock hard with a pinkish red mushroom shaped cockhead, just huge.

Jui must be turned on by looking such a huge cock. Suddenly I heard Jui was murmuring. “Ahhh, what a dick, so big. Your friend has a little one. Ahhhhh ummmm let me suck Samiran. I want to eat your sperm. I want to lick your ball, I want to drink your thick cum every day.” At night we went to sleep, Jui was beside me. When I wake up to go to bathroom, I saw Jui was not in the bed. I heard a slight moaning, a female voice and a ray of light from the kitchen. I went beside the window and saw that Samiran was fully naked with his 10 inch thick dick fully erect, just popping on Jui’s face.

He has two huge ball sacks like a tennis ball. Jui was caressing his dick. It became like a rod now, she removed the foreskin and thick red cockhead was now just an inch away from her mouth. A 10 inch long throbbing dick was ready to get moistened by a hungry female tongue. Jui said “so big, even I cannot hold its half in my hand.” It is circumcised with a mushroom shaped cockhead. She was fondling it with her soft fingers and looking at the cockhead.

Now, it is oozing pre cum. She pointed her tongue and scooped the precum from his pisshole saying ” nice I love it” and asked ” how much juice you have in it samiran?” He told “Thank god I did not masturbate for 10 days. Fortunately, I can feed you a mouthful of cum. Would you really like to have it in your mouth?” She said ‘yes I love to eat cum from big fat dick like you.” Jui knelt on her knee and took his huge meat inside her mouth. First she took the smell of it by rubbing the cockhead on her nose and face. Really, it was huge and his ball was hanging just beneath the shaft.

Jui was licking the balls from down to top with her tongue. Now she held the dick with her right hand and started slapping on her cheeks, forehead, and lips. Samiran was moaning “Oh Oh come on bitch, suck, suck my dick, I will give you huge amount of sperm to eat. I know that you are very fond of eating cum. I will fulfill your cum hunger, suck bitch you are a good cocksucker. Suck my cockhead. Jui was able to take only a quarter of his huge cock, it was choking her throat. Samiran was pulling her hair grabbing her head and pushing his dick deeply inside her mouth.

She was gagging. Samiran was fucking her mouth pulling her hair very fast. He was moaning ” Oh ohhhhhh bitch, I am cumming. Open your mouth and take my cum bitch”. Jui aggressively opened her mouth saying “give me your thick sperm inside my fucking mouth.” Samiran was masturbating just in front of her open mouth. Then it burst. A huge load of thick gooey cum went inside her mouth. Then the second spurt came over her lips and nose, the third on her cheeks, the fourth on her eyes. Now even she cannot see properly, her vision got hazy.

The sticky cum was drenching all over her face. Samiran hold her head with one hand and started rubbing his cockhead on Jui’s lips and face saying ” bitch take the smell of my cum slapping it on her cheeks. Jui is now licking his cockhead to take the remaining cum from it. Then she said “I want to eat your cum every day. I need at least three dose of cum from your dick everyday as long as I stay here.” Samiran said “yes, from morning to evening u will get my sperm to eat and be my cum slut.

I went to bed and pretending as if i was sleeping. Jui came after 10 minutes, even she did not care to wash her face. Dried cum was still on her face. I just cannot imagine how filthy she can be. Samiran was lying on the floor, and we were on the cot. I slept. It was around dawn, I woke up. I saw Jui was not beside me. Where did she go? Then I heard some peculiar sound. I saw Samiran was totally naked lying on the floor. My beloved girlfriend was rubbing her mouth against his groin.

She was licking his huge ball sack sometimes was biting on it and with one hand stroking that big huge cock. Jui tell “I get turned on to your cock as soon as I saw the bulge on your pant. Its so thick and long like a black mamba.” Samiran was moaning grabbing her head and pushing his dick more inside her mouth saying “I will give u as much cum as u need my bitch. Suck hard Ohhhh Ohhhh, you are so nasty cocksucker.” Jui was slurping his huge dick and was bobbing her head in and out. Ohhhhh bitch open your mouth and the cum bomb, it’s going to explode in your mouth.

Jui was spreading her tongue with mouth opened. A huge goblets of cum hit straight on her tongue floor. Then, spurts after spurts entered in her mouth. Jui swallowed all, some of it was drooling down his chin and lips. She started stroking his dick and took the last drop and pointed her tongue on his pisshole and scooped it. Samiran grab her hair and started rubbing his dick on her whole face and then his balls saying you bitch worship these balls, you are getting so much protein from it. Jui smiled and got up and went towards the toilet.

As I told you earlier that my girlfriend Jui was a damn sexy with boobs, slim body, fair, and obviously muscular rhythmic butts. Jui was always turned on to Samiran as he does have a colossal dick, its so big that my beloved girlfriend Jui has to turned on it. I just cant imagine how can a shy girl turned to a cumhungry slut. Now, the sexcapades between Jui and Samiran keep continuing.

That day Samiran had off and I had to go to office. When I returned, I peeped through the window. Jui had only black bra and red panty on her. She was sitting beside Samiran, her hand was inside Samiran’s zipper fondling his huge dick.
Samiran: What are you doing?
Jui: Teasing your cock, you know I am hungry now.
Samiran: But I gave you a mouthful cum in the morning only.
Jui: I want my second dosage now and third one at midnight.

Talking this Jui took his cock out of the zipper and knelt down the floor. Samiran was sitting on the sofa. His cock was popping out and was rock hard, at least 10 inch long and 3 inch in girth. Jui was stroking his cock saying let the precum ooze. After sometime, Jui felt her fingers got sticky, she stops stroking and put her tongue on the cockhead, pointed her tongue, scooped the precum from the pisshole, showing the thin thread formation between her tongue and cockhead. Said “nice taste.” She took the cockhead inside her mouth with slurping sounds working on his huge dick. Once she took the cock out of her mouth and staring at Samiran and started slapping her own mouth with the cock. “Ohhhhhh fuck baby. You are a nice bitch” while pushing his dick deep inside my girlfriend’s hot mouth. Suddenly he took the dick from Jui’s mouth and put her head at the edge of the sofa.

Now Samiran came with his dick and started rubbing his dick all over Jui’s face. “Smell it you cocksucker. ” Jui was getting short of breath as her nose was blocked by the giant cockhead. Samiran started slapping her cheeks and face with the red mushroom shaped cockhead. Ohhhhhh I will bruise your face with my cock, make it red. What will you say when your boyfriend look all those bruise? Jui told ” I will tell him that your cock has done this. ” Samiran started fucking her mouth rough and vigorously, his huge shaft was going in and out of Jui’s mouth. Sometimes Samiran put his two huge ballsacks on her nose and told her to lick. Jui was licking like a cumslut.

Samiran said you are my cumslut. Jui said “yes I am your cumhungry whore. Now give me my reward from your dick. Samiran said “get ready you bitch, take all the protein from my dick. ” Jui opened her mouth. Samiran was stroking his dick just a inch away from Jui’s face. Then it burst a huge goblet of cum splashed over her tongue floor. The next spurt was on her nostril and enters in the nose. Spurts after spurts of thick gooey cum filled all over her face and she swallowed all. Then the last drop she took from the pisshole and said let me rub my face. She took the cock in her hand and started rubbing her face saying “let my skin get some moisturizing lotion. “Really Samiran you always give me a huge load of cum. I love your cum so much. Please give me the third dosage at night. I was shocked to hear such a word from my beloved girlfriend.

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