Katie is turned on by her boss, Erica.

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This is a true story. The actor’s names are made up. This story takes place at a mall in a clothing department store.
My boss’s name is Erica and my name is Katie.
Katie was sparkling on the grand opening day of her new store. She opened a business in Florida on the strip and she was so excited. She hired a few dozen people to help her get the store opened and fixed up weeks before the opening day. That is when she met Katie. Katie was 5 7 and 130 pounds. She wore a 36 B and she had a bad ass tan. She wore blond high lights with her brunette hair. Erica was 5 7 with a 36 C cup and basically the same hair style. Both women were 27 years old and they had similar characteristics. Both were friendly and confident. They knew a lot of the same people and they were very popular.
Katie was hired to help open the store for a week. She was a full time student but happened to have some time off.
The part of the story that gets interesting is that Erica and Katie did not ever tell each other that they have had fantasies about being with another girl. They never told each other about the crazy visions of kissing her, caressing her, making her cum, touching and being close to her. They did not say it but they thought it each and every time they were around each other. They even got upset when the other one did not talk or give the other one attention. It was a game and they were both feeding into the “l” word drama.
It all started when Katie and Erica worked together. They talked about things they had in common while they were setting up the store. Erica was brave and daring. She was opening her first business. Her parents gave her a ton of money to do it and she was paying dozens of temp employees to help her get it fixed up. Most of the temps were college age, in fact all were. Even Katie. She was a full time student.
After several days, Katie asked Erica if she could use her help around the store. Erica was stressed and forgot to give her a chance and brushed her off unconsciously. On the last day Katie was about to leave, but she asked her one more time and Erica said sure just come by this weekend and I can fit you in the schedule. She said that she is swamped with employees and tasks right now so just come by on Saturday and we can try you out.
So Katie did an awesome job! She was selling the outdoor merchandise very well. The store carried sports equipment and clothes. The two girls were getting close. Katie was the one Erica would ask to stay later and help her organize and clean up. The others were sent home. Everyone thought that the two were like best friends.
Every time Katie was at work all she could think about was kissing Erica or fucking her. Katie would look Erica in the eyes and think about fucking her while Erica was talking about how her day went or what she needed to do tonight.
One night the two girls went out for a bite to eat and a drink. They played “I never” while drinking just for fun. Katie said “I never kissed a girl” Erica drank because she did kiss a girl. The rules of the game were if you never did it then you don’t drink but if you did do it then you drink. So Katie did not drink. Katie was surprised and she asked Erica, “who?”
Katie said “I use to date this girl in college but no one knew it, we didn’t really tell anyone, we were experimenting. We actually were not really dating but I guess you could call it that. Anyway, she was hot. I actually liked her, but I would never…” Then she stopped and drank some more. Katie took a sip and looked at Erica with those deep eyes again of fucking Erica. Katie was red in the face she was so ready to hold Erica in her arms and kiss her. Erica looked at Katie and said ” I cant believe that you never kissed a girl. You seem like…”
Katie laughed and smiled. ” I seem like what?”
Katie’s was blushing trying to hide what she was feeling inside.
Erica said, “You haven’t tried it before?”
Katie said, “Unfortunately I have only dreamed of it” Unconsiously she admitted it and she never told anyone that before.
I would kiss a girl if I found the right one to do it with. I am up for anything once, I guess that you would be like someone I would try it with, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, Erica. Besides you are my boss, it would only make things weird between us”
Eirca took a deep breath aware of the consequences but contemplating the risk of never having this chance to experience the warmth of fucking a girl again. Katie was attractive and she was really special to Erica because they worked so well together.
They were seated close to each other at the bar. Both of their legs were wrapped around each others. They were feeling tipsy and could say really anything right now and not be uncomfortable.
“Katie if you want to I would” Erica said.
“Erica I would. I have had my eyes on you already.”
Erica smiled. “I know” she said
“I have too” said Erica.

They paid the tip and thank the bartender.
They were laughing and waling out to their cars. Katie said look it is still kind of early. Why don’t you stop by my house and borrow that sweater.
They agreed and went to Katie’s house.
Katie opened the door and thought about how beautiful Erica’s body was.
They did not hesitate to unlock the sexual tension.
Katie turned around and Erica was already leaning in towards her. Katie brushed her arm against Erica’s breasts and apologized as she leaned in to kiss her. The two were kissing passionately. They looked like lovers. Katie was so wet she could hardly stand. She was week in the knees and she pulled Erica up the stairs leading her in to the bedroom. Erica followed her. Katie took off Erica’s sweater revealing Erica’s pink bra. Katie took off her sweater. Katie was on top of Erica as she nibbled on her ear and un-strapped Erica’s bra. Ericas nipples were rock hard and Erica was wet. Katie said “you feel so good. This feels so right”
Erica said “fuck me Katie”
Katie took off Erica’s pants and thong. She began sucking on erica’s clit and finger fucked her.
If you want to hear more write me!

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Katie is turned on by her boss, Erica., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Priesty

    Good story, please write some more, katie & erica really started to turn me on.

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  2. hott2trot

    Do yourself a favor..don’t write more stories unless you “stop jumping all over the place”

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  3. campdaffy

    Please continue and make this series last for months. Write about once a week.

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  4. crazylovecfg

    Do us all a favor and PLEASE keep posting..

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