Ken's Party

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My mate Ken was three years older than me, he had just bought his first flat. Having just settled in he was throwing a party on the Saturday night. Ken was 20 and very handsome, he seldom had the same women more than twice. A party at his place would be sure to have lots of beautiful women, so I thought I’d find someone stupid enough to go out with me. I had known Ken three years I met him at the gym where we both worked out, we spotted each other on the weights, we soon became best mates.

I spruced up, best party clothes, Ken said, the party would start around 8 o’clock, so I went to the vintners with my fake I.D. and bought a couple bottles of Hungary’s Sauvignon, well it was cheap. I arrived and the house was quiet, I knocked and Ken opened the door, he invited me in and took the bottles.

‘You’re the first’, he said, ‘Drink’?

‘Glass of wine’, I replied, ‘Not the stuff I brought’. we both laughed.

We sat and chatted, 8 o’clock came and went, that was when Ken told me that there was no party, he was being very mysterious he said he just wanted to talk. He told me he was bisexual and he had feelings for me, he would understand if I wanted to leave. I told him it was ok, but I could not have anything but a friendship with him.

He understood, and promised never to bring up the subject again.

As we drank my mind kept coming back to what ken had said, so I began asking him questions about bisexuality. We drank and he was honest about his feelings. I asked him about how it felt to touch another mans cock, to hold it and to suck on it. If I was being honest I was more than a little turned on and when he responded by standing and loosening his trousers dropping them to the floor then taking my hand and placing it on his cock. It felt so hot in my hand silky, I pulled the foreskin down revealing the mauve shiny gland with a semi clear fluid seeping from it. I let him go and drained my glass.

Ken reached for my belt, he unbuckled it I sat back watching him as he pulled the zip down revealing my pale blue briefs, which held my 6 inch erection, the material was stained wet with the serum seeping from my cock. I lifted allowing Ken to remove both my trousers and briefs, I sat naked on the sofa, Ken lightly stroked my cock as he nuzzle my neck, holding my head he turned me to find my mouth he kissed me soft gentle, his finger tips barely brushing my hard cock, which jerked as he touched it. I opened my mouth and accepted him tongue it tasted of red white, he broke the kiss long enough to pull my shirt off. He cupped my balls in his hand as he licked my nipples, my cock was dripping with fluid my foreskin peeled back allowing the slick head to peep out, Ken slipped onto the floor between my legs he used the back of his hands to stroke up my inner thighs and following with his tongue and mouth, he sucked on my flesh as he moved, he lapped at the join of my legs to my torso, I could barely breathe I desperately wanted to grab my cock and pump it but Ken was still teasing me.

Then he licked the length of my cock, the feeling was to much to take and my cock jerked and three long jets of cum shot into the air landing on my chest and stomach, I was so embarrassed, but Ken just lapped the puddles of cum then enveloped my cock with his mouth, it was intense but my cock remained stiff as Ken sucked dipping his head on my cock., he then released my cock and poured a little white wine on my erection, before sucking on it again he sucked pumped and poured wine on my for the next 7 minutes, when I grabbed a handful of the sofa cushions and my cock once again shot a load this time right into Ken’s mouth. Ken sucked and lick on my now deflating cock, till I was completely drained.

Ken stood and taking my hand he pulled me off the sofa, leading me to the bathroom, he switched on the shower, as the water heated he undressed, when he pulled his silk boxer shorts down I stared at his cock, I had seen him naked in the gym changing rooms but one never stares, so this was my first time looking directly at it, it was bigger then mine and hooked to the left. He took my hand and led me into the cabinet, he rubbed some shower gel over my body, he washed my cock and balls thoroughly, then he turned me round and washed my back before he bent me over and drizzled some more gel between my bum cheeks, he ran his hand into my ass crease sliding the lather over and round my secret hole, then I felt his finger pressing into my ass gently but firmly he jiggled it in and out adding more gel until he was satisfied. He then handed me the gel, I so wanted to do this, I rubbed him all over his deep chest and tight abs until I finally held his cock in my slippery hands I rubbed him, his cock grew in my hands, he turned and I washed his back and ass, once finished we both stood under the shower ensuring we were rinsed off. Stepping out of the cabinet he handed me a towel and I dried off finally wrapping the towel round my waist, Ken dropped his towel and lead me into the bedroom, once in the room Ken pulled my towel off and took me in his arms and pressed himself against me his cock rubbed against mine, he was fully erect as his tongue slid between my lips, teasing my tongue after several minutes kissing me he hauled me to my knees and moved behind me as he took a small bottle from the bedside drawer, he drizzled the cold liquid between my ass cheeks he massaged the oil into my crack and round my anal opening, he smeared the outside of my anal ring them pushed his finger past the ring into my ass, he drizzled more oil round his finger and worked it inside me, it was a wonderful feeling having my bum played with, Ken withdrew his finger and drizzled more oil on his cock, rubbing it over his cock then he positioned it at my asshole and pressed his big cocks head into my tight ring. He slid in until he had the whole length of his cock inside me he held it for 20 or so seconds then he moved his hips drawing it out till only the big head remained, the he inched forward filling my tight ass, he moved slowly at first occasionally dripping more oil between us lubrication his massive tool. I wrapped my hand round my semi erect cock stretching and relaxing it it soon became fully erect, I moved my hand on it in time with Ken’s cock pumping inside me. After some time Ken forced me flat on the bed, my ass tightened on him as he thrust harder, his flesh smacked against mine as he drove to his orgasm, he gave three long hard thrusts where he buried his cock as deep as he could, his cock spurted hot creamy cum into my bowels, my cock pressed on the bed squirted spreading my cum onto the sheet. Ken drew his cock slowly out of my butt, his cum dribbled from my stretched asshole running down to my balls. Ken rolled back on the bed and I crawled round and lay in his arms I felt safe, I fell asleep as he stroked my hair.

When I woke I was in the bed by myself, I flung the covers back and went down stairs wrapped in the towel I had discarded last night, ken was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, he asked me I I was ok, I was a little embarrassed, I had just been laid by my best friend, but Ken had opened my eyes to a new experience and I admitted that I had enjoyed every minute.

Ken made breakfast and then we went back to bed, where I made love to him, we spent the better part of the day making love, sucking fucking and holding each other. We had sex in the shower, in the bed and in front of the TV watching football. I went home Monday morning, the following weekend Ken arranged a blind date for me, she was gorgeous 5ft 8ins with flame red hair, green eyes and a great figure, a girl I never thought would consider sex with me but she spent the night with me in ken’s spare room while he had he friend a small breasted blonde a little over 5ft. When they left in the morning I jumped into Ken’s bed where we spent the entire morning sucking and fucking. We spend most weekends together, occasionally Ken arranges girls for us, but mostl
y we go out and fuck in various places, the mo
re danger the better the sex.

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