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When I was 15 years old I had a crush on this 17 year old girl down the street. We did the normal wrestling around and jokingly grabbing a feel, at least I did my best to accidentally bump her tits while fooling around.
One day while wrestling with her to the floor she got the best of me and sat on me and locked my arms down to the floor, while moving around on me I got a hard on that she was sitting on. She knew it was there and finally said what are you going to do with that? I was embarrassed as heck but she kept wiggling around on it thru my pants, then she said, ” Do you want me to me show you something if you promise not to tell?”
I was scared but very interested for sure, I stammered OK, She got off me and knelt next to me, unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out. She grabbed it with her hand and said “Nice one Frankie”. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to jerk me off, I lasted about 20 seconds and came all over the place. I thought that was it when she said, “Now that’s that is over, you want to learn a bit more?” Being young but scared but very horny I said “Sure”.
That afternoon I learned how to suckle a tit, finger pussy, and eat pussy. I was looking forward to the next day and spent the rest of the day and night thinking about it. The second day I got my first blow job, I got to cum in her mouth the first time which only took about 45 seconds, I was getting better no? Over the next few weeks I learned it all, I ate pussy till she came multiple times, we fucked every day. I got control enough finally to have her cum first lasting long enough. I particularly like getting my cock sucked and Cumming in her mouth; she seemed to enjoy it also, never missing a drop.
During this educational time of my life & into it for about a month, one of her girl friends was over one evening while I was there. We were horsing around and she said to Lynn “He’s got a nice cock and knows how to us it, I have been fucking him for about a month now” Lynn’s eyes opened real wide and said “Sure you have Sue” while I turned red as a beet.
Sue said to Lynn “Watch”, she unzipped my pants and reached in to pull my cock out, Lynn was staring in disbelief what we were doing. I was still scared but again going with Sue’s recommendation. She stroked me a bit before taking my cock into her mouth as Lynn’s mouth just hung open. Sue sucked me a bit then said to Lynn “Try it” Lynn was hesitant at first but bent over and kissed the head of my cock, she then parted her lips and slid my cock into her mouth. She was great also at sucking cock and I loved it of course. Sue reached over and grabbed my cock and said to Lynn “Don’t be a hog” She slid my cock into her mouth and sucked a while before they started switching back and forth, first Lynn would suck some and then Sue. I was in heaven and didn’t want it to end but I knew the end was near, I had to cum. I started pumping my hips faster and higher as they almost fought for position. They were cheek to cheek when I started Cumming, one pulled this way and one pulled the other, I blasted shots into one mouth then the other.
The next day was Saturday and things got started a little early, Lynn showed up at Sue’s house again, as soon as Sue’s mother left to go shopping we got started. This time I got to fuck them both. Not doing to bad for a now 16-year-old boy, I had my whole life in front of me. I’m 18 now and have been with a few good women but never another double. I appreciate the good teachers I had and will never forget them.

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