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So there I was lying on the sofa, on a typical Sunday. Ordered a pizza and with the laptop in the front was downloading porn. I just felt what a great life the porn star’s had. They were paid to have sex. I mean how great is that? I would’ve done anything to live the life of a porn star for just a day!! Well anyway back to the topic, I left the laptop to download and stepped out of the house on to the beach. I was living in my sister’s place in Jacksonville, while she went out on her third honeymoon with her 1st husband now isn’t that great. I’m 22, just cleared out from college got a cracking internship, not a bad body and fairly good looks. I had my share of flings during my time but the matter of the fact was I was still a virgin!!! It leaves me bedazzled when I hear my friends’ stories when they tell about their first times at 21, some at 18…and a few at even 14-15…and at that moment I feel like sticking my head in a river, it’s so humiliating. I can get a girl, I can give them a good date but somehow there always is a minor screw up which turns out not to be minor once I know what the type of girl is.

Back to the present, I was enjoying the cool morning breeze and walking along the coastline. I saw a couple at a distance and felt a pang of pain. I wish I had that, I thought…I turned around and walked in the opposite direction.
After a few minutes of walking I got the urge to go for a run so I took off my shirt put on my shoes and sprinted away. I was in the regional relay team and had won the silver medal, if there was one thing I wouldn’t ever trade; it had to be my running capability. After a few miles I stopped for a rest and a beer. I saw a woman across the bar, no older than 30 sipping out a scotch. I really was intrigued and bold as always I went and talked to her.

I said, “Hello, I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger and u are?”
She giggled and said “gosh, u locals aren’t too bright are u. I’m Nicole ”
I said ” don’t misunderstand please, I just wanted to put the kind of impact u put on me….scotch at 9 am!! ”
I was ready to bet she didn’t understand the impact part, I meant that she was having a scotch which totally crushed my drink (beer), her body was just smoking hot so I thought why not take a name whose body would crush hers (metaphorically)
Her reply impressed me, “Well I take back my comment about brightness..had a rough night, so just kind of want to forget it. Feel free to join me”

Clearly she talked in a way I did. So taking the hint I sat down, bought her another round and started making small talk.

She had a very strong fragrance, which distracted me all the while I was talking to her. It was very difficult to maintain my gravity at that time. However I managed, and I came to know that she had a fight with her group, the one with which she came here, and I consoled her. She said they wanted her to go to a naked dance which was kind of rare here, and she refused to be there.

I asked, ” u don’t seem to be the one who doesn’t take chances, why did u disagree to something that sounds so….unusual ”
She smiled, I fell for her then and there, and said, ” Well I could tell u the address and u could go if u want to”
Classic deflection, I suspected a bf might be involved.
I said, “Trust me I would love to go there with you but don’t u think ur Bf might have a little problem?”
She laughed and said “My ex-Bf definitely has a little problem if u know what I mean!”
I laughed, obviously this wasn’t a small fight, but they had split up for good. This was a good sign.

I asked her to come over to my place, a wild move but I thought she would know I wasn’t the sleazy kind of guy plus her post breakup mood would obviously consent her to come with me. I was proven right as she agreed with me.

Later, at my place after Nicole had departed, I realized how much we matched together. We didn’t have anything in common but we were both willing to try new things, we were the different people. I liked talking to her. We texted each other that night, and she said she was bored and wanted to come over, now here was a situation.
She either wanted to sleep with me or test me, if she wants to sleep, all that I thought of her goes to trash. If she wants to test me, to pass I’ll have to invite her and let her go back, without having unclothed her, and I would never forgive myself for that !!!
It was a difficult choice, but I went for the gamble. I called her and told her to come. I prepared myself, cz if she is testing me she would get herself to be unresistable. And that, she was. A mini-skirt revealing almost all of her thighs and a faded white sleeveless top, which was lose enough to show me she wasn’t wearing a bra. One of the worst parts of being a virgin is u lose ur composure in such high pressured moments, so I tried not to look at her much which helped me a lot through the conversation. We had some drinks, I put on some music, and we opened up and talked. I was falling for this girl more and more by the moment, but I couldn’t lose my composure or risk losing her. It was difficult, I couldn’t help getting a little hard when she bent down to pick up a CD and I got a partial view of her left breast, but I managed to hang on somehow.

Finally she got up to leave, I was sad that she was going but happy that I could let my penis free of my pants grasp.
When she was at the door, she turned around smiling mischievously and said “well played” I didn’t know how to respond to I just smiled blandly, she said “oh don’t act all innocent now, even my dog would understand that he should’ve fucked me by now, Ur IQ is way more than his”
I hesitantly said, “Ur dog isn’t a euphemism for ur Bf is it?”
She laughed. And moved in and kissed me, and said ” thank you, dinner tomorrow, at 10, I’ll bring the food all right.”
She didn’t wait for me to answer, maybe cuz she knew I would say yes, maybe cz she knew my hard on just went on harder when she kissed me and I got a whiff of that magnificent perfume of hers.
I couldn’t wait for the next night. I was eager to meet her again.

I felt very nervous the next day. What if I made a mistake and turned her off. I would never forgive myself for losing this girl. She was the most gorgeous and intellectual girl I had ever met in my life. This was a classic mistake made by most men on their first date’s, they always tend to lose their confidence and as a result make an attempt to do what they think pleases women which in a high pressure and low confidence situation, is always lame and terribly wrong. All a woman wants is a man to stand his ground and respond to her and entertain her through conversation. And I could do that even while half asleep. So at around 9pm I cleaned the house and threw away the garbage. Then I went for a shower, the waves were lashing and it felt great when the cool evening breeze hit me.

“if u don’t come out now u’ll miss out on all the kinky stuff I do” came a sweet sing song voice from outside.

I should’ve expected something of this sort but it really sent an electric surge through me to know she was less than 5 feet away and I was totally naked. I said I’ll be out in a minute, and told her to feel free to join me if she get’s too restless. I heard her soft laugh. I couldn’t help but take the quickest bath of my life.
Five minutes later we were in the hall chatting as though we were long lost friends. She told me that she just made her breakup permanent from the temporary state that it was, and I tried not to look gleeful but I guess she was distracted because this time she wasn’t the only one with an enigmatic aroma. I had arranged for some chick flick so she would enjoy it, and she did. And the much clich├ęd “arm around her shoulder” move only works if the girl is into you, in my case it did. All in all it was a great dinner-movie date. after we cleared up, I brought two glasses of wine and said “Movie and dinner are both lame substitutes for the kinky stuff u mentioned earlier , isn’t it.”
She smiled, but not her mischievous smile, a simple happy smile and hugged me tightly. I didn’t let go, I knew she was in a vulnerable state after her breakup and she needed a friend’s support. I tried consoling her, but she snapped and said “this isn’t remorse u idiot, I just love being with u. Stop being all over analytical for once, be plain dumb and take a hint”
I laughed, brought her at a distance, and said, “hopefully u won’t have any regrets ”
She said, “I won’t as long as u don’t share my ex’s problems” and winked.

I couldn’t control my urges any longer, and I pulled her close and kissed her, and she kissed back and boy was that a marvel. I could feel the softness of her lips, and her urgency in her body language. We kissed each other there on the couch for a while, and slowly I picked her up and brought her on me while I lied down. I could feel her breasts against me, our legs entwined. Her hands holding my face as she dug in with her tongue. Our tongues were rubbing against each other while I stroked her back and cupped her ass, and slowly but steadily our breaths became ragged. My dick started to harden and while her tongue was inside my mouth I occasionally rubbed my groin against hers. She noticed I was getting hard and stopped kissing. I pulled her back in but she moved down and started taking off my pants. Now here was something that never happened to me, so naturally I got nervous, but went on as if it was normal. Her soft hands held my dick and started stroking it, she sensed my nervousness and said, “relax sweetheart, I’m all yours for the night”

Boy was it good to hear it, especially from her of all people. So I took a hint, and pulled up her silk top, and beneath were perfect ample breasts with erect nipples, a perfect 34 D. I put my dick in between her breasts and started moving it up and down. She helped by doing it quicker. I could feel her soft boobs bouncing on my lap as she quickened her movement. I knew I wouldn’t last long because she was spectacular. So I quickly stopped it and started kissing her again, this time I went down on her. She held my face as we lied down. She moaned softly as my body squeezed her tits. I never felt this turned on, I started stroking her hips and made her wrap her legs around my hips and French kissed her. The tongue action and the strokes and squeezes finally got to her as I felt a little wetness around her inner thighs, her juices were trickling down her thigh’s. Very slowly I moved down, I kissed her neck, then on her collar bone, then her chest, then fondled with her breasts. She squirmed when I touched it, I squeezed her left boob real hard, and she moaned. I started sucking and squeezing and did it for at least 5minutes. I could see the wet patch on her mini skirt by now, and after a while she moaned “Oh get down already”

With slow and deliberate kisses on her stomach I reached down, opened her skirt and moved it down her slender beautiful legs. My dick was throbbing in a way I had never seen it before. But I had to wait, I had to fulfill the needs of this goddess of a woman before mine. I spread her legs and held them there as she groaned with sexual hunger, and slowly entered my fingers in her vagina. She screamed with pleasure and got up and started kissing me again. I understood why, she was very tight meaning she hadn’t had sex in a while. I would make sure she wouldn’t forget this time. So I pulled her, by her back, closer to me and moved my hands down to her ass crack and picked her up and lay her down on the couch all the while my fingers slid in and out of her vagina with grunts and moans in response. While fingering her I kissed her then I moved down, and started licking on he right nipple, then biting it. She pushed my head closer inside and I could feel half her breast inside my mouth, i sucked as hard as I could and I slid in four fingers now, she moaned so loudly that I felt she would cum then and there. I had to get it on so I put 2 of my fingers in a curve and felt her clitoris. She jolted so hard that I almost choked on her tit. I let it go but my fingers never stopped squeezing the clitoris. I realized she was ready to cum. So I pulled out my fingers, wrapped her legs around my neck and started sucking on her vagina and licking her fluids, she went mad with pleasure. Writhing and squirming and moaning her orgasm was about to take place, so I made the move, licked her clit about 10 times before she gave that exhausted “aaahhhhh” and came inside my mouth. I drank the juices with pleasure, as they smelled as sweet as honey and tasted like something I had never tasted before. She started seizing with pleasure and I never let go of her body. After two whole minutes of doing that did she stop and gave me that lazy moan which signaled I could come up again. My face was besmirched with her juices. she smiled and licked them off my face, and It turned me on. I didn’t pay attention but my dick was rock hard and I couldn’t crouch properly. She saw that and giggled, then got up and moved towards the shower. I followed like a dog. The hot water pouring down her made me stroke my dick, she pulled me closer and jumped on me so I had to hold her ass and my rock hard dick was squeezed between her and me. She kissed me so passionately that I felt weak in the knees, I couldn’t carry on like that much longer so I gave in and lied down with her on top of me. She knew how desperate I was and yet she was slow and deliberate, as she whispered “I’ll give u the best orgasm ever” I didn’t know what to think, because her next move was damn freaking sexy. Slowly she put my dick in her vagina and I moaned. I wanted to fuck her so bad. But I couldn’t do anything as she rode me slowly with my hands held firmly on her hips and her mouth inside mine. If only she would do this faster I wished, I could’ve sworn my dick was still increasing in length, because of the magnitudes of pleasure she was giving me. I kissed her back as passionately as I could and made frantic movements up and down her sides revealing my desperation, finally she got up and let me up. Within half a second I picked up her right leg, locked her foot on my shoulder and I thrust my dick inside her. She gasped as it was a very fast movement but the time for chivalry was gone, my thrusts only became harder and faster as I from one end of the shower I brought her to the wall at the other end and now she had no where to go. She moaned so hard as each thrust got me a little closer to an orgasm I started moaning too. I had time for one last move, so I raised her a bit so my face was in between her breasts and I licked like a dog while I fucked her as hard as I could. I thought she wouldn’t like that but she made her movements in rhythm to my thrusts so that I get a harder jerk.
I fucked her then and there for almost a minute and I couldn’t believe I lasted that long but when I ejaculated I lurched moved my face up to kiss her and saw her gorgeous face smile at me before welcoming my tongue inside her mouth. And that was it, I came inside her for almost another minute. Squirt after squirt I felt my balls getting empty inside her, and that was the greatest sensation of my life. It was a trance, everything went slow her kiss was bliss, my dick still ramming her vagina was the most intense pleasure, our bodies moving together was a beautiful harmony. I finally stopped cumming and let her down. We kissed in the warm shower, as she washed my throbbing dick. She asked, “I kept my word didn’t i?”
I said ” I knew that even before u said it”
She laughed and kissed me, a lazy tired kiss. I brought towels, and wiped her up. Then I picked her up and took her to my bed, where I kissed her till she slept. My mind was thinking many things, still in wonder of what happened, but the most prominent thought was-Im not done with her yet..!!

The next morning, like usual, I got up at 5am, she was still blissfully asleep with a content expression on her face.
I smiled, as I went in the kitchen and prepared something for her. At about 7 am she got up and called out loud “good morning, wherever u are”
I came in with her coffee and french toast and enquired, “How did u know if I just didn’t hump and dump u?”
She looked at me with her gorgeous eyes, battling her lashes and said “Well for one I could smell the french toast, and the other…u idiot, this is your home…wherever u would go u had to come back right”
We both laughed. I sat behind her and held her close to me as soon as she was done eating. She laid there in my arms for a while before she said, “ever had sex on the beach?” I wittily said, “it doesn’t really soothe me”
She smiled her naughty smile. I didn’t know what she was thinking. She then got up and went to the washroom. I cleared up and was on my laptop when she came out with my shirt and jeans on. She said, “Meet me where we first met, at around 10 am?” and smiled her gorgeous smile. I got up and started to hug her when she pulled me in for a kiss. I just get an erection every time I remember her soft lips gushing on mine. Nicole was a marvel. I was out of breath by the time she let go. I said, “see ya later ma’am” as she left. I went back in the room, where I saw on my bed. A red thong. The same one she had wet last night. Hott!!! I thought.

Well, I just couldn’t wait for the next three hours to pass. I couldn’t believe I was already so horny for her even though it had been less than 12hrs since the last time I fucked her. I wasn’t like this, I usually had control over my sexual feelings for somone. This was different. With her I felt wild, I felt even if I do something she wouldn’t disliked, she wouldn’t mind it. I dressed well, put on a lot of after shave and reached the place 15 minutes before time and I saw her waiting impatiently.
“I assumed u would come earlier, so I came here at 9″ she said with a let down expression.
“I assumed u would assume that so I came here a little late so as to test how long u would wait for me”
I said. I felt it wasn’t that bad a line because she smiled and I skipped a beat.
“lets go hun” said she.

I didn’t ask where we were going, as she took me towards the area where the wilderness was more dense. She kept humming this tune and I looked at her and she had this insane look on her face, like terribly satisfied look. Finally, she stopped and said okay we arent that far so I need to blindfold ur eyes. I didn’t evenbother arguing cuz I knew I would lose it. So I allowed her to take control of myself and followed her. I felt the bushes getting thicker, and I was worried if the brabmles would scratch nicole, I voiced my worry to which she laughed and kissed me on the cheek and said, “ur cute, too bad ur gonna die” I knew she was joking. No woman fucks a man, like she fucked me last night, if she wants to kill him. Eitherway I was curious as to where she was taking me. Finally she said “time to open up” and took off my blindfold. We were nearing the edge of the forest area, I could feel the breeze. As soon as we came out, she let go of my hand and jumped down the slight slope and moved towards the water in her sexy cat-walk. I just watched her ass wobble from one side to the other, and was mesmerised. She shouted “stop cheking me out and come on here, idiot” I stupidly walked till I reached her. She beamed at me. I asked “what are u so happy about”. She said “I had sex over here with every bf I ever had”. That did freak me out a bit, but her gleaming gorgeous eyes and her amazing body just distracted me and I jumped on her making her fall down and started kissing her. She responded in kind, and thus started our second sexual encounter.

Man was she driving me wild with her tongue. I couldn’t control my desperation as I tore open her thin top and started on her perfectly soft and round boobs, and she squealed with pleasure as I bit on her nipples. Instinctively my hands moved on down to her pants and zipped them open and I started fingering her. This was all within the first minute. I had my mouth on her breasts and my hand in her pussy and her voice in my ears screaming for more. I knew why she brought me here, so nobody would know we were here and we could be free. I never heard her scream this loud as she squirted all her juices on my hands. I still went on with my sucking and licking, a few minutes later I stopped. I got up and saw she was red-faced and panting. She looked so damn beautiful I wanted to fuck her then and there. I took off my pants and held my dick, stroking it. She got up and put it in her mouth and started an in-out motion. I couldn’t stay on my feet any longer so I lied down, my dick still in her mouth, and pulled her body over myself. We stayed in the 69 position for a long time, longer then I could remember and we both came in the other’s mouth. She got up straight and started to kiss me softly and slowly. My dick which had decreased in length due to the orgasm started to rise again. As we grunted and rocked there on the sand and rolled around with her tongue in my mouth, the waves started to hit us, I was taken aback. When I got up and saw back, we had come along rolling in the 69 and while making out till the shore. She laughed and pulled me into the water and started stroking my dick. I put my fingers inside her vagina and pressed the clit and she moaned, then I picked her up and took her deeper into the water.

Now started the real making out, we could feel the passion burning in our kisses. We both wouldn’t let go even to breathe. It was bliss, those few minutes we kissed in the water. As soon as we came out she gasped for breath and fell on the ground stil gasping and panting. For some reason I found this extremely erotic and my dick started to swell. I got down over her on all fours and inserted my whole dick into her. She groaned and later said “no Mr. good guy now?” I was too focused on her tits to reply. I never sucked so hard in my entire life, and she screamed with pleasure and screamed she wanted more so I took out my dick and thrust it again, with more speed. She screamed harder. I got so turned on I got up and held her shoulders and put my body weight on it so she wouldn’t move up and I thrust in harder each time. It went on till I was drilling her so fast I couldnt even see her face properly. It was sexual satisfaction, a type that I never got after that day. I kept fucking her and she kept moaning and finally she and I both came together with a minutes interval. I don’t know why but I still couldn’t stop drilling her and I kept going on till she said “stop honey or ill bleed”. I stopped. I then apologised saying “sorry, i had lost control of my feelings” She smiled and turned around, I thought she was leaving and was sad because I was stil erect and had enough in me to go on fucking, but she dropped and said “my asshole is all urs” I couldn’t wait for her to get lose because I was too horny. I wet my dick and her hole with my saliva and some water, and I inserted it in. slowly and steadily the speed increased. Her moans now turned into grunts. I could tell that it was hurting her so I picked her up and lied down with my dick still in her ass, and I started playing with her clit. This made her squeal and her squeal of pleasure made me harder. I rammed my dick into her harder and harder. My hand was squeezing her boobs and I was licking her back like a wild animal, my other hand fingering her clitoris and my dick fucking her ass. This went on for atleast 10minutes during which she orgasmed once and I still didn’t stop.she said she couldn’t take my dick in her ass any longer so I stopped. She got on me and started riding me. It was a great sensation, my rock hard dick inside her and my mouth inside hers we fucked like this for another 20minutes and she orgasmed again. I still hadnt cum. She got up and looked at me, smiling, and said your not done yet are u…what do u want me to do. I said, “I wanna lick the water on ur tits while fucking u” She laughed and took me into the water. I just said this randomly. She got up on me, her ass in my hands, and we fucked harder then ever before. It was sex so intense that my face went red and my whole body was shaking and it became extremely hard to keep her breasts in my mouth. I finally came and this orgasm was the most intense one of my life. I couldn’t move for a while, the waves lashed on me and she was still seated on me with my dick inside her. She was panting. I asked, “bet ur bf couldn’t do that” She didn’t say anything, just smiled and kissed me. This was a lazy kiss, not a desperate horny one. And I noticed her scent. I was so overcome with hormones after the last night with her that I had lost all sense and could just think of fucking her. Now that inside animal was satisfied, I could love her and make her feel like the godess she was. After an hour of lying and kissing there Nicole said, “im hungry, ive gotta have some lunch. My sister is waiting for me. Ill have to go.”
I said, “nice dumping line”
She smiled and kissed me. Then said, ” I came thrice and u just came once….im betting it was very intense. If u want to meet up again, meet me at the bar tonight.” She took her clothes and my shirt (as I tore her top) and went away, her ass wobbling. And I knew that instant, I was in love.

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