Lust At First Sight

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Sitting in the canteen at work, talking to friends as I usually did on our breaks, all of a sudden something passing the window caught my eye with a double take. It was my friend Jason but he has someone with him who I hadn’t seen before, and it was him that had caught my eye.

I quickly asked the girls I was with to look outside and asked them if they knew who he was. Luckily someone knew of him and said “That’s the new Registration Officer in Carol’s team I think, but I don’t know his name”.

Not being able to wait until I got back to my desk from my break I called my friend Jason. After getting the general chit chat out of the way I then asked who the new guy was I saw him with. Of course I got all the teasing questions like “ooh, why do you want to know?!?!” etc but he then told me what I wanted to know. The new guys name was Charlie and he’d only started with us this week. Jason was chums with him because they both lived in London so Jason gave him lifts in.

With the next chance he got, Jason introduced me to Charlie. He had very dark hair with the most piercing blue eyes I’d ever seen. His accent was a little strange but he had a contagious laugh that caught on to those around him. I knew there was, for me, an instant attraction which kind of made me feel awkward talking to him as we seemed to be getting on as good friends and I didn’t want to risk that at this point, not before getting to know him better. Also, as we were friends I didn’t know what he thought of me and wasn’t prepared to make a fool of myself just in case he didn’t have the same intentions.

As the next few months went by I got to know Charlie better and better. I found that he was 9 years older than me but he was the kind of guy you would never be able to put an age on because he came across as very young at heart. We also learnt that we’d both recently just broken up from a long term relationship. I was still being hounded by my ex so it was nice to have someone to talk to that was going through the same. Charlie was still good friends with his ex as they had a house together in London and the split was amicable.

The nights out with the guys from work were great fun, whether it was down to the local pub or going into London; especially now that Charlie was there as not only did I have someone to talk to I also had someone nice to look at. I’d been into London before with mum and dad to see some cool sights, the usual land marks and museums etc. but only really in the centre of town.

Charlie had a place south of the river near Greenwich and said that if I ever wanted to visit I could. Never been that side before so one Saturday I took him up on the offer. I caught the train into Kings Cross, made my way across and found his house. It was a town house with 4 floors which I found fascinating after living in a bungalow with my parents. We had a drink then went for a long walk around Greenwich – the market and Cutty Sark; it was a really great day.

After our walk we went back to Charlie’s house where we chilled for a bit and had a drink. Charlie was going out that evening so he went to get ready. His bedroom was just upstairs from where I was sat and my eyes couldn’t help follow him as went to get changed. I was mesmerised when I saw his reflection in a mirror as he took off his top – he was fit.

As he came back down the stairs he had a smile on his face which made me blush as I wasn’t quite sure if he’d seen me watching him, or whether he’d done it on purpose, wanting me to watch him. He was ready to go and before leaving the house he leant over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Not knowing if it was just a friendly peck or whether he was testing the water; at that point I lost all self control and without even thinking I kissed him back on the lips. Pulling back after thinking “shit”; it could’ve gone either of 3 ways – I could’ve made a complete fool of myself with him saying “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”, he could’ve taken it as just a returned kiss; but no, he was testing me. Kissing him back told him about the attraction I’d been trying to hide for the last few months and with this ammunition he pinned me against the wall kissing me passionately; his hands all over my body.

He pulled back, opening the front door and said “shall we go then”, but then closing it he then said “or we could stay here”. Staying in seemed to be the better option. The passionate kissing continued and clothes soon started to come off. Trying to make it to his bedroom but failing miserably, we stumbled into a naked heap on the stairs. Sitting up a couple of steps up from him he spread my legs over the step I was on and he feasted on me, licking the inside of my thighs before really going to town on my pussy. Feeling very light headed I couldn’t get over how turned on I was; no one had ever done this to me before and I was loving it. Desperately wanting to please him I pulled him up so I could taste his mouth and then making my way down so I was on a couple of steps below him, on my knees in between his legs I sucked on his hard throbbing cock. He thrust his head back and let out a sigh, letting me know that he was enjoying what I was doing to him. He tasted good. He then pulled me up so he could taste my mouth and as we were kissing I slowly lowered myself on top of his lap, feeling his cock enter my very wanting wet dripping cunt. The feeling was so over powering, better that any drug I could imagine.

Charlie called his night off with his friends, making an excuse saying he was tired. He wasn’t lying – we fucked all night. It was the best decision to stay in that I’ve ever made.

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