Lust from Hate to Love.

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Im a 6’1 Brown haired Brown eyed male, im hefty in weight, dont shave to often and not really out in the dating world to much im 18, my friend danny is 20 and that slut girlfriend of his is 22, Her names Nicole, Shes about 5’7 or 5’8, And damn does she have curves, By looks id guess she has about size C tits which suit her perfectly, and probably THEE most amazing and tightest ass ive ever seen, She has these incredibly soft and tender pink lips, Thick brown hair just touching her shoulders which compliments her gorgeous round face and button nose which is topped off with her big round hypnotizing hazel eyes.

It was late on a Friday night in December i sit sprawled out across my couch in my boxers and T-shirt watching garbage television ad’s trying to sell some garbage ass items. I was horny as usual and had my hand down my boxers, sorta nodding off as usual since it was friday and i had nothing to do. My phone started ringing making me abrubtly open my eyes in anger, i reach over the arm of the couch and sloppily snatch the phone off the end table, i squint at the cell phone and see “The Bitch” i flip it open and roll my eyes knowing SOME kind of shits going down if shes calling me. “What do you want Nicole…” i get the response “Get your fat ass to the door and let me in!” I stay quiet for a few seconds. “Uh, Hello? You hear me? Snows up to my god damn shins, buzz me in before I get Danny on your big ass, got that Trev?” I groaned and got up, i walked to my door and hung up the phone. I hit the button next to the door and knew her bitchy self would be slamming on my door any minute now. I heard the click clack sound rushing up the staircase, i stand on the other side still with my eyes aimed up, rolling my hand impatiently till i hear 3 hard slams on the door. I ripped the door open pissed as hell, “What the hell are you doing here, Why arent you with Dan—” I stopped short when i saw her, My eyes panned slowly from her toes to her face, noting every little sexy detail. She was in thick furry boots, her knees together while in a thin baby blue miniskirt, a thick warm winter coat and drenched hair, She was holding herself shivering with a mad look on her face, She stood there with her hair soaked wet, God she was gorgeous…

Tt was the first time ive ever blushed when i saw her.”See something your big ass likes? Move-” she pushed me by my shoulder and rushed passed me. I turn around and slam the door shut to see her sliding her coat off and wringing her hair out on my rug, the bitch. “So… What smart slutty tramp actually wears a miniskirt in December?”, “What overweight asshole wears a T-Shirt and boxers with his junk clear through it with a lady in his presence?”. “Huh… Glad to see your walking over people as usual. Speaking of that, Wheres Danny?”, “I didnt agree with your asshole friend Danny’s opinion about my mother so i made him stop the car and i well,” She glanced down and moved her hands from crossed to her elbows up to her shoulders, “just got out and walked here…”, She sounded sincere and ACTUALLY vunerable for the first time ever. I lifted my left arm to comfort her but then i remembered how she usually treated me and i just folded my arms over and remained apathetic. She looked up with those strong gorgeous green eyes peering over her sexy glasses, and through those…soft, pink lips she said, “So… What do you say Trev? Can i stay?” Ugh! I shook my head trying to shake the feeling she was coming onto me, off. I rubbed my hand against my forehead. “Yeah whatever i guess…” a smile crossed her face and she winked at me. “Now, get me one of your shirts and a towel” I dropped my hands to my side aggrivated. “Why!”, “Im gunna take a shower, Duh.” I walked into my room and rummaged through my draws, getting a pair of boxers and a shirt. I walk back out after about 5 minutes of searching my room for something clean and see her soaked ass sitting on my couch but that was INSTANTLY pushed out of my head to see what she was watching, She was watching one of my fucking pornos! I ran over and snatched the remote out of her hand and turned off the T.V. “What the hell are you doing!” She was red and had a shit eating grin on her face. “Cum Fiesta huh?” I threw the shirt and boxers in her face, i was red as a god damn tomatoe. “Theres a damn towel in the bathroom.” She got up and knocked my shoulder as she passed me “Move!” i muttered under my breath, “Bitch’ll never change…” and i plopped down on the now wet couch and turned the TV on. I stopped the porn movie and started flipping through the channels, i threw a blanket on myself, settled on a channel and began nodding off again.

It was about 10 or 15 minutes later (even though it felt like 2) when she came out of the bathroom in nothing but my boxers and my shirt in a knot. I was still half asleep when she sat down next to my head, i had a raging frigging boner knowing her cute ass was sitting there in my boxers. I grumbled “Welcome back” and rolled over facing the back off the couch and closed my eyes. i felt a strange feeling going from my forehead to the top of my head, I rolled over sleepily and looked up to see her pushing my hair back in a petting type of manner. i cleared my throat “What the hell you doing?” The smile on her face dissapeared. “Fine… ill stop”. I sat up confused, “No no, Whats up with you, your usually either a tramp or a bitch and now your suddenly having these little nice spurts”. She turned to me and bit her bottom lip and watery eyes, Shit… i shouldnt have said that. “You know Trev you can be pretty fucked up sometimes.” I was gunna argue back but i was at a loss of words. I just sighed and moved closer to her. She slid further away and i came closer, She looked the opposite way and folded her arms. “Nicole come on im sorry, Just sometimes… damn you can be cold blooded,(This isnt helping i guess ill meet her half way) but… i know your truly a nice person… I mean your gorgeous and you honestly have the personality to match.” she remained quiet. I nudged her gently and got a smile out of her, She turned to me and looked me right in the face with those piercing hazel eyes and those tender lips, and thats when it happened…

I found myself with my tongue down her throat as she slowly laid back and took me down with her. I was in heaven but i could barely enjoy it cause all that my head kept screaming was “Oh my god Danny’s gunna fucking KILL you!” I broke it abrubtly and she looked with me confused with her arms still wrapped around my neck. “W-whats wrong?”. “Nicky i cant (i laughed a little) I cant do this… You have a boyfriend-” She cut me off “-Who doesnt give me attention, I could count on my hands how many times hes ever kissed me, and we’ve never had sex.” she slid her hand down my chest and passed my stomach, i went red. “Looks like we have a visitor”, I gasped and sat up, glancing down at her every so often to see her perfect round tits through my shirt. She sat up and we started making out again, At this point i dont even care anymore, shes hot, and its Dannys fault for not showing her attention. I slid my hand up under her shirt and started massaging her perfect tits, As much as id hate to admit it… I was in heaven.

I stood up at that point and lifted my shirt up and off, She did the same, i dropped back down and started kissing down her neck as she moaned suggestivley. My Mouth kept traveling down until i met her right nipple, i sucked on it lovingly as my hand slid inside inside the pair of boxers i gave her, i felt the heat emitting off her now plump cunt. She adjusted herself and spread her legs for me, i dragged the index finger of my left hand down her slit, feeling her jump and let out a whispered gasp. I released her nipple from my mouth and met those gorgeous pink lips once again and started making out with her again as my finger found itself going deeper inside her cunt. She broke the kiss and had a evil grin on her face, she pushed me onto my back as i pulled my finger out and got my first taste of her. Suddenly she ripped my boxers
off and i felt her gr
ip around my cock, her hands were still moist and warm from the shower. She kissed me one last time before i felt those perfect lips go from my lips to the tip of my cock. I wanted to blow RIGHT at that moment, but what fun would that be? For about 5 minutes she slowly bobbed her head up and down on my dick, stopping every so often at the head, almost making me cum. After that time i felt the tip of my dick running between her tits. She laid back on the couc and bit the tip of her pointer finger nail while smiling at me. I leaned over her and locked lips, I knew this was more then lust. I pushed my cock slightly against her steaming hot pussy at which point she broke the kiss. “Trevor.” I looked up into her eyes, i NEEDED to fuck her and now, i was in a rush. “Wh-what, what is it Nicky?”. Then one last time she gave that evil look as she reached around and put her hands on my ass. “Trev…I love you with all my heart..and..I’m a virgin”

My eyes bolted wide open and right before i was able to react she pulled me into her as hard as she could, I let out a breathless gasp as she screamed at the top of her lungs. I didnt know what to do at that point. There was a second of silence as i regreted and remorsed every single time i called her loose, or a slut, or tramp, until she whispered in my ear “If you dont fuck my brains out, Ill tell Danny you took advantage of me.” That bitch turned the tables, but i didnt give a shit. I started out very slowly pumping in and out of her, i took her virginity, and i wasnt just gunna stop now. I could hear her whimper and let out little cries and moans as i quickened the pace, concerned about how much shed be bleeding. I was out of breath but i kept pounding the shit out of her. “You– ok — Nicky?”, I got a four worded response, “God I love you.” I pulled out of her, it was bad enough she was a virgin, but to top it off by getting her pregnant? Fuck that. I cleaned my crotch off and cleaned her off to. “Your not stopping… You know that right?” She said pissily. “Dont count on it.” I brought myself to my knees and set my hands on her knees and spread her legs. I brought my face right infront of that gorgeous pussy, it looked like she was gunna explode, She hadnt cum yet, I traced my hand over her cunt, running my fingers through her trimmed heart shaped patch of hair above her pussy. I put my mouth over her soaking mound pressing into her harshly, Her legs INSTANTLY locked around my head and she started panting. I plunged my tongue in and out of her lapping up each drip on her cunt, kissing around her cunt and sliding my fingers inside her every so often. I glanced up to see her playing with her right tit and sucking on her left one, I dont think she could have made my cock any harder, until she muttered, “Finger my asshole babe!”. I never thought of her as a anal girl, even though she had the ass of a godess. i responded with a “What?” pretending not to hear her. “Mmm you heard me babe.” I lifted my right hand up to her face and let her lick her juice off it, dampening my fingers more. I forced 2 fingers inside her ass as she moaned more and more. I continued slurping away at that sweet fresh untouched pussy as my fingers invaded her ass, after about 15 minutes i felt her muscles contracting on my tongue and her asshole tighting around my fingers, she panted harder and harder and eventually screamed, i placed my mouth fully over her steamy pussy and pushed my fingers as deep into her ass as i could. I felt her hands push my face down on her cunt and her squirt FLOODED into my mouth, there was sooo fucking much. She leaned forward and said in probably the most sexiest voice ive ever heard. “Mmm swallow it.” I figured id give a little payback, i stood up and went to kiss her, i figured shed try and move but as usual she stunned the shit out of me, she fully welcomed my kiss and half her load of cum poured into her own mouth, i swallowed my half and my god was it the most sweetest taste of cunt id ever experienced. I broke the kiss and saw her face drenched in her own liquid, she swallowed sexily and pulled her legs back, lifting that adorable ass and sweet cunt up. I licked the fingers i had in her ass slowly, she licked her own lips as i did so, i bent over and lowered my face to her cunt again, giving it tender and sweet kisses, working my way down, she had a curious look on her face as i reached my destination.

She gasped as my tongue swabbed her squirt covered asshole, i kissed, fingered, licked and plunged my tongue in and out, generating more and more ecstacy between us. I knew thats what she didnt originally want but hey… She made a puppy dog face and i grinned at her, I held my cock in my hand and brought it to her face, she eagerly took it into her mouth. I rammed my dick WAY into the back of her throat, forcing her to deepthroat, she gagged for a couple seconds before i pulled out. I sat on the couch next to her and pulled her onto my lap as she giggled. She braced her feet on the couch and stood up slightly, i lowered her gently onto my cock, pushing her ass onto my dick. “Be gentle” she exclaimed. “Dont worry Nicole… i wont be.” I yanked her down, now taking her anal virginity. She screamed outloud once again as my cock pulsated, i moved my hand to her chest and grabbed hold of her tit before sliding my hand down and over her cunt, squirming 3 fingers inside of her then bouncing her up and down, fucking her hot asshole harder, harder, and harder before she forcibly slowed me down and pulled herself off me before resettling down on my cock once again, scurring her cunt on my dick.

I proceeded to fuck her like i have NEVER fucked anyone… ever… before. She looped one arm behind my head and the other she braced herself with on the couch. She let out inbetween her pants “Im gunna!- Im gunna cum again!” Once again i felt her contracting around my cock, i was about to blow my load so i tried to pull her off, i got her off and she turned around and faced me, i thought she was gunna get off and let me cum in her mouth, nope. She put one hand on each shoulder and i watched confused, holding my load back, she didnt cum either so i wondered what the fuck she was doing, before i realised it she slammed her hot cunt back down on my dick and i screamed, “Nicky no!!!” She threw her arms around my neck and gave the most loving kiss ive ever gotten. I coulndt hold it anymore, i squinted my eyes and heard her whisper, “Babe its ok” i felt a warm sensation take me over as she relocked lips with me, i instinctivley starting fucking her pussy with all my energy before i heard “Trevor i fucking love you, your never leaving me” and began letting out load after load after load inside of her. At the same time she started cumming, we were wrapped in passion as we yelled into the night.

After a couple minutes of silence i opened my eyes to see her head resting on my chest. I rolled her over onto the couch and pulled out, my cock was absolutely COVERED in cum. I was wet from the stomach to the knees in her juice, her eyes were shut, i opened her legs and what seemed like a waterfall of cum came pouring out from inbetween her legs. Right about now i had my wits back and i fell back on EVERYTHING id just done, she creaked her eyes open and smiled, i had a worried face on. She stood up and kissed me as if weve been together for years. She hugged me tightly and said once again, “I love you Trevor.” As many times she said it… i knew how i feel and i knew my responsiblity now. i wrapped my arms around her and replied, “I love you too Nicky, and i always will.” i put my hand on her stomach and continued, “Especially since we’re going to be having this…” She looked up and i looked down into her eyes, i peered over her glasses which at the moment were right on the tip of her nose. As much as i hated her hours prior, I knew who i was going to be with for the rest of my life.

—The End—

Email me if you liked the story, it was my first, tell me if ya want sequels!

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