Maid in Singapore

Eileen knocked on the door to the master’s study and moments later, she was told to enter. “You called for me, sir?”

Paul Chan looked up at the young maid. “I did,” he said. “Please come in and close the door.”

Eileen stepped into the man’s study and closed the door as she had been instructed to do.

“You know I run a very tight household, here,” Chan began and Eileen nodded her assent. “But lately, I have received some reports about you that have been rather disturbing.”

“About me, sir?” asked the young redhead.

The man nodded. “I’ve heard that you have been flirting with some of the other hired help.”

Eileen had to think about that. Sure, she liked talking with Benson, the guy who did the gardening, and she’d chatted a bit with Tony, the delivery guy the other day, but she wouldn’t really call that flirting. On the other hand, her boss was a very conservative man and she wasn’t sure what he would consider to be flirting.

“You realize,” said her employer, “that I can’t have that kind of lascivious behavior going on in my household.”

“But, sir, I wasn’t–“

The man held up his hand. “I don’t want to hear it. Making excuses only makes it worse. You realize that you’re going to have to be punished.”

What had she done, the young eighteen-year-old wondered and more than that, why was she even considering going along with this. She hadn’t done anything wrong.

She knew why she was doing it, the young Aussie told herself. It was because she needed money to go to school. She’d been lucky, she’d thought, to get this job, and besides, Mr. Chan was a good employer, and he really didn’t demand all that much from her.

The man was standing and then he was coming around his desk. “I thought you told me you were a virgin.”

“I did,” Eileen assured him.

“So you lied to me!”

“No, I didn’t. I really am a virgin. I really am.”

The man snorted at that. “A dirty, little girl like you is a virgin? I find that hard to believe.”

“But it’s true.”

The man smiled a thin, little smile. “Well, I suppose we’ll see about that,” the man told her. “Bend over and put your hands on my desk.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Eileen saw her employer pick something up but the young woman knew well enough not to turn her head and look at him. She knew he wouldn’t like that, and then Eileen was leaning forward and putting her hands on her employer’s desk.

Eileen kept her eyes forward as her employer stepped behind her because she knew that was what was required of her.

She felt the man lift up the tiny, little hem of her maid’s uniform and then she felt the man pull her panties down her legs. She could almost feel her employer inspecting her little, bare ass.

“My, my, my,” the man said, “look at that dirty, little bottom. Are you sure you’re still a virgin?”

“Yes, sir,” Eileen replied. She was a virgin, but this kind of treatment was making her so hot.

Eileen felt something brush lightly across her bottom. “Well, I guess we’ll just have to see about that,” her employer said.

How was he going to do that, Eileen wondered and then she yelped wildly. Her bottom hurt. It really hurt, and in spite of herself, she turned around to see what her employer was doing to her.

The man glared held a riding crop poised over Eileen’s butt as he glared at the girl. “You know the rules,” he told her. “Turn around and don’t look back here, again.” The man shook his head. “Now, I’m going to have to punish you even more severely.”

Eileen turned her head back around and she gritted her teeth as she waited for the whipping that was sure to come.

The girl cried out again, and then again as the man beat her ass. It hurt. It really hurt, but the man wasn’t going to stop.

“You … are … a … dirty … little … girl,” her employer said, punctuating each word with another strike by the riding crop on the redhead’s cute, little bottom.

Eileen sobbed pitifully as the man beat her ass. It hurt. It really hurt.

But her employer wasn’t done with her. Some of his strikes caught her on the ass and some caught her on the tops of the thighs, and all the while, the girl moaned and sobbed as her body took the man’s abuse.

She felt the man stop and then she felt him slide the riding crop between Eileen’s legs. She could feel the riding crop sliding between her pussy lips. “It looks like someone’s getting kind of wet. Are you sure you aren’t a dirty, little girl?”

“No,” Eileen whimpered.

The man continued to work the riding crop between the girl’s legs, eliciting a moan from the young woman. “No, what?” the man asked. “No, you’re not a dirty girl … or no, you’re not sure.”

The girl moaned again. “No, I’m not a dirty girl.”

“No,” the man said even as he swatted Eileen’s bottom yet again, eliciting another yelp from the girl. He swatted her bottom again. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Eileen sobbed even as her boss swatted her butt yet again. “I’m sure.”

Eileen could almost hear the man grin. “Well, perhaps you ought to be,” he told her.

Eileen was about to ask what her boss meant by that when she felt one of the man’s hands fondle the raw skin of her ass. She whimpered at the feel of his hands on her bare skin and then she whimpered again, only it wasn’t his hands she was feeling any more.

Eileen moaned as she felt something big and hard move between her cheeks. There was little question in her mind what it was and yet, she barely put up any sort of fight at all. She just kept her eyes facing forward as she felt that thing move even deeper between her legs. “What are you doing to me?” she whimpered.

“I’m just seeing how dirty you really are,” her employer replied.

The girl whimpered again as she felt the man slide his cock between her legs and then she whimpered again as she felt the head of that cock press its way past her womanly gate.

Oh shit, the girl thought, that cock felt so big inside her. He was so fucking big.

The man pushed that cock even deeper inside her cunt and the girl groaned again. Too big, Eileen thought. He’s too big.

Her employer was pushing his cock even deeper into the young girl’s cunt and then his cock suddenly met with resistance. The man probed the girl’s cunt with his cock and the man slowly smiled to himself. So, the girl was telling the truth, he thought. She wasn’t actually a dirty, little slut. Well, she wasn’t one before, but she would be now.

Eileen grunted as her employer shoved his cock into her pussy and then the girl grunted again. She could feel her employer moving even deeper inside her body and even though she knew she should resent it, Eileen couldn’t help herself. She liked the feel of that cock in her cunt. She loved the feel of that cock in her cunt.

The man moaned as his cock slid even deeper into the girl’s wet, little pussy. “Oh yeah,” the man moaned as he felt his cock bottom out in the girl’s cunt, “it looks like you’re a dirty, little girl now, aren’t you.”

Eileen didn’t say anything. She just groaned as her pussy took that cock.

Her employer shoved that cock even harder into her pussy. “I asked you a question,” the man said. “It looks like you’re a dirty, little girl, now, doesn’t it?”

“Oh yeah,” Eileen moaned, “dirty … dirty … oh shit, yeah … dirty, little girl.”

“Yeah,” the man said as he drove his cock into Eileen’s cunt, “you’re a dirty, little girl.”

“Oh yeah,” Eileen agreed, “I’m dirty … dirty … oh geez … so dirty.”

The man grunted even as he buried his cock in Eileen’s tight, little cunt.

The girl felt the man’s cock inside her pussy and she moaned again. He felt so incredibly big inside her and then even as she was relishing the feel of tha
t cock inside her pussy, Eileen felt the cock swell inside her. She heard the man grunt and then she heard him moan and then she felt something warm and wet surging inside her cunt.

That was all it took. As her
employer started to cum inside her, Eileen started to cum. Her pussy constricted around that embedded cock and as her pussy gripped that cock. Eileen surrendered herself to the waves after waves of pleasure that coursed through her body.

And as she stood there with that cock buried deep inside her little cunt, Eileen could only think one thing. I’m a dirty, little girl, she thought. I’m a dirty, little girl.

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