Me, My Hsband, and His Best Friends

My name is Christi, and my husband is Orlando. It all started when he asked me what would be the one thing I have always wanted to do. I was sort of embarrassed to tell him because he might have thought I was crazy or something but I did. Well I have always wanted to have a threesome with you and John I said. He looked at me for about 5 seconds then said he will be right back and left. When he got home he said Get dressed we are going out. Where are we going? I asked. He said Never mind that just come on. We got into the car and we drove to the holiday inn where he got one of the best suites they have. We went up to the room and he told me to put on my schoolgirl outfit. So I went into the bathroom and got dress. While I was in the bathroom he went to get ice. When I got out I saw his best friend John. I was shocked at first but then realized what was going to happen. Hey John, how you doing? I asked. Fine, Orlando told me what you have been fantasizing about. Well, what do you think? He then walked over to me and started to kiss me in a way that just made me shiver. As we were kissing Orlando came into back into the room. He took off his shirt and told John to do anything he wanted to me. He pulled my head back and started to kiss my neck and playing with one of my 36D breast. He undid my shirt to grab both of my breasts he put one in his mouth and the other he massaged with his palm then he alternated. Just then he stopped and said, Undo my pants and give me head. I get down to my knees undo his belt and unbutton his jeans and lower them down to his ankles took his 8 ½” cock in my hand kissed up and down the shaft and slowly put his cock in my mouth. At first I go slow until he grabs my head and I quicken my pace. Just as I deep throat he lets out a small moan and tells me to go faster. I do and about 2 minutes later he cums in my mouth, I try to swallow every bit of it but its too much its spills out of my mouth and onto my breasts. He lays me on the bed, lifts up my skirt and starts licking my pussy. I look over to the chair that Orlando is sitting in with his cock in his hands and nod for him to come over. As he sits on the bed I start to give him head. John puts two fingers in me while licking my clit and let out a soft moan “ooooooohhhhhhhh” he continues to finger fuck me as I give Orlando head just as I am about to cum yet again for the third time Orlando cums, yet again I try to clean up real good but its too much. At that point john gets some lube he brought with him and starts to rub it all over my pussy and my ass. Orlando grabs the dildo he brought with him, puts me in the doggy style position and enters my pussy from behind while john is in front of me massaging his own cock. Orlando fucks me while putting the dildo in my ass slow at first and inch by inch but just as I ask him to fuck me harder he quickens his pace and sticks the dildo farther into my ass. I let out a loud “ow” even though it doesn’t hurt as much as it feels good. Once he sees that I am really open he tells me to ride john as I get on top of john Orlando enters my ass I feel so full that I had an orgasm with just the entrance of Orlando entering me. After about half an hour of doing me like that they switch positions. John is now in my ass and Orlando is in my pussy. I was so full and so satisfied I wanted to do nothing more than stay like this. About 10 minutes later john tells me hes about to cum and wants me to suck him off as he does. I turn around as to where I am still riding Orlando but my back is to him he puts two fingers in my ass hole which is burning like hell right now and I start to suck Johns cock as he cums in my mouth I start to cum again this time I am able to swallow all of his tasty juices. While I am cleaning up john Orlando squirts all of his juices inside of me. For the rest of the night we layed in bed capturing our energy.

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