Meeting For the First Time Part I

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I’d always imagined what my first time would be like, but the person never had a face. At least, not until now. For months I anticipated our meeting, imagining how it would go, what we would do. I never imagined it would be so wonderful.
As I got off the plane after a long, 9 hour flight, I see you. 6’3″, how can I miss you? I slowly walk over to you, clutching my carry-on bag. Do I hug you, or shake your hand? We hadn’t discussed what we’d do at the airport. You adjust your glasses, pushing them up with your index finger. I’m practically melting, and dripping wet just anticipating your touch.
“H—hi.” You stutter, your Dutch accent coming through strongly and rich. You’re so cute, as you run your fingers through your short, brown hair. You look nervous, but probably not as nervous as me. “How was your flight? Must have been long.” As you reach to get my bag, I drop it to the ground and fall into your arms. You gasp quietly, mutter something in Dutch, then hold me tightly. Your hand runs through my hair as your other hand drops to the small of my back, pressing me into you. I can feel how hard you are, and I’m sure my panties are soaked by now. After a few minutes of holding each other, you pull back, smiling slightly. “People are watching. Why don’t we get you to your hotel?” I nod slightly, shaking still from your touch. We both reach for the bag I dropped, and our hands graze against each other. Looking into your eyes, we can both feel the sexual tension, even though neither one of us will admit it. Both of us being virgins and shy, we don’t know quite how to handle this new feeling of lust and need.
We make small talk on the way to the hotel I’m staying at. You still live with your parents, so it would be awkward for me to stay at your place. As we pull into the driveway, you practically leap out of the car and jog to my side, opening the door. You hold your hand out and grin. As I get out of the car I slap you slightly on the chest, laughing. Popping the trunk, you grab my other bag (I travel light) and follow me into the lobby.
As we make it to my room, I know what’s going to happen. Well, maybe not know, but I know I want it to happen. We reach my room, and I slide the card key into the slot, listening as the lock releases. Pushing the door open, you walk into the room and put my bags on a sofa sitting in front of the picture window. I plop down on the bed, a bit exhausted and jet lagged from the trip. You smile at me, noticing my tiredness.
“I’m going to go, let you rest. I’ll give you a call in a few hours, and pick you up for dinner. We’re having chicken…and something. I’ll have to look it up and tell you later.” You laugh to yourself, then open the door to leave. I jump up, race over and grab your hand as it rests on the doorknob.
“Don’t go. I mean, we’re finally together, I just want to talk…nothing else. I’m not that tired. Honest.” I look up at you, my brown eyes watering. You sigh, looking down at me, as your hand leaves the doorknob and comes to rest on my cheek. I close my eyes and shake. Every time you touch me it’s electric, and I wonder if you feel it too.
“Okay, but as soon as I see you getting sleepy I’m going to go.” You move back into the room, closer to me. I can smell your scent, and I get wet again. I want you so desperately, I’ve wanted you for so long.
Shutting the door, I take your hand and lead you over to the sofa, pushing my bags to the floor. We sit for what seems like hours, talking and laughing. We’re so much alike and have so much in common, we never run out of things to talk about. A moment of silence, as we both look into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, you lean over and graze your lips against mine. I close my eyes and moan. Hearing me, you quickly pull back, looking down at your hands.
“I’m…I’m sorry. I just…well, I just wanted to…” I grab you by your head and pull you towards me, kissing you deep and long. Your tongue rubs up against the top of my mouth, making me moan louder. Your hands grasp my face, as we make out. It’s more then making out, there’s so much passion and desire behind it. You pull away, holding my face in your hands, panting.
“Why did you stop? Is it me?” I look down, worried I did something wrong.
“No, it’s not you, it’s me.”
“God, not the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ speech.” I pull away from you, slouching on the sofa cushions.
“No, it’s just…if we keep going I’m going to want more.” You blush, and I know what you mean.
“I want it too, I’ve wanted you for so long…I’m ready. I want you, all of you.” I move closer to you, moving my hand down to the small tent that’s formed in your pants. Your eyes roll back into your head, and you sigh.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you…ever.” The compassion of your words touches me so deeply I start to cry. I fall into your arms again, and you hold me, rocking slightly.
“I only want you. You’re…the someone just for me.” I laugh at myself, as you pull my face in front of yours. You kiss me again, your tongue rubbing against mine, writhing and twisting as one. I’ve never been kissed like that, or by someone I loved so much.
Taking my hand, you lead me over to the bed, laying me down. Grinding your hips into mine, you kiss my face, my neck. As your hands work down to the buttons on my jeans, you stop.
“I want this to last a long time. It’s our first time, both together and in general.” You smile that cute, innocent smile, then kiss me again.

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