Meeting For the First Time Part II

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My hands move up to your shirt, starting to unbutton it. As I get the last button, I arch up and lick your nipples. You moan while you continue to move your hips back and forth, clearly enjoying the sensation. You start kissing your way down me, pulling at the fabric of the t-shirt I’m wearing. I laugh, as you remind me of a dog being teased with a towel. You shake out of your shirt, then sit up, still straddling me. Reaching to my stomach, you raise my shirt, leaning down and kissing my navel.
“See, all that Yoga did good.” I giggle, as you continue pushing my shirt up over my head. I hear you gurgle as you look at my breasts, bulging in a bra I’d bought especially for this trip. The red, transparent fabric does little to conceal the fact that my nipples are extremely hard. You reach over and cup my breasts in you hands, then you lean down and tower over me. Kissing me again, your hands work towards the back clasp, unsnapping it with ease. For a virgin, you can sure unlatch a girl’s bra quickly, I think. Sensing what I’m thinking, you smile and tug at the lace, pulling it off and releasing my breasts from their bondage. You moan, and quickly latch your mouth onto a nipple. Your tongue works it’s way around the areola, finally settling on the tip. After a few moments of working on one, you switch to the other. Looking into my eyes as you suck, you move your fingertip towards my mouth. I open it and suck on your finger. After it’s wet, you move it down to my nipple and start rubbing. I arch my back as I get wetter and wetter. Licking your way back up to my neck, you move your hands down to my jeans, unbuttoning them slowly. Your hips are out of reach, so I can’t feel your hardness anymore rubbing against my throbbing clit. Tugging at the jeans, I squirm my hips out of them. You kiss me again, them kiss your way down to my pussy. I close my eyes, anticipating what’s going to happen. You pull my jeans off, and I can feel your eyes piercing the thin fabric of my panties, the only thing left keeping me from you. You look up to me, but seeing my eyes closed you figure it’s okay to continue. Pulling my panties away from me, you moan again, and I can feel your warm breath on my pussy, blowing softly. Your breath is quickened, and I can tell you’re not sure where to go from here.
“Just…lick…lick my clit…use your…fingers…” I gasp, panting so hard I can barely breath. I reach my hand down and spread open my pussy lips, revealing myself completely to the love of my life. Using my middle finger, I rub my clitoris slightly, feeling my juices oozing. I’ve never been this wet masturbating…then I feel your tongue working it’s way to replace my fingers. Flicking back and forth against my clit, I gasp, never feeling anything like this.
“That’s it…oh my god…yes…don’t stop, please.” Knowing you’re satisfying me, you decide to try something else. Replacing your tongue with your fingers, you begin licking around my hole in circles, working closer and closer. Your fingers continue their ministrations on my swollen clit, as your tongue starts flicking in and out of me. Every time I feel it go inside I gasp, shaking. I know I’m about to cum, so I start moaning louder.
“Mmmmm…yes…yes….please don’t stop….that’s it….suck my clit…now. Let me cum…” You listen to my demands, and begin sucking on my clit like you’ll never see it again. I know you’re jerking yourself off from the sounds I can hear near the edge of the bed, and that makes me even hotter. You start humming, and it sets me off. My hands reach above my head as I grab the pillows for support, screaming in ecstasy.
“Shit….oh my god….fuck….” I come so hard I have to gasp for breath, as you lick up all of my juices. You slowly come up, your face glistening with my juices. Your hand is still pumping on your dick, and I finally see it. You kiss me deeply, so I can taste my own juices. I push myself up, barely able to support myself after the massive orgasm.
“Can I…touch it?” I blush, not believing what I’m saying.
“Um…ye—yeah.” You grin stupidly, not knowing what else to say. You sit up on your knees, as I stare at your now extremely hard dick. Reaching over slowly, my finger grazes over the tip. You moan loudly, throwing your head back. Looking at your reaction, I grasp your meat in my hand, and begin rhythmically moving my hand back and forth. You can’t believe I’m jacking you off, but you’re loving every minute. Following the movements I’d seen you do, I continue pumping you with my hand, while I bring my other hand up and touch your balls. This illicits another deep moan from you, so I start to massage them, cupping them in my hands. Staring at your dick, now dripping with precum, I start to worry—will it fit? I can barely finger myself without sobbing in pain. I know you wouldn’t hurt me, though, so I quickly banish those thoughts from my mind. Now…now it’s my turn to satisfy you.

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