Melanie teaches me more than college ever did.

As I sit here writing this, my pussy is twitching. I am fighting the temptation to reach down and massage my aching clit to orgasm.

It all began my first year at college. I was an older student, older than most. I was one of many 30 year olds that had begun college that first semester. Several dropped out after the first few weeks due to family problems and what not. I met a girl in my Calculus class named Melanie. She was a bit shorter than me, had dark hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. Melanie was 28 and a mother of two young girls. She was married but since her husband was a cross country truck driver, she hardly ever seen him. Melanie and I seemed to bond instantly. We began eating lunch together every day and after school I would go over to her house and hang out with her and the kids.

Melanie introduced me to her cousin one day who was named Amanda. Amanda was a tall girl with long blonde hair and deep green eyes. She was very pretty and very out spoken. One day, Amanda pulled me to the side while Melanie was in the bathroom and told me to watch out because Melanie had bi tendencies. I just sort of laughed it off because I had never gotten that impression of Melanie. Later in the night, I had forgotten my conversation with Amanda when Melanie looked at me and said, “You know, I can call my mom to baby-sit and we can go out.”
It didn’t seem like a half bad idea so I agreed. We dropped the kids off at their grandmother’s house and headed on our way. I kept asking Melanie where we were going but she kept telling me to just enjoy the ride because it was a surprise. We drove for what seemed like hours. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember is Melanie waking me up and saying we were there. I sat up in the seat to see this huge building in front of me, all lit up with neon. The signs continuously blinked an “XXX” sign in front of the windshield. I knew instantly where we were…an adult novelty shop.

As we walked in, you could hear the music from inside booming. I was beginning to wonder if we weren’t at a strip club. The door swung open and there were men everywhere. We were the only two girls in the place except for the cashier, who was dressed in a flimsy pink tank top and a school girl’s uniform skirt. We began browsing around the store and we noticed all the eyes on us. I didn’t pay much attention to it but Melanie did. She suggested that we go into one of the viewing booths in the back of the store. I had never been in one, nor knew what one was, so I followed right along behind her.
We walked into this nice sized room that was totally dark except for a black light above us.
“Melanie, what is this?”
“It’s a viewing booth. People come in here and insert coins into this machine here and the shade comes up and you get to watch girls strip. I just wanted to come back here to get all those guys to stop leering at us.”
“Oh, ok.”
I looked all around the room and on either side of me and Melanie there was a hole in the wall. I didn’t want to look naive so I didn’t ask what they were for. As we got comfortable, Melanie began digging in her pockets for quarters. Sure enough, she placed the quarter in the machine and the curtain began to rise. There standing in this glass enclosed room stood a long legged blonde completely nude. She began to dance to what sounded like a muted rap song. As she gyrated, I tried to pretend not to be watching. My eyes were drawn to her. I was mesmerized by the sight before me. This woman was now lying on the floor spreading her pussy wide for all to see. And then, as I watched on, she slid two fingers into her pussy. She began to pump them harder and faster and with a rhythm that matched the music. I felt my own pussy begin to water as I seen her glistening fingers sliding in and out of her twat. And then, the curtain slammed shut. I had forgotten about Melanie being with me and when I turned to look at her, she was slumped down in the seat with her hand in her pants.
“Melanie, what are you doing?”
“Don’t act like it had no effect on you. I could tell by the way you were watching that it did.”
I know I was blushing. So much so, I was sure I would light up the room.
“No, it didn’t. Are you ready to go now?”
“No, just sit back and we will go in a little bit.” she said as she continued to slide her hand deeper into her pants.
“Here, put two quarters in this time and sit back and relax, for god’s sake. You never let loose.”
I took the quarters and slid them into the machine. I couldn’t even look at Melanie. I felt like I was somehow invading her privacy. As the curtain rose, you could tell the girl was still on the floor. The first thing I really paid attention to was she was now on the floor fucking herself with a long pink dildo. I never looked up any further than that. Just watching it slide effortlessly into that dripping slit of hers was making my eyes glaze over. I had tunnel vision. My eyes were fixated on her when I heard this loud moan coming from Melanie.
“Ohhhhhhh godddddd……yesssssss!”
I watched in amazement as Melanie was washed by wave after wave of orgasm. I didn’t know what to say. Melanie pulled her hand out of her pants and you could almost see the cum dripping from her fingers. She put them up to her lips and licked them clean. I must have been sitting there with my mouth open wide because Melanie made a comment about it.
“You keep that mouth open like that; you might just get something put in it.” She sort of chuckled but somehow I didn’t think she was kidding.
“Is your pussy wet yet?” she asked.
I lowered my head, ashamed to answer.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I know you have needs and since your divorce, I am sure you haven’t been getting those needs met.” Her hand had moved to my thigh. She moved her head towards mine and gently licked my lower lip. I tensed up but strangely, I didn’t pull away. She moved in again and kissed me for the first time; long, passionate, and deeply. As our tongues mingled, Melanie’s hand found my breast. She lightly pinched the nipples through my bra and it sent a bolt of excitement rushing to my swollen clit. I couldn’t fight her. Then again, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.
Melanie lifted my sweater and unfastened my bra in one swoop. Before I had time to realize what was going on, she had my nipple in her mouth. She began nibbling it and swirling her tongue back and forth over the erect nubs. I couldn’t resist. My hand found her head and shoved my tit deeper into her mouth as my clit pulsated in my pants.
“Take off your pants. I want to show you something.”
I didn’t argue. I was out of my chair before she had a chance to say more. M pants hit the floor just as the curtain was slamming shut. Melanie got on her knees before me and lifted my leg up onto the chair. Without a word, her tongue snaked out and gently grazed my clit. Shiver after shiver ran up and down my spine. It felt wonderful. I hadn’t felt anything that warm or soft in a long time. As she flicked my little bud, she slid one finger into my pussy. That’s all it took. My walls clenched onto her finger and spasm after spasm gushed through me. I came hard, harder than I had in years. I tried to stifle my screams but it was too much as Melanie wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked harder.
“Yes….oooooo….oh god yesssssss…….”
My hips bucked into her face. I couldn’t get enough of her. I reached down and grabbed her head to steady it as I face fucked her for what seemed like hours. Melanie stood up after my pussy stopped twitching in her mouth. Her face was soaked in my juices. Something came over me and I grabbed her face with both hands. I licked every last drop from her lips, her cheeks, and her chin.


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