Mormon Girl 2: The Final Interrogation

Just how much restraint does a Mormon bishop have?

Bishop Christianson’s red cock is rock hard, but he does not want to cum just yet. So, he slows his hand job and just watches as Lynn unzips Brandon’s suit pants. The young man’s cock jumps out. Lynn grabs it with both hands like it might get away. Oh, my God, it’s so alive, she thinks. Jumping and pumping.

“You licked it didn’t you, Lynn?” the bishop says.
“I did,” Lynn says, going in for the lick.
“Wait, Brandon,” the bishop commands. Brandon slathers oil all over the head of his tool with one of his noticeably shaking hands.

Lynn tastes the oil, sort of cinnamonish, then she sucks on his bare bulging flesh. She licks it all up like a Popsicle, and Brandon is undone. He starts to fuck Lynn’s face with his hands on the back of her head.

“Brandon, stop,” the bishop says. “What else?” Lynn licks her lips with Brandon’s stubborn erection still close to her flushed cheek.
“Ummm,” she feels the tightness and wetness in her slippery vagina. She sifts in her seat and decides what to ask for next. “Oh gahd, he, ummm, put his lips, his mouth, he kissed me between my legs, and licked me there.”
“Oh dear,” says the bishop. “This is very serious. Brandon please help Lynn off with her hose and panties.”

Leaving her dress still halfway on her, Brandon quickly pulls Lynn’s black pumps off her feet, then her hose and underwear off down her legs. He smiles at Lynn as he pushes her dress up onto her lap, then parts her legs with his hands, exposing her dripping pussy to him and to the bishop. He takes the spicy oil and rubs it on her cunt lips and red swollen clit. Kneeling in front of her, Brandon moves his face in for the tasty prize.

“Brandon, stop.” Ah, shit, Lynn thinks.
“This is just too serious. Lynn please come to my desk.”

Lynn stands up on shaky legs, her dress drops to her feet and she walks totally nude to the bishop’s desk. Brandon follows with his glistening pink pole jutting out from his open fly. “Sit here, dear.” The bishop pats his desk right in front of him. He doesn’t move from his seat. Lynn notices his penis stiff in his lap, it’s shorter and thicker than Brandon’s, just sticking out of his pants. Two naked, pulsating rods. Otherwise, both men are fully clothed. Lynn sits naked on the bishop’s desk. He is seated directly in front of her. He parts her legs with his hands.

“This I will have to take care of myself,” he says. He sticks his tongue between the lips of her pussy and begins to lick and suck like a hungry bear.

He grabs Lynn’s bare ass and pushes her hot twat into his face. Lynn wraps her legs around the bishop’s head and lays back across the desk on her elbows with her head back. Brandon swoops in and starts biting her neck, and licking her lips, and tonguing her nipples.

“Bishop, I need to fuck her,” Brandon says, speaking for the first time since he walked in.
“Now, Brandon,” the bishop says, looking up from Lynn’s cunt, “we are not here for that. Are we, Lynn? Did your step-brother stick his cock deep inside your tight little hole, my girl? We need to know.” Lynn has her hand around Brandon’s prick.
She doesn’t hesitate, her words coming out in one breathy gush, “Yes, he did bishop, he rammed his dick right into me a number of times.”

Bishop pulls Lynn’s hand off Brandon’s rock hard penis. He pulls a condom from his desk drawer, opens it and slowly slips in onto Brandon’s rod. The young man is almost jumping out of his skin with the bishop’s rough hands on cock and Lynn’s hot pussy just inches from it. The bishop undoes Brandon’s pants and lets them fall to the floor. Then he stands up and parts Lynn’s legs even wider. “You know what to do, my boy!” Brandon is up and in her. Lynn cries out and digs her nails into his suit coat. Brandon pumps into Lynn like it’s the only thing he was ever made to do. Her box is tight and hot. I’m gonna cum too fast, he thinks. So, he slows down and paces himself. Pumping purposely in and out. The bishop has one hand on Brandon’s bare ass and the other around his own taut piece of meat.

“Fuck her, Brandon. Fuck her.”
“Yes, fuck me Brandon,” Lynn yells. Her pussy pulsating out of control.
“Make it right, Brandon. Make this sweet little girl clean again.”

Brandon feels the bishop’s hot jism jet out across his bare ass and Lynn’s orgasm strangle his dick. He comes hard and long and grunting. The bishop quickly gets out a clean white cloth and wipes the oozing liquid off himself, Brandon, and finally Lynn. The men sit quietly and watch as Lynn puts her clothes back on.

Once dressed, Lynn boldly tongue kisses Brandon then walks over and straddles the bishop in his chair. “When is my next interview?”


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  1. HeavenlyDreams

    Congrats to the Author…Another Excellent
    Story of True Mormon Behavior…I am Impressed.

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  2. lewsgrl_77

    I want to say that was a great story.. I made me hot, and if it does that then its excellent!!!!

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  3. superslut

    i was raised mormon and apparantly so were you.great story!we arent so mormon now are we?

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