Morning surprise

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It had been a wild night. I’d met an attractive woman in her late thirties and somehow ended up miles away in her bed.

Now the sunlight was streaming through the frosty window of her bedroom, and she was lying beside me, looking beautiful. I caressed her her gently, and kissed her softly behind her ear. Her perfume was still strongly seductive, and I felt my penis swelling against her pelvis.  I let my hand wander and find her finely shaved pussy. As my middle finger slipped between her velvety lips, she adjusted her position and opened her thighs slightly so my finger could venture further into her lovely moist vagina. Her breathing quickened as I massaged her clit, and her hand found my now fully hard cock….

“Omigod!” suddenly she was fully awake, “What time is it?”

She grabbed the alarm clock from the bedside table, gave it less than a second of her attention, then sprung out of bed… “Shit, I’m late! Sorry, Hun, but I have to go!”

She threw on a silk dressing-gown, and started to rummage through her extensive wardrobe.

“It’s ok,” she reassured me, pulling on some skimpy lacy knickers, “You don’t have to rush. Stay in bed and help yourself to breakfasT when you’re ready. There’s bacon and eggs in the fridge. Emma will show round.”

“Emma?” I asked.

“My daughter. She’s in the next room.”

I now felt uncomfortable, and I suppose my silence showed this. But as she expertly applied the little make-up she needed to become again the stunning woman who had caused my heart to miss a beat the previous evening, she flashed me that winning smile again…

“Don’t worry, Hun, just relax and feel at home. And don’t forget to call me later!”

With that, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then she was gone. The front door slammed, and a moment later I heard her car burst into life and roar off up the suburban road.

Snuggling back under the covers, and smelling the sweet aroma of her perfume on the pillows, I started to reminisce on the previous night. Then I realised that I didn’t remember too much about it, except being completely bowled over by this beautiful woman.

I was almost asleep again when I became aware of the bedroom door opening.  There stood Emma. She had clearly just got out of bed, dressed in a childish nightie with teddy-bear prints, her long brown hair a little tousled.

“Hello. has Mummy gone to work?”

“Um, yes… I think she was late … I’m Dan.”

“Hello.” There followed an awkward pause, neither of us quite knowing what to say. She was one of those girls to whom it is difficult to attribute an age. Her nighty, petite size, and lack of make-up gave her a childlike appearance, but her face looked older.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked.  “Oh, thanks, that would be nice! Two sugars, please!” with a hint of a smile, she turned in the doorway and was gone. I thought, she seems quite unfazed by finding a complete stranger in her mum’s bed – perhaps this happens quite regularly. Ah well…

Then she was back, placing the steaming mug on the bedside table. I started to reach for it, but she said, “it’s a bit hot… I’d leave it a few minutes.” So I laid back on the pillows, expecting her to leave the room, but she didn’t. Another awkward silence as she stood by the bed. Then,

“It’s cold.” she said, and shrugged a shiver. “can I come in with you?”

“Well, I don’t know what…”  but she was already lifting the duvet and slipping in beside me.

“I don’t think your mum would approve of you being in bed with me!” I said, but she said nothing, simply curling up under the cover, with her back to me. I laid back, and after a while she seemed to be asleep. Then she turned over, facing me, and her arm wrapped over my chest.


She answered by snuggling closer up to me.

“I don’t think you should be doing this.” no reply, eyes still closed. “how old are you, anyway?”

Eyes still closed, she said sleepily, “I’ve just finished my first term at Uni.” ok, so that would her 18 or 19 … Assuming she was telling the truth.

“Which University?”


“What are you reading?”

“History of Art.”

“So what’s the name of the main building with the big tower?”

” The Wills Building.” Ok, so she was telling the truth. She opened her eyes now, and smiled from somewhere by my armpit.  “I don’t know why you’re so worried; it’s not as if we’re going to have sex or anything!” she said, in a typically teenager offhand way.

“Well, if you’re cold, at least I can warm you up!” , and put my arm around her.

Her hair smelt sweet and fresh, and I found myself feeling aroused. Before I knew it, my right hand was following the contour of her waist, then down over her buttock. Her nightie had ridden up as she slid into bed, and now I felt the bare flesh of the top of her upper thigh. So soft and smooth!

At the same time, suddenly aware of my own complete nudity, I sensed her hand move down onto my bottom then move ever so slowly frontwards.  Any second now, I thought, she’s going find… And then her fingers found my cock, which by now was rock hard.

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” I whispered. Her silent response was simply to gently stroke my best friend. Now my free hand slipped under her nighty and was caressing her smooth, firm bottom. It was perfection in form.

Now Emma opened her eyes, and I realised for the first time their striking blue colour. Her complexion was perfect, and her full lips smiled before they reached up to brush against mine. At that point, all sensibility left me. Autopilot was on. I kissed her full on, my tongue exploring every part of her mouth. Her young teeth felt smooth and perfect, then her tongue came back at me… We kissed for what seemed like ages before coming up for air…

Now Emma sat up in bed, and in one quick movement stripped off her teddy-bear nighty. She turned, and looked down at me, smiling. She was so petite, with tiny but perfectly formed breasts.

“Are you SURE you’re 18?”

She flicked her long hair back in mock annoyance. “Do you want me to go and get my passport?”

Her hand was wrapped around my member, and now she slid down the bed until she was looking directly at it. Suddenly it was in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock… I felt the magical tingling sensation I had first experienced all those years ago when I first discovered my own sexuality in a lonely dormitory bed. I was coming close to a climax, but this was too good to finish so quickly… I gently lifted her head off my cock, and laid her on her back.

The full beauty of her perfectly petite physique now laid beside me. I took my time to take it in. Tiny breast barely protruding above her chest, but with small nipples standing erect. The flawless skin covered her gently rounded tummy, and continued over her hips and down her thighs. Her mum had a shaved pussy, which was obvious, but Emma’s pussy was perfectly smooth, just two folds of pink skin tightly together …  My finger was there, feeling the soft delights of those contours. Either she shaved incredibly closely, or she had never had pubic hair (which would be worrying!) Her breathing quickened as my finger slipped into her vagina… It was tight, and slippery, and I was aware of a hint of a new exotic scent. a scent that invited me to explore her most intimate delights with my tongue….

Emma’s pussy lips were so smooth, and so firm,  and between them I found her little clit, rock hard. She moaned softly as I licked it. I slipped a finger into her vagina, and she writhed around so it found her most sensitive area… This was heaven!

Now she was grasping my head and pushing me harder against her clit as she thrust against my finger… Her breathing was now a series of gasps, quicker and quicker… “Cumming!” she panted. Her face and neck were flushed, and now I felt a special warmth as she climaxed.

We lay side by side as she recovered her breath, and I stroked her hair, caressed her breast, and kissed her softly.

Eventually, “I want you to fuck me.” she said, quietly, “but slowly…”


“I’ve only done it once before, when I was 17, and he was a… a brute.” There were tears in her eyes.

I was stunned … Didn’t know what to say, so I just held her closed and caressed her. “Do you want to tell me about it?” I whispered.

“I thought he was my boyfriend, but then one night he just pulled my pants down and shagged me. It hurt, and it was all over in seconds. Then he just zipped himself up and went off to the pub with his mates. I never forgave him.”

“You deserve better than that!” I could taste the tears on her cheek. “You know, we don’t have to this if you don’t want to…”

“No, I mean yes, I want to …. I know you’ll be kind…” She raised herself onto her elbows, “and I want to watch you doing it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to watch you coming into me…”

I thought about this for a minute or two while I hugged Emma close. Then, “Are you ready?”

She squeezed me in acknowledgement. I got up and slid her gently to the edge of the bed, then knelt on the floor between her thighs. My cock was standing proud as a Coldstream Guard. Her pussy looked more virginal and inviting than ever… She raised herself on one elbow, then her other hand reached out and guided me to it. She rubbed me against her, gently at first, staring intently at what was happening, then she started to push me between her pussy lips, rubbing against her clit.

“You are so beautiful,” I said, “I want you soooooo much!” … And I had never been more sincere!

She responded by guiding me to the entrance to her vagina. The tip of my cock was just there, then she reached around my buttocks and ever so slowly pulled me into her, all the time staring intently as my shaft gradually slid into her, opening up the tight and slippery cavity as it went. As I felt myself reaching the limit, she lay back, smiled, her neck red with the flush of hormonal blood, and started writhing in ecstasy. I started to move gently in and out of her…. Now her hand was fingering her clit… More and more frantically… Her vagina was doing amazing things to my cock, or maybe it was just because it was so tight, but I’d never felt such a sensation before, and before long, I was think I was getting to the point of no return…

Then Emma came …. Explosively! She went red, moaned, and I felt a flood of lovely warmth around the base of my cock. That did it! I pulled out hurriedly as I felt the surge of sperm start… It shot out like a volcano erupting, one blob landing in her eye, another on her mouth, and the rest spattered over her beautiful body.

We lay back panting, and I found a tissue to clean her up. Later we showered together and, guess what, ended up making love again.

I imagine Emma is now herself in her late thirties. We never met again, nor did I ever see her mum again. Well, I couldn’t after that, could I!

But I did receive a card from Emma a year after our magic encounter. It said simply, “I’ve found a lover who makes love like you. Thank you!”






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