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We had spent a long day moving from Chicago to Cincinnati. The Ryder truck was finally unloaded and returned to the rental station. My mom and I were exhausted and completely filthy. My mom is about 5’3″ with an incredibly sexy ass. She had a beautiful set of dd cup breasts with nipples that when erect could poke an inch through the halter tops she habitually wore. As we walked up the stairs to our new apartment, I could not help staring at her luscious ass cheeks peeking out from her short shorts. I realized she must be wearing thong underwear for her cheeks to be exposed this way. As I pictured her ass in the thong my cock soon began to harden in my shorts. I chastened myself for thinking this way, this was my own mother! But she is one sexy mother!

We entered the apartment and mom offered me a beer, saying that I had done man’s work I should get a man’s reward. Little did I know how true that was going to be? I took a seat in a chair across from her as she settled onto the couch. The living room was full of boxes and we were overwhelmed by the thought of unpacking any after the hard day’s work we had just completed. The mover’s had only set up my mom’s bed because mine was a waterbed and they did not set up waterbeds. We talked over the day’s adventure and mom mentioned a young lady who had caught my eye at a rest stop. The young woman had blond hair and was shorter like my mother.

“I saw you looking at the babe at the rest stop, did you like her because she looked like me?” My mom asked.
“I don’t know.” I said. “She did resemble you and she was very hot.”

“Does that mean you think I am hot?” she asked. “I know you sneak peaks at me sometimes.”
“Mom! I can’t help but look sometimes, but then I feel ashamed because you are my mother.”
“Don’t feel bad son, you are a handsome young stud and I sneak peaks at you too.

I took a long pull on my beer and crushed the can. Mom got me another beer from the fridge, her butt wiggling sexily on the way.

“Doug, I do not feel like going through boxes to night to find clean clothes. Do you think you can handle us showering and sleeping naked wrapped in our blankets?” Mom asked.
“Mom, I just want to shower and sleep. I can go first and then be asleep by the time you come in and get wrapped up for the night.”
Okay, you go ahead and I will leave a last cold beer by the bed for you. Thanks for you all your hard work today; you are the man of the house these days.”

I went to the bathroom to shower. Luckily there were only a couple of bathroom boxes and I easily found a wash cloth, towels, and body wash. I also found some summer’s eve of my mom’s. I put it on the counter so she could find it easy if she wanted it. I showered in water as hot as I could take in and the whole room filled with steam. After washing, I stood under the water and began to daydream. My mind went back to seeing my mom’s cheeks hanging out of her short shorts. I felt my body become more alive and I started to get an erection. Doug, it’s your mother! I told myself. But my dick was up to its almost erect 9 inches. Without thinking, I began to rub myself while thinking of my mom’s ass in a thong. I got hotter and hotter as I thought about running my tongue between those cheeks and tasting her sexy butt hole. A knock at the door about made me jump out of my skin!
“Doug, are you almost finished? You have been in there quiet a while.” Mom said through the closed bathroom door.
“Yeah, I am done. Give me a few minutes to dry off then sneak to the bedroom. I call you and let you know when it’s safe”

I dried off, giving a few extra rubs to my deflating cock. I was not completely erect, but was still long and fat from the stimulation. I couldn’t believe that I had been stroking my cock and thinking about my own mother. I put the towel in the rack and started to open the bathroom door. The bottom of the door caught on my right little toe and I let out a whoop. My mother, who thought that was the all clear call, came around the corner butt naked! Our eyes locked for a moment in shock, then wandered over each others bodies. What a body she had! And now her nipples were even starting to harden! And my cock was starting to twitch in appreciation of this beautiful creature standing naked before me. Mother or not, she was sexy as hell.
“Doug, I see you take after your late father in the size department, that’s quite a package you got there” mom said,
“Mom!’ I yelped while my hands went to try and had my hard cock and its arousal at seeing her naked.
“Don’t be ashamed son; you are a fine specimen of a man. You might as well see the rest of me, since we might never see each other this way again.”
Mom turned and I finally saw her bare ass in all its glory. She looked over her shoulder and gave me the “doe” eyes as she asked me “like what you see?”
“Oh mom, you are gorgeous! But mom, I can’t see you this way!” I turned and looked away, really to try and keep my cock from getting any harder.
I edged my way to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket to wrap myself in as I heard my mom chuckle as she slid open the shower door. She did not even close the bathroom door, I guess thinking I had seen enough and would stay in bed. I was breathing hard and my blood was pumping. I had to see more of her; it might be my only chance like she had said. I slowly made my way to the open bathroom door and peaked around the corner. The glass shower doors were steamed up and I could not see that well. But I could see the outline of her full breasts and could also see her nipples sticking way out. As I watched she reached up and caressed herself, giving the nipples a little tug. I couldn’t take it; I opened my blanket and started to rub myself watching my mom fondle her breasts. I was getting very aroused and close to orgasm. I closed my eyes after seeing my mother move a hand between her legs. As I rubbed my cock, I accidentally let out a loud moan. To my surprise, the shower door slide open and my mom saw me, cock in hand, watching her shower.
“I guess you hadn’t seen enough, huh Doug?” She asked with a sexy smile on her lovely face.
“I’m sorry mom; you just looked so hot I couldn’t help myself.” I was so embarrassed my cock shriveled and I turned beat red.
“Don’t be embarrassed dear, I was thinking about your marvelous penis while I was rubbing my hard little clitty. You are well hung and really are the man of the house now. And you deserve a man’s reward after all your hard work today.”
Water dripped from her body as she slowly walked toward me. Although I had seen her naked minutes before, something about her manner and the water beading on her body made me pant with lust. My cock again started to rise.
“I don’t think it’s fair you have a blanket when I am naked and vulnerable in front of you.” She said as she reached up with both hands and picked up the blanket. Holding it up as she walked towards me her arms went over my shoulders and soon I feel those hard nipples pushing into my chest. She dropped the blanket and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her breasts smashed against my chest as she pulled me down and kissed me attentively on the lips. She looked at me with those big eyes and sweetly asked “Do you like that, Doug?”

Instead of answering, I pushed my pelvis forward so she could feel my hard cock on her flat, tight stomach.
“MMMMMM, you do don’t you? Well you should really like this.”
She put her hands behind my head and pulled me down for a hot kiss, her tongue entering and exploring my mouth. I could not believe this. My own mother was naked in my arms, giving me the hottest kiss of my life!
She continued to probe my mouth while her hand slid down to my hard cock.
“Oh baby, I want this. But first you get your reward as man of the house.”
Mom slowly moved down, trailing her tongue down my chest. stopping to flick her tongue on eac
h nipple before giving them a playful suck. She then worked her way down my sto
mach and placed her closed lips on the end of my cock.
“Doug, a real man takes his reward. I am going to give you a treat for a few minutes, but then I expect you to take your reward from me. I want you to hold my head and fuck my mouth. Fuck my face like the horny stud you are. Then your reward will be my reward also.”
As I watched, my dear sweet sexy mother opened her mouth and with no hands slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. Oh the pleasure of it! I could feel her tongue exploring and caressing my manhood. She looked straight up into my eyes and slowly slid her lips all the way down my nine inches! She gagged a little bit at the bottom, but applied incredible suction on the upstroke, letting my cock slip from her mouth with a pop.
“Sorry I gagged dear, but I haven’t had a nice big cock since your father passed away. In fact, this is the first cock I have had since your father. Let me get used to your monster, and then I want you to ram it down my throat and fuck me hard.”
I watched as she worked her mouth up and down my stiff cock. Still not believing this hot creature was my own mother. I did not regret anything at this point; she had me turned on to the point of no conscience what so ever. She was taking me all the way down and sucking me hard on the upstroke. I knew I would not last long at this rate.
Mom looked up with my cock in her mouth. She took my hands and placed them on either side of her head. She let my saliva soaked cock slip out of her mouth just long enough to tell me: “fuck my face Mr. Man.”
Mom, or not, I could not refuse the demand of this hot creature. I tightened my grip on her head and pushed my cock all the way down her throat. Instead of coming right back up, I kept my cock buried down her throat and savored the feeling of her muscles gripping me. I waited until she looked up with a scared look and pulled my cock almost out of her mouth. Without missing a beat I pushed back down and started working the entire length of my hard cock in and out of my mother’s throat. I loved the feel of control with her head in my hands and her eyes were locked on mine as I fucked her face. I felt a familiar feeling building in my balls. I had never had a blow job or come in a woman’s mouth before, but I was going to fill my mom’s mouth with hot cream. My muscles started to tense and I saw a wonderful gleam come into my mother’s eyes, She wanted my cum. Wanted to taste her own son’s cum shooting into her mouth and down into her stomach. A few more strokes and I lost it, filling her mouth with hot love cream. I pumped in and out as I shot load after load of cum into her mouth. Her cheeks ballooned out and cum dripped from her lips. I could not believe the look of lust and of love in her eyes. I lifted her up and looked deep into her sexy eyes. I could not help myself. Mom looked so sexy with my cream on her lips and chin I just had to kiss her. I felt the warmth of my cum as my lips touched hers. Her mouth opened to allow my tongue entrance. The taste of my cum in her well fucked mouth was intoxicating. I withdrew my tongue and instead licked her lips and face. My mother started to pant and rub her tits against my chest.
“Oh Doug” she moaned, “You are so hot. Where did you learn to like the taste of cum??”
“I never tasted it before. You just looked so sexy mom I had to kiss you.” I said.
“Son, you are some lover. Did you like your reward?” asked mom
“How can you even ask that mom? But what about your reward?” I inquired.
“Let’s get into bed son, no need to bring your blanket.” She smiled and turned ways. I watched that ass of my dreams wiggle its way to the bed. She turned and sat, spreading her legs so I could see her dripping pussy. She dropped her hand to her crotch and drug two fingers thought her slit. Bringing them to her lips, she licked them clean. She repeated the action and put her fingers to my lips, which I greedily sucked into my mouth. She tasted so nice and fresh, and she smelled of summer’s eve. She moved back on the bed, but kept her legs spread wide. And what a site it was. Beautifully trimmed bush and dripping pussy lips beckoned to me. I had never eaten a pussy before, but I sure wanted to now. I climbed onto the bed and placed my hands on her toned thighs and held them apart as my head slowly lowered between them……

Should I continue?????????

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    hell yes

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  2. MasterHank

    Oh, yeah. You need to continue but you also need to become the “Man of the house”. Take charge of that hot Mom of yours and demand what you want rather than being lead around like a toddler.

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    hot man, great read!

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    you must finish the story. is really good, canĀ“t wait for the rest.

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  5. Continue the story man it’s great.

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    WOW! I like that Please tell more I am horny as hell

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