Ms.Hall (Part 1)

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Man, What have I done so wrong in my life? thought Hope. I am an ok student. I never liked school but I’m not a bad kid…Why don’t I have a boyfriend. Probably cause you picky and run off every guy. Even Joey…Joey was the only guy that Hope was gone over that liked her and what she do mess that up and now it was too late Joey was died. Killed in the prime of life. Just like David. David was a close Joey and even he didn’t want anything to do with her. She was just an oddball. She didn’t fit in anywhere. She didn’t get alone with her family and the two people she was close to where both died…
Hope went home to her lonely life. She did what she always did talked to Craig and hope he’d tell her who he was today…Some kid playing a mean joke on geeky her probably. No luck there. She started talking to this other guy Adam…Adam was sweet and nice and sounded just yummy… Just like the rest he’d meet her and run the other way….Hope found out that wasn’t the case.
Ten mins. till noontime Hope was early but then so was Adam. Adam was gorgous thought Hope! She had no chance. No chance that someone like him would like geeky, boring, unattractive her. Adam could help but think the glasses could go but boy was she gorgous and boy she had sucha fuckable body. He’d get her into bed before the weeks out. He got a hard-on just looking at her. They spent the afternoon talking and he asked where her parents were. At work in 3 hours…He said cool well I have some errand to do I’ll talk to you later today.
Was 5pm and Hope just logged on to her computer the parents were at work…She was still a virgin and she was a senior in HS! She was saving herself she said to herself but she so was thinking of fucking Adam all night long nice and slow. Well, Adam was online and asked if her parents were gone. “Yes,” Hope replied ” Why? ” Well we been talking awhile and I just wanted to know if you wanted some company? Ok she said…”You want to have Sex?” he asked. ” OK” she said but Boy she so wanted to lose her virginity to someone so gorgous. He told her to be naked when he got there. She wore a rob and meet him at the door. He walked to her kissed her slowly on the lips…And lead her to the bedroom laid her down and said I’ll be gentle you won’t regret this. He kissed her and opened the robe as he slowly kissed his way down to her nipples. He sucked on her nipples like he was a starving baby. He kept sucking and licking her nipples as he slowly explored her body with his hands. His hand found what he wanted most. He found her clit and started playing with it making her breath harder and buck against his hand. He kept sucking her nipples and playing with her clit till she couldn’t stand it anymore and begged to be fucked…He slowly licked his way down past her stomach and lower and sucked her clit. He lick, suck, and rubbed till she climaxed. She started licking and playing like she knew what she was doing. She licked all the was down to his cock and suck on it. She remembered what she read in books and slowly covered her teeth and took him deep in her mouth whle playing with her tounge and taking him deeper and deeper down her throat! God he thought she son’t seem like and innocent girl she’s the best damn cock sucker that I have ever had. He stopped her and started licking her breasts again. He continued and he let his fingers wonder to her nice wet, virgin pussy. She was so fucking wet…He couldn’t wait any longer. He told her to wait a sec while his suck her tits and put on a condom…then he started to kiss her neck as he slowly at first slowly slid into her moist virgin pussy. God, she felt wonderful…God a good-lloking virgin he was so fucking hot he was going to explode already! She was a little uncomfortable and it wasn’t all that she liked the fore play better but god he had a nice body. Well, he kissed her and told her he had to go and he’d talk to her later. She got all shy and hugged him quick and said ok never expecting to hear from him again.

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