Mute kid

Mute kid

Hi! I’m the mute kid. You most likely understand why I’m called like that. Yes, I’m a mute. It’s not fun at all. Everybody calls me a Mute Kid. But one time it brought a nice situation for me. That’s what I’m going to tell you about. But a little background first. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t read this any further.

So. I’m a mute. My grandfather had the same problem. The voicelips. They were un-normal. So we could not speak. Besides that I had an urge to walk without underwear. I did use jeans and that sort of thing, but I just didn’t like underwears. I’m otherwise a normal kid with usual hobbies. I play soccer. I’m the goalkeeper. I also play basketball. I’m the catcher in there. I know signlanguage, of course. I hear and see better than average kid. Propably those senses are replacing my voice. I don’t know and I don’t care.

OK, our school had a new nurse, who didn’t know anything about signlanguage and it was a problem for me. Luckily I had a friend who knew it. She was there always when I went there. I don’t know how could have been able to communicate with the nurse. Sure I could have written, but I had a terrible writing. No-one was able to read it. Not even me.

It had to happen someday, Sarah was sick and home when I fell and my thigh started to bleed. I didn’t know anyone else who could talk signlanguage. I had to go to the nurse. I was panicking. I didn’t wear any underwear and I couldn’t roll my jeans high enough. Sure as hell she said to me to take my pants of so she could get to the wound. I couldn’t do it, so she opened my belt buckle and my jeans fell off. She gasped for breath and I went completely red. Good for me that the door was closed. There was a line outside waiting to get in. I grabbed my pants and tried to pick them up. The nurse grabbed my hand and shook her head. I was confused. She opened her jacket and liftet her mini-skirt up. Even if I could have talked I would have losted it. She didn’t wear any pantys when I looked up I saw that she didn’t wear any bra either. I could see that her nipples were getting hard and her pussy moist. I just stanted there and so did my dick. It wasn’t very big or anything, but her eyes seemed to grow big. She grabbed it and pulled me closer. Her other hand went to my balls and grabbed them. I was paralysed. She took total control and slipped her feet between my arms and sides. She then used her feet to pull me closer and inserting my penis in her pussy. I was a virgin and so was she. I thought at first that her pussy was just small.

My head was now between her breasts and my dick between her legs. I could finally move so I did the first thing that occured me. I started humping her and massaging her breast. I was sucking her other breast and my last hand was somewhere behind her back. She moaned silently, but still enjoying herself. Her hands were behind my head and her legs still behind my back not letting me go. It was my first time ever. The amount of sperm was like it. Lots of it. So much that it didn’t fit inside of her. She didn’t allow me to go, but sice I didn’t have any sperm left she pushed me down until my mouth was in her pussy and she pulled me in so much that I thought that my head would be inside of her pussy. I licked it. I licked it hard and I think I was quite good. I looked up and saw her pinching her nipples and massaging them. She had relaxed her legs allready so they were hanging over my shoulders. I liked her taste and I liked even more of her cum. When she came, she came with force. Although my cum was in there as well she tasted good. She came limb. Breathing heavily her chest went up and down slightly moving her breasts. I thought we had fucked for hours, but it was only a couple of minutes. The bells rang and we quickly began to put our clothes on.

Once her clothes were on she wrote a note and said to me go to the resting room. She took my classmate in and gave him the note and an aspirin. That’s all that I was able to see. I went to rest.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but I felt how my belt was opened. I woke to that and see the nurse opening my pants. I had a hard-on immediatly. She looked up and grinned. Then she sucked my cock. It was heaven. I had heard from friends what it would be like, but it had not prepared me for this. She was fantastic. Her tongue explored my balls and her hands were under my butt. I cummed to the back of her throat. She quickly pulled back to taste my sperm. I think she liked the taste of it. She sucked me dry. I had fucked and sucked her and she had sucked and fucked me, but I didn’t know her name.

We fucked until the school ended. When the bell rang she gave me an address. Her name was also there. She was Gabriella Houston.

When I had done my homework I went to the address and she opened the door. It was a small house. Only kitchen, living room and a toilet. It was clean though. She had a puppy called Rex. It was a mut. It was a quiet dog, but very interested in everything. That was about all I could see about her house, cause she came to my and kissed me. I backed away and fell to the couch. While still tongue kissing me she opened my pants and took my cock out. Then she broke our kiss and got to sitting position. She had a wide, long dress wich she pulled up to show me her pussy for a moment. She sat on my cock and took me in. She took my hands and placed them on her tits. She moved on my dick back and forth while squeesing my hands and her breasts. I kept fucking her of course and this time she came first. After a moment I came too. She had to take a leak so she went to the toilet. She left the door open and I could see her pissing there. Her top had fallen a bit showing her left shoulder and a bit of her breast. I couldn’t control myself. I had to see her breasts and suck her nipples.

She saw me coming and smiled. I smiled back and grabbed her top, pulling it down, exposing her breast and that oh-so-sweet nipple of hers. I went down to my knees and began to suck it. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. I don’t know why, but her piss came out harder and she cummed. Maybe she liked having sex while pissing. We had all kind of sex until I got a message on my cell, telling me to come home to eat. I showed her the message and pulled her skirt up again and said:”Eat this”. I sended message saying that I had allready eaten and began to eat, again.

We had sex during my high school. It ended, because I had to go to another town for university. It was about a month after that I received a message saying that Gabriella was pregnant. I of course asked if it was mine and what I could do. She just said that nothing. Just that she was moving away to a different state for a new life. I was sad about it, but understood why she left. I hoped that I could follow them, but she had changed her name completely. No more Gabriella Houston. I never had another like her. No one enjoyed sex as much as she did or understood my comfort in being without underwear. Until I met Susan that is.

I metted Susan after several years. I was very old, but she seemed to like me. We went out for a date a couple of times and we liked each others company.

We dated for halfen year and then she kissed me. I was horny and I wanted her. We went to my place and fucked for good. That’s when I saw that she didn’t wear underwear. She moved in with me and we had sex allmost hourly. Shit how horny she allways was.

When we had lived together for a year we got engaged and got married three months later.

She looked beautifull in that white dress and when we got out of the church and in the limousine she took of her top and letted me to suck her. This got me horny and we went to 69 after a minute of this.We got to our house we made love all night long.

The next day I was going to work and when I got there I had a pleasent surprise. Gabriella was there waiting to be served. I went there like I wouldn’t have recognised her. She didn’t. When I gave
her my card she asked if I got married yesterday. “Yes, I did” I a
nswered: “May I ask why did you ask?” She answered: “Since my daughter got wed yesterday with someone who had your surname.” I asked her first name and that was a knock out for me.

After I had explained why I was so shocked I told her why. She shocked out as well. We went to my house and there was Susan waiting for me in a sexy lingerie. She looked shocked now as well. Her mother explained to her who I was and we were near fainting. We didn’t know what to do, since I had gotten her pregnant allready.

We thought about it for nearly a week. Before the end of the week I had gone to see Gabriella. I told her that I had missed her and never had forgotten her. Her feelings were mutual. We kissed and on thing let to another. Before we realised we were in bed and fucking like there’s no tomorrow.

After we had stopped we left her house and went to see Susan. We told her what I had done in detail. It got her horny and going and we made love.

When we realised that Gabriella was masturbating, we pulled her between us and had wild sex.

After a few weeks we moved together and had only one big bed where we all slept. Not that we slept much, but we were together. We moved after a year or two to a bigger house where we had our first kids.

After that we had several kids who followed in out footsteps. We bought more beds and for some reason those beds found themselves next to each other. Everyone of us was without underwear and we slept nude in one big bed. If someone was horny, somebody relieved her or him. We didn’t care much who was whos kid or parent.

Now I’m old and have several kids and grandkids. They’re all nice and eager to have sex. And I’m more than happy to help them.

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