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I’m a 53-year-old male. Not bad looking and have a moustach. I live with a great lady who treats me great.
But I have this female friend. Her and I have been
friends for about 5 years or so. Before I meet the lady I’m living with.
Her name is Jeri she is 36 years old is 5′ tall, slender, a small heart shaped ass and little titties about the size of a large size egg. You know fit nicely in the container.
Jeri and I get together every Friday night to chat, have a couple coffees and smoke a couple of joints. My girlfriend doesn’t puff and doesn’t mind if I do or my meetings with Jeri. By the way she is single wit a 7 year old son. He is sound asleep when we do this.
Anyway something different happened on one of our Friday night smokems back in July.
I was following Jeri out to the balcony and as usual I was looking at her ass. I just cant help it I love her ass.
Any way we sat down and lit up a joint. Not to long after we started catching a buzz and laughing at different things you know what I mean. Out of the blue Jeri asked me “where you looking at my ass on our way out here tonight” I said rather sheepishly yes. She then asked me if I thought it was big. I told her it was far from big and that from what I could see of it, it was the nicest little ass I have seen.
What she asked next shocked me. She asked if I would like to have a better view of it. Of course I said yes. She then stood up in front of me and unfastens her jeans and dropped them to her ankles. She was wearing black silk patties with white lace. She turned around and said I could pull them down. Well let me tell you I didn’t waste any time. My heart jumped a couple beats when I seen that bare ass. Jeri bent over and I started to rub it and squeeze it. It felt great. Jeri seemed to be enjoying this attention so I took a chance and wet a finger and inserted it in her asshole. This startled her but she didn’t stop me.
After a bit she stood up and stepped out of her jeans and panties turned around and sat on my lap. We kissed for a bit and I removed her top as she removed mine and grinded her pussy into my cock which by this time was straining to be set free. I played with those small tities and sucked on the nipples. Which by the way where big for the size of her boobs.
She whispered in my ear it’s been so long fuck me please and stood up facing me as I got up she undid my pants and pulled them down. As I pulled my undies down she layed on the table on her balcony with her feet flat on the tabletop and her knees spread wide. Her clean shaven pussy waiting for me.
I slid my hard cock into her pussy shit was she wet. Right there under the stares and a full moon I fucked my best friend.

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