My Bestfriend's Hands

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I watched him as he strummed his guitar beat by beat. It was after school and i had gone up to the third floor just to see my best friend play his guitar for his major’s final. My boyfriend was standing next to me complimenting on how good and great my best friend’s guitar skills were. Meanwhile he was listening to the music and keeping up with the beat of the drum led by the teacher i was silently observing my best friend’s fingers. His fingers were long, strong, fast and thick a girl couldn’t help but think of the wonders a guy with such hands could do. I started to picture him in my bed fingering me till i was out of air; out of energy, fingering me till i had dropped every drop of my juices into his hands. I didn’t really come to see my best friend play, we had plans that he would walk me home like every other day because my boyfriend would go play soccer with his friends after school.

The session was finally over but i still had the picture of getting fingered by my best friend in my head. Don’t get me wrong, i like my boyfriend a lot but his fingers couldn’t compare to my best friend. I had also thought that my best friend would have a bigger penis too… At least that’s what he would tell me. My boyfriend was good at what he did but the curiosity of my best friend would send chills down my spine and make my pussy tighten a lot more. I hadn’t tried vaginal intercourse ever in my life since i was hoping to give my virginity to a guy i loved and my boyfriend was certainly in not that category. I am not a slut, i don’t just think sexually about my best friend, i also wonder about the weird butterflies i get when our bodies get so close together, but i didn’t want to assume i was in love with him because i had a friendship to think about.

Jaime, my best friend had already packed his instrument away and nodded me to the door along with him. The three of us walked out the school where my boyfriend said “Maybe i shouldn’t go to play with the boys, i want to spend some time with you”

awkwardly i replied “aww” but in my head i really wanted him to go because my mom was not home the whole week since my sister in law had a baby and my mother had to take care of her because my brother was sent to training camp for the military or something like that. I decided to do whatever it took to convince my boyfriend to go so i could have Jaime all to myself. My boyfriend gave in since soccer did come before me or any of his family members. He held me and leaned in for a make out session but i gave him a peck on the lips and pulled away saying bye.

Jaime and i turned around and headed to the subway where we would take our train home. We lived on the same street and since the places we had to pass were dangerous i was always glad to know i could always count on my best friend to protect me. I never felt awkward around him, i always felt relaxed except for those moments when he would hold me close to him and get all dramatic as if it was a love scene. He thought he was a better actor than i was but i was the one studying theater and he was doing instrumental. He was so charming. He was 5’10 and it was always a turn on for a guy to be taller than me. He use to have long black hair but just recently he had dyed it blonde and cut it off, he had the cutest and longest rat tail i would sit behind him in almost every class and start breading it. He was slim but strong he has been working out for months in hopes to get buff and it was working i could see the progress. He had the most soft looking lips and when he licked them thoughts of how his lips would feel against mine.

I on the other hand was 5’5, average body and a brunette. My eyes were light brown but they would turn into hazel every now and then, specially when i wake up. I am of Dominican, Italian and Venezuelan decent, not very popular mixture but many of the guys i dated considered it hot. My boobs were perfect round boobs, i usually wore 38Cs or Ds because they both felt comfortable. I’ve always had big boobs since middle school and so many of the guys i knew then and know now would call me “Double Ds” i don’t mind it really, i wish i had bigger boobs but i think mine are perfect for my body. Im not the kind of ugly girl, but i do not look like the kind of girl who pretty like a slut, i am a freak and i show my freak side a lot with my best friend, i like to say we are both perverted. The thing that turned me on the most was that he was also a virgin and like the girl i am i always pictured of how perfect it would be if we both lost it to each other. I guess this is why i imagine sex with my best friend so much,

We had arrived at my house “are you in any rush to get home?” i asked, “i was hoping you could make me company cause i get very bored inside this house.” He didn’t question me further he knew how i was and where my mom was.

“ill text my mom to let her know.” he said. I opened the door and walked into the house i immediately started to organize my plan step by step in which way i would turn him on to the point where he would just want to rip my clothes off and have sex with me then and there. But i had to do a lot more thinking because this is my best friend… and i had to think about the impact that this would have on our friendship.

“I’m gonna go up and change.” i said but i had taken that time to take a shower and make sure i was ready to have sex. I tried to hurry up so he wont notice i had done more than just change but i think he noticed because the first second i stepped into my living room the smell of soap filled the air. “i don’t want to stay in the living room” i said “i got the PC and the 360 in my room if you want to play.” he followed me into the room and lay on my bed. It wasn’t the first time he was ever on my bed, but it wasn’t like he had done it more than three times neither. My room was small and i didn’t even bother to open the shades but the room had enough light since I turned on the PC and the Television.

I sat on the edge of the bed looking at him until i said “you are a beast at guitar, ive never seen you play like that before!” he blushed and said thanks. “but even if you’re good with your fingers you still couldn’t finger a girl right.” i decided to tease him this way because a few days back at a party he had this girl who was dieing to get fingered by him and when they were both together in a room he had refused to finger her, later that night he told me he hadn’t fingered a girl before in his life and that his nails were just too sharp for him to even start. I glanced at his nails to see if they were still as long but they weren’t, i guessed he had cut them down since then.

“I can finger a girl right,” he replied “you see how good i am with the guitar, i just chose not to finger a girl.”

I laughed softly and said “yeah right” and lay down right next to him.

“i could prove it to you” he said.

I lifted myself up a little bit with my arm and looked at him “Really, How?” was enough for me to say. Just less than one second later he had wrapped his arms around me kissing me so passionately. I felt chills like i thought i would when i felt his mouth going down my neck, his tonge nibling making my heart beat faster. He was my best friend, someone i was fully opened to about sex and he knew all my turn on spots as much as i knew his. I started breathing faster when i felt his right hand go up my skirt rubbing me from outside my cotton panties.

“I haven’t done much and you are already soaking wet” he said. But he didn’t know how much ive been waiting for this moment. His fingers were a lot longer than mine or than my boyfriend so i knew this would feel a lot more different and deeper.

He guided his hand down my panties feeling his middle finger stimulating my clit. I sighed a lot more and he reached up to kiss me, he had done this so passionately. I felt as his fingers were stretching down into my entrance and i just could not wait any longer for this experience. Suddenly my back arched in an incredible way as he introduced his middle finger inside me moving it and reaching a pace i hadn’t even known about. I gasped and turned my face away from him as he pushed in his ring finger into my tight pussy. He was doing so great my body was being moved by this sensation, his fingers were moving the exact way as they were when they were on the strings of that guitar. I had dreamed so much for this moment when he would play me like his instrument, moving his fingers as if i was the handle of his guitar. I called his name between moans and he reached up to my lips to kiss me again. How can it feel this good and this passionate? I had never felt like this with my boyfriend. He was reaching in a lot deeper by every movement, i felt his fingers getting faster and the pleasure was believable. I moaned louder and louder until i felt my insides just tightening around his fingers.

“I’m about–” i tried to tell him between gasps but he already knew “I’m about to c-” and before i finished my sentence i had came in my panties feeling the most pleasure i have ever felt in my entire life. He pulled his finger into my mouth and i licked my juices off of them.

“You like the way you taste?” he asked as i nodded still with my eyes closed from all the satisfaction. “maybe ill try it for myself…” I was shocked when he said that and watched as he undressed me. He took off all my clothes . He looked at me reached up to kiss me and then down sucking on my nipples. I felt his tongue nibbling and flickering wondering how that tongue would feel on my clit. I was just about to find out.

He spread my legs open making his way between my them. He looked at my flushed face before licking my once again wet pussy. It was complete bliss… I felt the tip of his tongue flickering my clit faster and faster, so faster and harder i moaned. He was doing so great, his tongue thrusting inside me and playing with my swollen clit, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as i also felt his middle and index finger inside me. I moaned his name louder “oooohh, JAIME!” and he went down on me faster and harder licking me and sucking on my clitoris eventually biting a little. It was a few minutes until i came and i saw all my juices around his lips, i sat up and reached forth to kiss my juices off his lips. We were getting very sticky.

I had been so selfish thinking only about the pleasure that he could bring me that i wasn’t noticing the bulge on his pants. I looked down and placed my hand gently on top and started rubbing his cock. “ill be returning the favor” i said and unzipped and unbuttoned his pants taking them off along with his shirt and boxers. He pressed my naked chest against his for a passionate kiss laying down on bed putting me on top of him. I grabbed his stone hard cock into my hands and stroke it gently, i saw he had his eyes closes so i started stroking him faster with my hands while i spit to keep him moist. I stopped stroking and looked at his penis, this would be my actual first time giving head to a guy. He looked down to me and said “you don’t have to do it”

I smiled and said “Don’t worry” with that said i pointed his big head to my lips and opened my mouth sticking out my tongue and slowly licking the tip and around it. I heard him sigh and that took my nervousness away because i knew i was doing it well thus far. I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide before introducing the whole thing into my mouth. I went back and forth sucking him hard. Little by little in every thrust into my mouth more of him would go in. I heard him make some sort of sound (it wasn’t girly but it wasn’t exactly a moan) when i deep throat him all the way in and i was much pleased with myself. I took his cock out my mouth and licked up and down from the base until the head taking it inside my mouth once again while massaging hiss balls. I felt him grunt and i knew that was it. I did this twice and the third time i teased him and stopped mid way and chuckled. He smiled still with his eyes closed and i took him in again. After a few more minutes he grunted hard and i felt all his cum explode into my mouth. I tried swallowing it all but it was too much. I took him out and watched his face, he looked down and smiled “that was great” he said and i smiled coming up to meet his lips.

Once again we kissed deeply and passionately and i felt his cock getting harder rubbing against my pussy lips. I couldn’t help but get wet again. He grabbed me and rolled me until i was under him. He stopped kissing me and got on his knees lifting my hips, i knew what he was doing but i was scared… I panicked cause i had never had intercourse for real. “are you on birth control? He asked

“Yeah” i said. I had been on birth control since i turned 16 sinc ei started to get a lot more sexually active than usual, and the last thing i wanted was to get pregnant…. “Jaime, what are you doing?” i asked.

“Don’t worry Jenny its okay.”

“No, you know it’d be my first time…”

“I know ill be careful.”

“But i don’t just want sex for the first time i want to make love. You don’t love me, there is no love between us.” I paused to think “We are just best friends…”

“Do you love me?” He asked.

My heart jumped when he said this, i had felt a way for him before… Not just lust. “Uhhh–” i didn’t know what to say.

“Jenny…” he said “what would you do if i said i loved you?” when i heard this i went speechless but happy inside. “Its okay if you don’t feel the same…” he said.

“Feel the same?” i asked

“Yeah,” he paused and came close to my face only an inch away “I’m sorry i haven’t told you sooner btu i didn’t know wethere or not to give our friendship up for love. I was going to tell you but then you told me you were officially going out with your boyfriend.” I couldn’t believe what i was hearing, i remember that day i told my best friend about me and my boyfriend making things official. We were walking home and after i told him he stopped talking and seemed upset. How could i miss it!? It was right before my eyes… My best friend loved me the way i loved him.

“But I do” i managed to speak. “I do feel the same way about you” He looked at me surprised and hugged me.

“Jenny i love you”

“I love you too”

He kissed me again with the same passion, no wonder we had been so passionate. After all the love that we felt for each other but couldn’t speak of was now out. He looked at me while pushing his lower body against mine. “Can i–?” i smiled and nodded. He smiled and placed the tip against my entrance. “Ill go slow…” he said while pushing slowly inside me. I felt his head going in further and further inside me and i couldn’t help but scream and sink my nails into the pillow. His 7 inch cock seemed to be a lot longer than i thought. Compared to the other guys I’ve seen naked he was the biggest, even bigger than my boyfriend. He stopped and with my eyes still closed i nodded him to keep going and he did. Once he had pushed himself all in me he started to pull out gaining speed and strength. I felt like I couldn’t take it, but it felt so good and so i didn’t want him to stop. I tried not to be so loud so most of the time he would kiss me or i would bite down on my finger.

I felt him grow bigger inside me and i looked at his face, he was sweating and going in deeper which i loved. I felt myself reaching orgasm so i decided to warn him “i’m gonna— JAIME!– im gonna come!” i said to which he replied “lets do it together baby.” and i felt so happy he had called me baby. He slowed down going deeper and harder which stimulated me so much i came right then and there. After i felt the tightening of my body after i came i felt his throbbing cock come inside me. I never knew his semen would feel so good inside my now non-virgin pussy, his hot semen filled all of me and i looked down to see both our juices mixed.

He pulled out and leaned down to kiss me and cuddle with me. I just had my bestest friend in the world make love to me and it was the best experience in the world. We lay there in each others arms confessing our feelings and talking about what we would do after this whole thing. I figured that the day after that love making session i would dump my boyfriend just to be with the guy i loved. For once i wasn’t scared because he was my best friend and i loved him as much as he loved me and that was all that mattered.

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